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WallStreet Focus Group SCAM Review

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WallStreet Focus Group (alias Cobra5 Trading Software), is a dangerous scam for binary options trading. WallStreet Focus Group (Cobra5) software is one of the latest well-made binary options scams.

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WallStreet Focus Group are saying that the trading software contain New York Stock Exchange connections for precise and accurate trading results. However, this is again a big lie / bullshit and we will explain you why:

  • This software is supposed tells you when to place a trade, what commodity to trade, and all you have to do is to press the button, sit back and watch the profits. BIG LIES !
  • WallStreet Focus Group software is presented by David Lombardi, the self-claimed project head manager of WallStreet Focus Group. David Lombardi wants to back up his reputation by claiming that he was the project head manager of some successful inventions like the Emmy award winning netflix series- House of cards, snickers and Pokemon Go. According to him, he was invited by Nasdaq to be the head of the Cobra5 App and his main focus is to get group of focus traders that will take part in this years project and guarantees a daily profit of $389-$791 for free. David Lombardi claims that this software can help earn a profit of $50.000 – $75.000/month.The truth is that David and Jimmy are actors and been paid to make this review.
  • They are just lying / misleading you, trader, to give out your credit card details to Wall Street Focus Group software in order to robe your money and scam you off. This is just nonsense promises and give you fake hope.
  • Also if you type their name on internet about any project that they said they made (netflix series or business), of course you will not find anything related to them.


WallStreet Focus Group Fake CEO


  • WallStreet Focus Group speech is non-sense. One example comes early within their promotion video, where WallStreet Focus Group is claiming that their software has been under production for 10 years. A huge mistake on their part because reality states binary option trading has only been around 8 years. Ultimately, these shady developers behind WallStreet Focus Group are claiming the development of a binary system two years before the industry’s existence. A foolish and bullshit move from their side.




  • David Lombardi CEO of WallStreet Focus Group says that his software generates $ 900 to $ 1700 every day and has a winning ratio of over 90%. Also, that users will be required to pay $ 997 per month, in order to continue to use its software. As part of his efforts to convince users, David argues that this software has never lost a trade and has 100% accuracy. The problem with his theory is that there is no software that is 100% accurate. Markets are volatile and prices change in seconds due to unforeseen events such as natural calamities, political actions and so on.


WallStreet Focus Group Fake Testimonials


  • The WallStreet Focus Group website doesn’t have any relevant information about the company or the software itself. As per their contact they are just providing a shady mail address without any phone number etc.


WallStreet Focus Group Scam


Pretending that beginner operators will earn more than $ 20000 per day is simply ridiculous. We do not doubt that there are actually real and approved binary trading robots that actually give substantial and realistic gains. Pretending that WallStreet Focus Group software is accurate is a total lie and is intended to attract unsuspecting traders.



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