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We received several complains from traders about TorOption binary option broker. So we will try to make an honest review and suggestions why you shouldn’t deal with TorOption :


  • TorOption is not regulated by any financial body. They are operating without license. Why would you deal with a broker who is unregulated and then not allowed to operate ? This is just pure gamble with your money and the odds are most likely you won’t see your money ever.


TorOption Scam


  • You know why we say “Too good to be true”? We tried to find some negative reviews about TorOption on famous binary options reviews website but we managed to find only GOOD reviews. Guys the deal is that even the best product in the world will always have some negative points. The fact that we received some testimonials from brokers that have been scammed by TorOption and that we didn’t manage to find some honest review from top website about them is enough to believe that TorOption are just corrupting all the top website in order to get positive reviews.



  • TorOption will try to squize your money as much as possible in order to get the best out of you. Then if they realize that they can’t, they will throw you away like a garbage and ignore you. This is not the right way a reliable broker should deal with his traders. Find bellow one honest testimonial we found about how TorOption is dealing with their broker and make your own opinion … Do you want it to happen to you? NO! Stay away from TorOption and deal with safe & reliable brokers only!



  • TorOption are trying to act like a professional broker but in reality, they aren’t reliable … Any professional broker such as IqOption will always offer you a demo account in order to try their platform, underlying assets etc. in order to make you comfortable with their platform and then deposit your money. But what about TorOption ? Nada, nothing! No demo account available, if you want to try TorOption, you will have to deposit $250 first which mean say bye to your money!


For all the reasons above, you shouldn’t deal with TorOption. They are a scam broker and you should deal with reliable brokers only if you want to be safe while you are trading.



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However, you can only start a chargeback process under certain conditions :

  • you deposited the funds to the broker by credit card or debit card and the deposit amount is over $3,000.
  • you deposited the funds to the broker by bank transfer and the deposit amount is over $20,000.

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