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In this review we are going to talk about VirtNext as it has become one of the biggest scam in the binary options industry and as an honest review website, we feel like it’s our duty to reveal it.

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Just as the Copy Buffet scam or the Tauribot scam, VirtNext is more popular than other scams for only 1 reason : they have more money to spend to keep mouths shut and pay some famous binary options review website to write a positive review about them.

Indeed, VirtNext is promoted by numerous of top online websites. The reason is that VirtNext paid these websites to get fake positive reviews in order to attract more peoples whom they will scam.

You need to understand that these websites are not only paid to write fake positive reviews, they also get commissions whenever someone signs up for VirtNext using their links.


Virtnext Scam Video


As a lot of other scam in the industry, VirtNext is using some Fiverr ( actors to make their promotional video.

Here are some  example of what you can hear in the video to make you think that you were lucky to find them :

“You’ve heard the expression – ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch ?’ Well, guess what … there actually IS such a thing on the stock exchange … but it’s only served to a lucky few individuals.”

“How would you respond if you were given the chance to use a SUPER-FAST computer program that invest money on the world stock exchanges and has only lost ONCE in the last 4 years ?”

They are also claiming that their software has lost only 1 trade in the last 4 years which is just a big lie as the VirtNext software has been on the internet for only a few months (we checked their domain name’s creation date).

They also say that the software has lost only 1 trade in the last 4 years which is again totally impossible due to the market volatility. Even the best trader in the world can’t place 100% of wining trades.


  • Fake counter : when you arrive on the website, you can see a (fake) counter which tells you that you can register for free for only 11 minutes and after that you will need to pay for it.



We were not surprised to see that nothing happens when the counter reach 00:00:00 and that he comes back to 11 minutes once you refresh the page.

In fact, the counter is just pressuring you to make you deposit as fast as possible.

  • Fake testimonials : On their Facebook page screenshot, you can also see some testimonials popping up.



We made a rapid search on Shutterstock (a website where people can sell their pictures to anyone who wants to use it) and we found the original pictures used by VirtNext to create fake testimonials.





We didn’t waste our time trying to find the other pictures used for their testimonials but you can be sure they are fake as well.


  • Fake Facebook page : This the fake Facebook page used on their screenshot and you can clearly see that this is just a poor quality photo montage. This Facebook page actually doesn’t exist.


Virtnext Fake Facebook


  • Fake CEO : They clearly state that the CEO is Vincent Bolloré which is totally fake. Bolloré is a French billionaire businessman, chairman and CEO of the investment group Bolloré, a french transportation company and he has nothing to do with the VirtNext scam. They illegaly used his identity to make their poor scam more geniune.


Virtnext Fake CEO


  • Fake awards : Those awards’ labels doesn’t exist and you can’t click on them to verify their authenticity. That’s just some random Photoshop-made logos.


Virtnext Fake Awards


  • Fake relations to famous brands to gain some credibility : Of course they are not related or trusted by any of the brands below. They’ve just made that to make you think they are a trustful company.


Virtnext Fake Brands


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