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We are usually making reviews about auto trading software scams, but due to the popularity of our scams reviews and the requests to make some broker scams review, here we are.

We will start with UBinary which is a scam broker that we are not recommending you to deal with for the following reasons:


  • UBinary was founded in 2011 and first operated by PPT Capital Ltd (98519), Belize, a company that is not regulated. This is a first red flag guys. You should deal with regulated brokers only. When a broker is not regulated it mean that they have no obligation to pay your money back once you deposited on their website …


  • The second red flag is that UBinary is operated by UB Innovative Partners LP. Their address is Suite 2, 5 Vincent Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6SW, Scotland, UK.  However we have noticed that UBinary changed their operating company and address many times… this is another red flag and who would trust a company changing ownership so many times ? This is a lack of seriousness and trust.


  • UBinary have a facebook page but they are not monitoring it. Any serious broker will post update or answer their clients request. But if you go to UBinary, you will only see spams, fake promotions and complains !


Ubinary Scam



  • If you check UBinary website and scroll down, you will notice all the small logos on the right side of their website. Yes they put it down along with their payments options logos hoping that you will not notice their logo… the reason? None of their “Certified” logo is legit. Indeed, all the legit brokers such as IqOption will proudly show their regulated bodies logo on their website and they will even display their license number etc… but nothing like that have been done by UBinary, because they are throwing dust in your eyes hoping that you will not notice anything and just trust their bullshit logos…



  • Actually, we found out that sometimes,  UBinary accepts to process some withdrawals from various traders (they are probably doing it in order to gain some good reputation). We found out that those withdrawals are not done by UBinary themselves but by UFXMarkets and guess what? UFXMarkets is a confirmed scam. You will find many testimonials on internet about the shady reputation of UFXmarkets, no need to explain everything here. The reason why we are saying this is that any LEGIT broker will always be sell sufficient financially and will process all the withdrawals themselves… they will never go through a third-party platform/company to process the payments of their traders.


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  • UBinary is blacklisted by the financial authorities. This is a BIG RED FLAG and that’s enough guys. I am seen so many testimonials of traders that lost all their money trading with UBinary and that make me heartbroken. You should deal with REGULATED brokers only guys. Don’t use shady brokers promising you the moon but in fact you will only get broke.




  • Once you register an account with UBinary, the second after they will call you trying to convince you to deposit your money on their platform. They will promise you training, bonuses, millions and blabla but nothing is close to the true and they just want to take as much as possible from you pocket. Make you research prior to deal with ANY broker and trade with the money you are ready to lose.



uBinary is a bunch of criminal that should be avoided. Do not even think to deal with them and stay away from them !


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