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Ladies and Gentleman, today we will introduce another scam making a lot of victims: WikiTrader App Scam.

If you have been invited to try the WikiTrader App, avoid it…. it’s a Scam, be warned! We have reviewed this trading software,there is a whole lot of evidence that we can share with you in this review.

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WikiTrader Scam is kind of similiar as Profits Eternity Scam as they are using a woman as the CEO sweet talking in hope to increase their chance to scam you.

Also, the sad thing is that a lots of top review website are suggesting this WikiTrader Scam software. They have probably been paid off, by WikiTrader Scam app in order to lure you and rip you off…


  • Kelly Walace, fake CEO of WikiTrader App. Well Kelly Walace is just an actress. The funny thing is that now those scam artists seems to use more and more woman trying to lure you in their trap in order to steal your money. This Kelly Walace looks suspicious, and even the things she say don’t really add up. We were promised by her that she was going to reveal a secret which the rich folks didn’t want the public to gain access to. Unfortunately, it turned out that she was only taking us for a ride. Instead of giving us the promised secret, she kept flaunting wealth and telling us to imagine all the money in our bank accounts every morning. Also, in WikiTrader Scam promotion video, they are not really showing how their software works. Actually they are not showing it at all !




  • Kelly Walace, fake CEO of WikiTrader App Scam is telling you that all the users make at least 35,000 USD per months and that some are already millionaires. But as you can see bellow, WikiTrader is 2 months old … simple mathematical question is to ask yourself ” How is it possible to be millionaire within 2 months if on average we make 35,000 USD per months”…


wikitrader_35kmonths wikitrader_website

  • Ohh….now Kelly Walace from WikiTrader scam says that the average users make 12,000 USD per days…. another lie and bullshit created number!


WikiTrader Scam


  • Same strategies as per others scams! Bling Bling, nice car, fake rolex (probably bought off 10 bucks off the street), jet… in order to make you dream to have same luxury lifestyle. But all is fake and probably rented off for the day they made their scam promotion video for WikiTrader App.


wikitrader_fakerolex wikitrader_nicecar2 wikitrader_nicecar1


  • OhOhOh … who is there? Is it Madison Clark from FastCash.Biz … another scam auto trading software? Yes it IS. As you can see, WikiTrader Scam secret team are also a bunch of paid actors for the promotion of this scam.


madisonclark_fastcashbiz madisonclark_wikitrader


  • We also suspect WikiTrader to be made by the same scammers who already made the SnapCashBinary scam a few weeks ago as you can see they have the exact same Privacy Policy page. It looks like the SnapCashBinary scam has already been revealed by too many review websites so they had to create a new one ! Nice try !



  • On WikiTrader Scam website, there is no ink of any customer support or software. There is just a bunch of fake testimonials probably used for others scam software. Only words and pictures taken from internet. No actual proof that they are real.





As you can see, the picture they used to make up their first testimonials is coming from an online image database and have already been used by other websites. We didn’t waste our time trying to find the other ones, but no doubt they are fake testimonials too.




  • They added up a countdown on the top of their WikiTrader Scam website, to give you more pressure to join their scam ASAP. But if you refresh their website page, the countdown will refresh too…. how ridiculous is it ?





We quickly realized that Kelly Walace was killing time while also trying to sort of hypnotize her audience with fake promises. For the whole promotional video, she was also playing the game of reverse psychology to convince her audience that WikiTrader App was different, and that it could do for you as promised.



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  • Johnatan says:

    dirty trick!!..please be smart guys,please don’t fall into this wikitrader !’s obviously scam!..thanks again binaryscamadvisor for this important review..really appreciate!

  • Hi Johnatan,

    Thanks for your feedback, we also appreciate it !

  • Charles Biah says:

    Is it this possible for me to make this money per or week. Or this company is fake company.
    Please email and like me know.

  • Milo says:

    Many thanks for this review. I’m new to binary options and was nearly robbed by NEO2 scam but my bank luckily blocked my payment and I didn’t lose my deposit. I’ve read so many positive reviews about wikitrader that I was eager to invest even today, but only until I’ve read this review and You’ve gained my trust. It was something strange about this video and Kelly Wallace, it looked like a scam to me, She said that only the first 100 people will get this software for free, I’m sure that thousands already signed up for it and when I signed up for this I was shown a video where ‘Kelly’ said that I’m one of the lucky ones;-) Then I knew something is not right and started looking for more info about it. As a novice I thought so many people can not be wrong, but I won’t put any money into it. Thanks again, great job.

    • Thanks for your review Milo. We are trying to spot all the scams available on the market at the moment and we are promoting only safe & reliable brokers / software.

      Good luck trading and if you need any assistance let us know !

    • krinja says:

      What got my ‘spidey senses’ tingling was the blatant use of cleavage to attract viewers. It seemed very unprofessional, especially the video when she went into the office. I also noticed how she was looking so intently at the guy who was tasked with explaining the benefits of the program. She actually looked like she was learning while listening.
      The whole video seemed awkward and scripted.

  • Gus Michaels says:

    I am confused about your comments, I have read 10 other so called scam advisors and the majority rave about this software and they say it is working for them. There might be some who are linked with this so called by you “scam”…BUT I am impressed with the fact that those that endorse this product have ran the software and posted on youttube about their results. They all think it is a good binary auto trader.

    I am just wondering if your comments is based on trying the software and finding fault with it??..or if you just make a comment without testing the product?

    I know I was a bit distracted by all the cleavage being shown by Kelly, still despite or in spite of this I am impressed by the number of traders that are endorsing this product. If I do go ahead and try this software I will come back and post here with my results.

    • Leave alone testing of the software. Peoples who promote the products have been corrupted by this software. Did you read our review ? What about the paid actors, the same actors playing in different scams products etc…

      If you want to go ahead and “test” (lose your money) with their product, do it.

  • steven hyde says:

    wiki trade…used the autopliot version……lost money, then done my own lost money

  • Katherine says:

    Regarding the TradeXtra Broker, I have paid USD250. as deposit. I have not
    started with them yet. I paid them on 12th December 2016.

    Another New Platform by the Name Swarm Intellignece. Is It a SCAM?


  • Rui Verissimo says:

    i got an email saying this:
    You made $8,271 yesterday!

    Whenever you\’re ready to withdraw the cash
    that\’s in your Click Money System Account,
    just go below:

    >> Get Your $8,271 Right NOW!

    See you inside.

    -Kelly Wallace
    CEO, Wiki Trader”

    nice, now they get emails to this? ok now i have 8000€ a month? ok i will click for sure on the links:..

    please guys just search before you spend your hard working money!

  • Leon Steynberg says:

    What about option robot and fintech limited are they scams to

  • Name Less says:

    I can’t even publish my name because they might trap up their bullshit. Every day for two weeks they’ve called me from new numbers and it’s a call center in India which is extremely buzy in the background. They totally ignore my “Please dismiss this account” and everything; I signed up just because I believed the spoof at first, but thankfully some Google intellegence inside of me told me to look it up before I went any further. Apparently they might even be able to call through if you’ve blocked their numbers. Very scary scam. Watch out.

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