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We received several complains from traders about TorOption binary option broker. So we will try to make an honest review and suggestions why you shouldn’t deal with TorOption :


  • TorOption is not regulated by any financial body. They are operating without license. Why would you deal with a broker who is unregulated and then not allowed to operate ? This is just pure gamble with your money and the odds are most likely you won’t see your money ever.


TorOption Scam


  • You know why we say “Too good to be true”? We tried to find some negative reviews about TorOption on famous binary options reviews website but we managed to find only GOOD reviews. Guys the deal is that even the best product in the world will always have some negative points. The fact that we received some testimonials from brokers that have been scammed by TorOption and that we didn’t manage to find some honest review from top website about them is enough to believe that TorOption are just corrupting all the top website in order to get positive reviews.



  • TorOption will try to squize your money as much as possible in order to get the best out of you. Then if they realize that they can’t, they will throw you away like a garbage and ignore you. This is not the right way a reliable broker should deal with his traders. Find bellow one honest testimonial we found about how TorOption is dealing with their broker and make your own opinion … Do you want it to happen to you? NO! Stay away from TorOption and deal with safe & reliable brokers only!



  • TorOption are trying to act like a professional broker but in reality, they aren’t reliable … Any professional broker such as IqOption will always offer you a demo account in order to try their platform, underlying assets etc. in order to make you comfortable with their platform and then deposit your money. But what about TorOption ? Nada, nothing! No demo account available, if you want to try TorOption, you will have to deposit $250 first which mean say bye to your money!


For all the reasons above, you shouldn’t deal with TorOption. They are a scam broker and you should deal with reliable brokers only if you want to be safe while you are trading.



You have been scammed by this broker ?

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Don’t panic. There is actually a way to recover your funds thanks to a group of experts who are able to give you a more effective way to fight back to recover your money after being scammed.

However, you can only start a chargeback process under certain conditions :

  • you deposited the funds to the broker by credit card or debit card and the deposit amount is over $3,000.
  • you deposited the funds to the broker by bank transfer and the deposit amount is over $20,000.

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  • Zarina Zabidin says:

    I dealt with toroption, true what u said. It’s a scam.
    Ive my winning money US $1,750/- which I can’t claimed. They ignore my emails.
    How and to which authorities do I make a report on such scam. To stop them from cheating more people.
    Pse help. TQ

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi, Ny name is Elizabeth
      I invest 5 thousands Euro and I hada a account manager I the beginning was going good, but then he makes me lost and then they start don’t answer my questions, then they change my account manager and she wanted that I invest more money to take back what I invest, is that not real Iam so ungry about this company, now I went to the police to put the case,
      I’ll see what will happen.
      Please don’t give your money easily, they are not honest and unreal.

      • Anonymous says:

        I had the exact same experience as you. My name is Lin, I am from Singapore. My broker name is Matthew Davis, what about you? They all collaborate and work as a team. Exact same scenario of what you mentioned.
        Pretense of helping you to recoup your losses when you seek to close your account.
        I will like to gather a group forum because these actions are all Fraud Acts and we can pursue with Serious Fraud Office and Toroption has to return us all the funds we deposited at the very least.

        • Miki says:

          Please keep far away from MARGARITA MARININA – Toroption trading “expert”. She pretends to be an expert in trading but she is rather an expert in sqeezing all moneey out of you.
          At the beginning the trading was quite promising. We made some K profit but quite soon it changes. No more profit any more. She traded with the hudge risk. I pointed out on this and she got very angry. She spoke very fast crying on me, the behavior became very unpolite and arrogant. Then she proposed to me to ensure the account for the case we should loose the money. For this I had to deposite all freee money on my credit card. I accepted because I was afraid to loose my money and belived that the money on my trading account belongs to me. Theorethically yes but in reality I had no chance to get the money back. And she knows that. I was very wrong in trusting her. She is playing with my money like in casino and probably she never heard about and understands the words risk management. Suppose you have 5K€ on the account. Then she opens 2 position 2,5K€ each. You understand there was a hudge risk to loose money. But mostly one position won and the another lost, but at one butiful day we lost both. As this happened the first time the bank restored my account in the amount I deposited from my credit card. I lost this time most of my money. The we anyway continued with the same strategy – always all money was used divided into 2 big positions. Quite soon we again lost both. The market was bad – she said. I said I have no money more.
          “Please be quite honest to me and say do you have absolutely no more money ?” Only my salary 1K – I responded. “OK, then I can help you”, shea said. “Please deposite 500€, then we can traide again and restore your account” Not possible I said, I need this money for living.
          OK, I see you want no accept my help and not cooperate with me, is it so? Yes, I really do not want to cooperate this way, I said.
          “Good, that was I wanted to hear from you”, she said and finished the call.
          So I lost moe then 5K.
          I hope that nobody more do make this big mistake making deals with Toroption.
          Something must be done to stop this crazy business and close this monster office

          • john griffin says:

            i too got scammed by these crooked gangsters,,i lost 11500 us dollars as i listened to their lies and trusted them..i contacted a law firm based in israel that told me they use alias,s [not their real names] and now the law firm are looking for a deposit from me to open a case against them to try to get my money back but of course the law firm cant give any guarantees so maybe ill loose more money,,i dont know what to do

          • John says:

            We have done the same problem. The thing is what we gonna do?

        • Anonymously says:

          I too was scammed of usd 16,000. Any one tried Is it any good?

      • Santa Rumniece says:

        Hi, Elizabeth!
        Just the same happening with me. I invest 5000 and they i saw these feedback and i said i don’t want traid just get back my money they start to shout on me and push to make a traid but i jus want back my money they say it’s not in possible so i can’t get my money back so they want that i put on traid and lost but i don’t want it’s a big money.
        I called for my bank they will not let them get my money money is stil on pending

    • kobby says:

      Same happened to me too. I lost 2000 us Dollars to these bunch of theives. Do not invest even 1 cent with Torption because they will keep it and ask you for more. Be ware of the guy with the African accent call Paul and the other guy called Lucian. They are a bunch of theives who have sold their conscience and have no human feelings. they will take all your money with sugar coated words but when they have sucked enough money from you, they will throw you away like garbage. Please beware and do not give them your hard earned money.

    • Social-Toroption says:

      From TorOption we would appreciate you to contact us through [email protected] and we will do our best to deal with your complaint.

  • Wayne King says:

    Definitely a scam. I have had 3 different brokers and as soon as I got a decent amount of money in my account all advice from the brokers was BAD. I feel like a fool but the damage is done

  • Irma says:

    Also I Holland they do it now, first they say its free !!!! and than before y know they ask evertihing from
    y prived details till y creditcardno so they can do a free 250 euro from y acount.
    I was not happy with that at
    all !! so to the bank, but they can do nothing. So 250,euro is lost.
    I block my card , so they can not have more
    money. Asked a new creditcard,
    3 jan 2017 Irma.

    • Cindy says:

      I used my debit card to deposit RM 250. I already key in my debit card info. but found something is wrong after i created the account.
      I received their email about authorization form, requested for my personal info. and 1 form regarding my debit card info & signature. I didn’t reply that email & sign any forms. They keep calling me but i didn’t pick up d phone.
      I just wonder are they allow to charge me or use my debit card do anything without my signature?

  • Johan says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you Binary Scam Ad visor for your input on Tor Options. I wanted to deposit R10000 from South Africa into their account on 04 January today. Thanks for the internet and people like you to investigate and expose these kind of scam. To the people that lost their money may God bless you financial and with good health in the future.

    • You are welcome sir ! Our website is here for that.

      • Santa Rumniece says:

        Hi! BinaryScamAdvisor
        Can i ask you a question?
        If i but a deposit for TorOption and i decided to don’t traid with them- they say i cant get mony buck but i call for bank and explain situation that thats is scam and i do mistake. They will not let go mony through because money still was on pending, are the TorOption can affect that money go through?

      • Peter P says:


        tell everyone to lodge claim with US SEC and stop these conn men. It is now being flogged around Australia and sucking in many naïve people.

    • Malefetsane Maliba says:

      I deposited $345 in to my toroption account and was told by my account manager “Sam Grey” that all my trades have been nothing but a loss, nevertheless he insisted that I should further deposit $600 so that we make sure of getting all my lost trades back. when I refused to do this they ignored me like a road side dead dog, unlike when I was getting hundreds of calls on a daily basis from a woman named “Jennifer young” to pursue me to join this brutal scam.

  • Pieter says:

    Toroption is a scam. Start with 250 and more and more. then 5k, made a bit of profit. then 10k… Easiest and quickest way i ever lost 15k!!!
    They make all the promises and all trades was done through an account manager. Should have listened to myself but sounded so amazing. Now starting the year on a bad foot..

    • Steven says:

      They ask from me 350usd!!!i am from Malaysia ,how they cheat ur money??

    • Costa Sims says:

      Hi Pieter

      I was also scammed of R4800, they were so convincing. I was investing for my kids. My money is gone. I am the fool.

      Please people be careful of such convincing scammer. Dont give credit card details and one time pins.

      The banks cant help you either. I wonder how they sleep at night.

      • Lionel says:

        Thanks gentlemen. I was also enticed by their proposition. Spidey senses were tingling, so i didn’t give my card details due to the hard sell approach of the Senior Account Manager “Alice Dean”.
        Thank you for logging your experiences. You saved me money.

    • Kelly says:

      Did you ever get to withdraw any of your winnings at all?!

      Kind regards

  • Arsene Roussel says:

    Toroptions is a bull shit. How can I recuperate the money left into the account I had with them around $250.00 u.s. Is there anythingthe police can do to stop these crooks.

  • ellis says:

    Yes! its a scam! I had been deposit $1250 to their website, after that the one who called me call Jessica Johnson (email address [email protected]), I gave her all my private detail. She promises me will give me signal to win money in my acc and can withdraw any time! but I ady requested for witdraw two time, they dont allow me to withdraw! My money was gone and my private info was given!! I cant do anything! People who saw my message please dont be fool like me! ><

    • Syakina says:

      Ohreallly?? Yesterday Collin frm Toroptions just call me, And convinced me to deposit $250 into the Torotion acc. He also convinced me, the explanation very cool!! BUT, i still refused and i said i must think first. He also said that i can draw my money anytime, Is it TRUEEE?? or it is scam? I told him, many sammers nowadays, But he keep convincing me………… I’m confused.

      • Costa Sims says:

        Its a Scam

        i was scammed i paid of R 4800 on the 26 Feb 2017.

        They stole the money and after frustration the broker admitted, his job is not to give me a refund. But to get me to deposit more money,,,,,, then he said to make more money.

        CRIMINALS – Their names are Dora Hill & Dawn Spencer

        • Hi Costa

          I know that Dawn Spencer and Dora Hill,,, they scammed me aswell. I am making it my lifes mission to report and blanked thier names and Toroption an such across the world.

          They will rott in hell

      • Arash says:

        Definitely is scammed, don’t listen them at all

  • JayJay says:

    Big big mistake we have done…….! 3k gone just like that. Please stay away from these people Specially the one by the name Phillip Priestley he’s an asshole.

  • Cindy says:

    Does anyone know how to close the account at TorOption? Is there any problems if I didn’t close that account and I didn’t close my savings account (I used my debit card to make the deposit)? Thank you.

  • Will Winkler says:

    January 12,2017 CANADA ////// I saw a promo about TOROPTION quoting scientist Hawkins as a source having him mention trading Binary as a sure source of generating income.Of course, it was a Big Lie. I used my credit card to put a deposit $ 250.00 CAD and I was not told that they would take out 250.00 US Dollars from my Master Card making it 350+ Canadian Dollars. I was mad and when I asked for my money back, they kept asking for my verification documents like driver’s license etc. at least three times.Now they have all my INFO and when I asked them to return my deposit into my credit card I will get the same excuse that the financial department is dealing with it. They let me talk to a dealer with a phony name “Mike Wallace” who has an African accent and for a week now is telling me there is no problem that I will get my deposit back.He uses the phone number I call him from Canada with # 647 846-7742. I worked seven years in Canadian Television and I met former TV Anchor Lloyd Robertson who is now the Host of CTV’s Show ” W 5 ” I will go on his current Affairs show on National TV and spill the beans on the British criminals. I will also contact the British Ambassador to Canada and send Him all the E-mail as evidence.I am a pensioner and I am also on treatment for cancer. I want these Fraud artists to rot in Hell !!!

    • Davide tanzi says:

      Hi there,
      My name is Davide Tanzi and just like you since end of March 2017 I was approached by someone with a phony name mayson hunt account manager and senior broker asking to invest in Canadian dollars but instead they took US dollars. ….$7000 US dollars and I can’t get it back ….can you help me please.
      [email protected].
      Davide Tanzi.

  • Will Winkler says:


    Truly Yours,

    Will Winkler
    Senior Citizen

  • Neda Shademan says:

    Absolutely a scam. I spent $388 as a deposit and when I asked for my money back they wanted more document for verification. I had to cancel my credit card. I deposited this money only because when I wanted to sign up for Binary, the site redirected me to Toroption. I have lost my money now.

  • cliff ratzlaff says:

    Thanks for all the warnings. They,ve been on my case to invest, but I have smelled deceit in this Toroptions gang also. I wonder if all this binary trading is in fact a great big scam game. What does the good book say, “They that would be rich shall pierce themselves with many sorrows.. Let’s all take it easy. Cliff Ratzlaff

    • Suha Jap says:

      it is a true Scam. Your money never deposit back from Toroption what i experienced. My Trading account was increased and then asked for money withdrawl just to cover back my credit card as i deposit but broker every time,said this is the time to make money . I really disappointed when i’ve lost the money i win $4500 USD and then request to deposit more money again into my account toroption. I think they are dishonest even you have made a frofit of hundred thousand dollars that money never come to you ,,They use the money for them to survive…they are really scammer..Now the money left 50 usd in my account disappered without my knowledge..

  • willy says:

    Hi everyone. I am also in Canada and when I’ve registered with Penny Millionaire robot I was redirected to TorOption broker. Well I guess I am the lucky one since I did my research about this broker (scammer) before I would invest any money. Well I will not and now I really wonder about Penny Millionaire as well.

    • Will Winkler says:

      To Willy :
      I envy you Sir,for I did not google this broker TOROPTION before sending any funds. I regret for having made such a big mistake, for my ordeal could have been easily avoided. — I guess the Internet has become a
      minefield to be weary of. Being in Canada I am sure you have heard of the young family man and immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, who just wanted to sell his Truck using the Internet.They took the young father for a Joyride, stole his truck and
      killed him and burned his body.Now his young child has to grow up without a father and his mother is a young widow.
      The only way justice can be done is if these white collar criminals can be apprehended and made to spend two years of hard labor in Siberia.A jail sentence is to good, we would be giving them free lunch for a second time.
      Siberia, a jail sentence is to

    • Will Winkler says:

      To Willy :
      I envy you Sir,for I did not google this broker TOROPTION before sending any funds. I regret for having made such a big mistake, for my ordeal could have been easily avoided. — I guess the Internet has become a
      minefield to be weary of. Being in Canada I am sure you have heard of the young family man and immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, who just wanted to sell his Truck using the Internet.They took the young father for a Joyride, stole his truck and
      killed him and burned his body.Now his young child has to grow up without a father and his mother is a young widow.
      The only way justice can be done is if these white collar criminals can be apprehended and made to spend two years of hard labor in Siberia.A jail sentence is to good, we would be giving them free lunch for a second time.
      Siberia, a jail sentence is to

  • Will Winkler says:

    January 23, 2017 follows up to Jan13
    Once Toroption have your initial Deposit of USD 250.00 they will block you from entering their Website by rejecting your
    password as invalid, no matter how many times you may re-enter a new password waiting in your Inbox.I made it abundantly clear that want I to cancel and I also want my entire deposit back.
    Then they will torture you by sending e-mails like this a week later:

    My name is Lucian Harding and I am a Senior Account Manager at TorOption
    I’ve tried to reach you earlier by phone. but unfortunately, I was unable to get through. At your convenience, I would love to chat about your account and all of the opportunities that await you.”
    Obviously, they have no intention of returning any of your deposits to you and these white collar criminals are poking fun at you.while laundering our money. I contacted the Consulate General of the U.K. here in Canada, but since I am not a British subject, they have no intention o assisting me.With all due respect to our monarchy; for it is still far superior to the USA next door, I am very disappointed for allowing Great Britain to become a heaven for cold-blooded thieves operating for TOROPTION.COM.
    My Health has also deteriorated and apart from having cancer in my bladder I now suffer pain from recurring kidney stone.This is all very stressful for me as my days may be numbered.In the name of all the other victims, I am asking for
    justice from the British authorities and have these fake companies charged for crimes against humanity!!
    I had no idea that after working fifty long years in Canada I would have to deal with Satan from Glasgow in Scotland!!!

  • Will Winkler says:

    January 23, 2017 follows up to Jan13
    Once Toroption have your initial Deposit of USD 250.00 they will block you from entering their Website by rejecting your
    password as invalid, no matter how many times you may re-enter a new password waiting in your Inbox.I made it abundantly clear that want I to cancel and I also want my entire deposit back.
    Then they will torture you by sending e-mails like this a week later:

    My name is Lucian Harding and I am a Senior Account Manager at TorOption
    I’ve tried to reach you earlier by phone. but unfortunately, I was unable to get through. At your convenience, I would love to chat about your account and all of the opportunities that await you.”
    Obviously, they have no intention of returning any of your deposits to you and these white collar criminals are poking fun at you.while laundering our money. I contacted the Consulate General of the U.K. here in Canada, but since I am not a British subject, they have no intention o assisting me.With all due respect to our monarchy; for it is still far superior to the USA next door, I am very disappointed for allowing Great Britain to become a heaven for cold-blooded thieves operating for TOROPTION.COM.
    My Health has also deteriorated and apart from having cancer in my bladder I now suffer pain from recurring kidney stone.This is all very stressful for me as my days may be numbered.In the name of all the other victims, I am asking for
    justice from the British authorities and have these fake companies charged for crimes against humanity!!
    I had no idea that after working fifty long years in Canada I would have to deal with Satan from Glasgow in Scotland!!!

    • Gary Muir says:

      Hi I am Gary from New Zealand and have had the same problem about passwords. Also had a strange letter from one person claiming my bank had Forcibly requested my money back. I replied and no reply from this person or Austin the dealer I was working with.. All communication has stopped since I refused to give them more money and I have been left in some financial difficulty because of them. Made a small profit but no money has been returned despite a promise from Austin that the money was on its way. Found a web site that will undertake to investigate for your money and wondered if this would be worth a try. This seems to be a scam so be careful!!!!!!

  • Robert Bergey says:

    All these stories sound very familar,I was taken by canuckmethold. Com . Makes you all these promises has you make a deposit then the screen freezes up on you .Then someone from toroption contacts you Leo Saranda Senior account manager. Conned me out of 10 k,When I realized what was going on and confronted him. He told me that he would make my money back and get it to me .Lost it all haven’t heard from him since.Amazing how you can’t contact this people.SCAM ARTISTS for sure. How can these people be able to continue to operate.I am also a canadian.There is also the money difference factor. Very ashamed of myself for falling for this scam.Don’t let it happen to you .If any one can find away to get to this people I am all in .

  • Sylvain Alarie says:

    they got me for 1000 usd and no refund possible so tomorrow I am calling the RCMP and the BBB to make sure they won’t take more money from canadian citizens

    • Will Winkler says:

      Hello Sylvain Alarie:
      Thank you for your Input. I will contact my relatives in Europe and relate this matter to INTERPOL in Vienna.I will ask the
      International Police agency to see what’s going down with TOROPTION in Glasgow, Scotland.There must be a legal way in Great Britain to stop these Monsters from doing any more damage.The world is their Oyster and they are laundering our money as we speak.
      These cruel operators should be investigated by their Minister of Revenue and their Minister of Foreign affairs for Great Britain for allowing British soil to become a den of inequity.Maybe it is time for All of us to get in touch with CTV and their current affairs show ” W 5 ” hosted by Lloyd Robertson. The ” FIFTH ESTATE ” from CBC also do some very good investigative documentaries.It is very difficult for me at age 70 to believe this is really happening.

      • john griffin says:

        i also gave them 250dollars and a guy convinced me to pay out another 10000 dollars ,,i am in shock from reading all of the above.i wonder would it be possible to get these criminals by some police force to pay for their fraud upon innocent people.i could not work last year as a result of a bad accident and i thought i could supplement my income so i used my credit card overdraft facility to pay them,,i am now on a disability pension of 219 euro a week and i have no idea how to pay the bank back what i owe them,,i am coming up to 65 years of age ,,i feel desperate

  • gilbert says:

    I could not enter my password again. What is happening. And I have a deposit of 250 USDollars which comes to 341 Cdn dollars.

    • Will Winkler says:

      To Mr. Gilbert :
      Same here in Ontario. For the fifth time, they are asking me to log into the account to make the steps to make the withdrawal request, It will not accept my password and they sent me a new password in my Inbox over 20 times so far and every time it came back marked ” Invalid “.
      Today I got another E-mail from a Andrey J. and requesting the same procedure,but this time I can not retrieve the new password they are sending me,I’ve tried over 25 times again, it is impossible to log on to their website.
      Their Golden rule is that without receiving the Withdrawal request they can not close the account and can not send the money or will not send our money.We can do this until Hell freezes over, for they are hoping that we will all give up eventually to even try !!
      I will have to contact The RCMP and file a serious complaint against TOROPTION in Glasgow, there is no other option and I call on all other Canadian victims to do the same ! Thank You !!

      • Tumelo says:

        I’m Wilson from South Africa I been trading with Toroption for a minute th now I made a deposit of $350 and in a month I was having $7500 that I won but let me tell you something you will never get it anyway they will force you to trade telling you that you will make more money and they gonna make sure you lost it I had more than 5 withdrawal that was been canceled telling me that they want to make me rich now I felt with $500 and I placed a trade with it again. I wish I saw this before hey! This is so bad hey!

  • Diina says:

    My name is Diina from Namibia I have created an account with them but still didn’t pay their deposit
    But I have given them my credit card info is there any chance they could deduct money from it

  • jagmeet multani says:

    I am jagmeet Multani from Canada.I scamed by toroption. Toroption is 100% Scam.They stolen $14000 (Canadian 19600.00$)in my credit card.When you deposit your money you never withdrawal doesn’t mater it’s your money or you won the money in trading .when you apply for withdrawal they cancelled . I am from Canada. It’s my story : Last month I made a account with toroption and after one gay called me to deposit the money. His name is Lucian Harding. He said he is a senior account manager of the toroption but i refused.Ever day he was calling me.One bad day I trust him and give him a credit card number for 1000.00$ only,first he took 1000.00$(usa$)right after he stolen 13000.00 usa $ without my permission.when I asked him about this fraud. He said your money is safe with toroption. When I asked him to money back .he refused me and after I contact to toroption for stolen my money 13000.00$ by him they said you have to follow our account manager Lucian Harding. When I talked again to Lucian Harding about my money back he said I lost your money in trading if you need your money give me more money i said you already stolen big amount in my credit card why I give you more money and after he disconnected my phone and I called to bank and cancelled my credit card.
    I had file a police report so they won’t take more money from Canadian citizens. I lost my( USA 14000$) it’s Canadian 19600.00$. I am requesting to all people stay away from toroption. I feel like a fool but damage is done.

    • Sh-Om says:

      Im sorry brother…

      I have been in your shoes and it is unfortunate, I know how it feels. Any luck with filing the reports?

  • jerry boutet says:

    Before depositing money ,I researched and found tor option to be in the top 10 best binary options . wtf who are we to believe? They also continue to want more ID INFO . So I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I DON’T. Without sending ID I can’t touch my money. I also invested in PORTER FINANCE, same amount 250usd more in can. While trying to learn what to do on my own they withdrew 50 without my knowledge and will continue to withdraw in 50 dollar incriments until nothing is left .Then they will close your account. When questioned about withdrawing my money they stated if an account (trades are not made in a specified amount of time) they withdraw monies which will not be returned. Apparently it’s stipulated in the small print of the contract . I had to send ID to them 5x before they accepted . So you are forced to make trades without knowledge or you are penalized and lose the money anyway.

    • Will Winkler says:

      Mr. Boutet thanks for your comment, I still can’t believe I am a victim too.

      My ordeal with TOROPTION and my response to Mr. Lucian ( Lucifer) Harding, Senior Broker or Grand fraud artist:
      I tried to log on today as you asked me to go to into my account so I can request for a withdrawal of my original deposit of USD 250.00 but of course, you sent me the wrong password again and I can not log into your stinking Website.Just as jerry boutet above who is another victim of yours, you keep also asking me for the same f%%%n ID over and over again while knowing full well that no matter what, I will never be able to ask for withdrawal because I can not enter into my account.You are guilty of committing big time frauds over and over again and you should all be locked up, but not in any prison to get more free lunch, but in a camp for hard labor in a coal mine in Siberia for at least five years. You should have no contact with your families and you should not see the light of day, no Internet or any other connection with the outside world.
      In my entire life of 70 years, I have never knowingly hurt anybody and No-one ever gave me a free Lunch, nor have I asked for one.I pray that my late Hungarian grandmother shall put a curse on all of you at TOROPTION and that you shall suffer and be punished in many ways for your countless criminal acts.
      I noticed that you have found two more forms for your victims to sign and now the number of documents to scan has reached the number EIGHT, please don’t ask me for any more verification papers to send to you, you have my info of my Master Card, my Address etc. so for the last time go and send me
      My USD 250.00 or go to Hell in Great Britain or Scotland ! ! !

      Will W. II

  • Sandra MacIsaac says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have not invested any money into any of these opportunities as there are so many popping up that it scares me. I have been doing research for the last two months and every time I think I found an honest opportunity it winds up being a scam. I also do check other websites like watchdog which lists a lot of scams and from what I have been reviewing they are targeting Canada a lot. Make sure that you go with a secure company registered with Cystec or another regulator. Also check to see if there are any hidden fees and that you can take your money out whenever you want and as much as you want. Make sure that you have full control of the site you choose to trade from. I have also read to not let any account manager manage your account for you as I have read they will trade your money without asking. I have over 4000 e-mails from so many I can’t keep up. I was going to try the Canuck method as it is Canadian and just found out it is a scam and wanted to try Toroption and it is a scam. The reviews on Penny Millionaire are iffy. Watchdog will give you some trusted brokers etc. I am not too sure about Penny millionaire check Watchdog review. Thank you all review sites. Check U-Tube also lists scams and non scams and videos to show you how to trade. Good luck!

  • Tefik says:

    Hello binary scam advisor
    I live in the uk and I belive I am one of toroption’s victums. I depozit £250 in my account I was asked for my ID, Proof of address and a copy of my debit cart with most digits covored. After the money was in my account I was called by David Berg Senior Broker at toroption he tried to persuade me to invest £1000 with him for some big event it all sounded too shady so I refused I tried to withdraw my money nothing happaned for 2 days then Ken Kovac a chief financial advisor called me asking me why I want to take my money back I told him that I am not happy that I changed my mind and he kept me on the phone for 45min eventually he persuade me to invest £750 so altogether £1000 that are insured he said if I lose them he will give me a bonus of £1000 to trade with but what he failed to mention is that I would be asked to make a turnover in order to withdraw my money. Anyway he told me to use my £1000 to make 2 investments which I then lost the traide expired on 30.12.2016 I waited a week cause I told he would contact me after the holidays he didn’ I started e-mailing him and calling toroption to look for him eventually he called me just last week (after a month of trying) on 02.02.2017 he said all sorts of lies about how my he was calling me but my phone was off or with no signl I didn’t got any missed calls or voice mails. I talked to him about my bonus he surprisingly put the £1000 in my account but the bonus agreement says that I need to do a turnover equal of (the total investment + the bonus) * 20 which comes up to £40000 funny right . He told me that he would call to help me with new deals but he never did so last friday on 03.02.2017 I started trading on my own that day I finished with £3500 in my account and around £7000 of turnover money. Today is friday again I just walk up and found you guys and my dreams just got crushed after I read all the stories and how similar they are to mine. The day just starts now it is 10.02.2017 my toroption balance is £5970 I did a total of £23375 turnover money and I fear I will never get to withdraw this money after I reach the £40000 turnover money.

    • Will Winkler says:

      Hello Mr. Tefik :
      You say that you live in the UK and shows their Busines address as located in Glasgow.On behalf of All of us victims can you please get a hold of the authorities in Great Britain who handle international Fraud via the Internet, such as is clearly the case with
      I have tried our Fraud Department in the Local Police Force in our city and then I spoke to Canada’s RCMP at length, but I was advised that this out of their jurisdiction and that they are unable to assist me in any way.
      A week ago one of their Senior Brokers called me and wanted to know how much money I needed or wanted to make at TOROPTION and he asked me about my life style and that he would be able to change things for me. I told him in plain English that All I was interested in was to get my initial installment of USD 250.00 back into my Credit Card account where they took it from.I just found out at New Years that my cancer in my Bladder had returned, when I thought that I was cured after three operations since 2014. I am seventy years old and I have no extra funds or patience to play with binary options at this time.I have pleaded with many of their agents via Email or on the phone to return my installment to me since January 03, 2017, On my last conversation when the Broker heard that I was not interested in using my hard earned money for any trading, he hung up on me!
      It has become obvious that TOROPTION have set up shop all over the world and thanks to the Internet and FB or You Tube the whole world has become their oyster. Their criminal so-called Brokers are very likely working from home from Manila to San Francisco, which should give working from Home New Meaning.They are hardcore white collar Fraud artists and they told me that they had a Million customers world wide making a profit. Yet still they are unable to return my USD 250.00 which
      mean a lot to me and it is my money.There must be a Law in Scotland or G. B. for these modern Monsters to put an end to the suffering of so many other victims like myself and I demand that Justice will be done!
      Thank you for listening at Binary Scam Advisers!
      William Winkler, Senior Citizen, and Cancer Patient

      • S says:

        I am going to contact the Ombudsman and report them maybe you should too in canada Its not just TorOption there are others too. Option mint no where to be found with my money.

    • Heather Frost says:

      Hi i live in the UK also and i have just been scammed by toroption.

      Not sure what to do to get my money back and get this stopped.

      Any help please

    • Sh-Om says:

      If you reach the turnover, could you share with us if you were able to withdraw?

      I had a similar situation, funnier than what you put, my turnover now is 1,200,000 USD yes, 1.2M USD and i only have 15K in my account, there is no way.

      Please let me know what happened with you.

      • Aiko says:


        I am from Singapore. I was also badly scammed by Toroption, all my deposits were supposed to be managed account and the broker showed me online the contacts won but when I tried to withdraw, he told me i have to go online and placed the trades myself and showed me a 15 mins trade that saw all the balance I have gone in 15 mins.
        They are world class fraudster.
        Can we all gather get a class action against them, appoint a lawyer and demand our money back ?

  • Tefik says:

    Binary Scam Advisor please could you tell me if I have the legal rights to take my money and to which authorities to go to for that I have all the contracts agreements and I am pretty sure I will be able to get recordings of all my conversations with them. If anyone can helo please do so I am preaty much broke and this money is all I have. If anyone knows how to put this thugs in jail and get back everyone’s money I am all in got nothing to lose. thanks

    • Jos says:

      When I wanted to withdraw my profit from my accounting got a mail that my account got disabled and their legal department check my account. Now I’m still waiting after 2 weeks

  • Khuram shahzad says:

    I feel so sorry for everyone who had lost their money in Tor Options, i stay in Dubai and i had lost my job 4 months ago and had been looking for another alternate to run my expenses till i find a new job here…
    Then I came across tor option website 2 weeks back, I registered with them, i recieved a call from Sydney based number by a lady with russian accent named “Valery Hill” , she convinced me to deposit 250 usd , later she said asked to send all my documents with signature on deposit form. Another day a senior accounts so called manager (broker) called me by the name of “Dina Willson” with a russian accent again .. she spoke to me to for 2 and half hour and convinced me to deposit another 1000$. She kept calling me and convinced me to depsoit another 2200$ saying that i will get a profit of 80% and can withdraw the money anytime back.
    I used my credit card , now i feel i have been fooled too 🙁
    She wanted to buy a contract of 10,000$ , i was not able to arrange that amount so she convinced be to deposit 5000$ with a shared profit. I was suppose to transfer the money by tomorrow morning so i just came accross this website now :'(

    I dont know what to do now , they have my 3450 USD . I am already in debt and i used my credit card, i have now immediately blocked my card.

    I dont have job and I seriously dont know how i will return this money to the bank. Pls suggest what should i do now??


    • Peter P says:



    • Sh-Om says:

      just block your card.

      Tell Dina Willson to go fuck her self because she was my broker as well and she fucked me properly.

      your worried about 3450 USD.

      She took 26000 USD from me..

  • MAGGIE CHIA says:

    I also wished to comment on Toroption and also, I believed BOTH ARE SCAMS. The guy, Martin Stevens from Bigfafa insisted that I put $1000 instead of a lesser amount, so he said. Then believing its a SCAM, I call my credit card company to cancel the transactions, but d transactions had gone thru’ and credit card company suggested that I email them, which I did, and so far nothing from TOROPTION OR BIGFAFA, they r wicked IDIOTS, CHEATS and I hope they get punished soon ….

    • Stockmeier Meena says:

      i alo invest 500 euro in torotion 0n 25/04/2017,they cheated me they took that money from my vissa card,first they took all information from me,always was saying send your documents after sending all ,they told me that they cant deal for me so i have to pay more 250 euro so i can deal otherweiss i have lost my money…i have been to bank and closed my vissa card,and i have tried a lot that i can withdraw that money but till yet im not sucseed…and i know as well i have lost all…and please i like to let u all of that dont invest your money in k2 investing they a also a very big fraud….

  • Neville Kippenberger says:

    It disheartens me to read of you all getting ripped off, thank you Binary Scam for this review, I also have come close to passing money to these people, in fact they are calling tomorrow in the belief that we are setting up an account, which will not happen, they have been hounding me for three weeks now, I made the mistake of following prompts from a job board agency, this is exactly what they are doing, regardless of nationality they are playing on the fact that at present a lot of good people are close to the financial wall, this is a very well planned scam and seems legit, but upon reading their T and c it seems awfully hard to withdraw funds and a lot of other legal aspects the Company can alter in any way it chooses, also , why is it licensed as a business in Vanuatu, trading through the Marshall Islands, and then gives a street address in Glasgow Scotland, again I feel for those of you that have been scammed ,but thank you for your honesty and warnings.

  • Roland says:

    Now I’m fucked, I fell into 2 scams within 2 months (Jan.-February) one for Toroption and the other one is Nutragentex. If only I’ve known this site earlier!

  • niky says:

    i clicked on this which is odd because i live in nz and did know anything about it i pressed to sign up and it comes up with a vid of making money i sign up put my number in because im bored leads me to the toreaccount
    basicly straight away i get a phonecall which i knew straight away it was a scam lol
    i told them no then i get a phonecall from someone else when i mentioned the other phone call they said
    the other person was a scam then i check my emails and tore-thingy email had the first number like im not stupid cmu

  • vincent says:

    ya, I just received their mail. The best part was, I followed a website step to click on the link, but nothing happened. Then suddenly I received call from Austria(btw, I live in Asia). Then followed by email from this TorOption, which I did not see their name appeared on the website I visited,
    Another thing is, tat website claimed that they may send you 1 free SW worth USD1000, and you can immediately activate the trading account and make money, within minutes. Normally, it may take you a few working days to activate your account.

  • Charlie says:

    Wish would have found this site a lot sooner got the Toroption ride finally today they took my last 200 of 3000.00 it seams there system no matter what does the opposite of what you choose as well. You only get good trades when you deal with one of their scam brokers, when you tell them you have no more money to put in they get mad. Should have know something was up when they call and every time they want more money deposited. Going to find a reputable company and maybe try and make back the 2500-3000 used I have lost. I am kicking myself for letting myself get dooped worse thing is they got all the info they need by doing their paperwork. Good thing I have no credit for them to steal.

  • Allan says:

    Hi my name is Al I first watched a video back in November then received at least 50 phone calls all different numbers from different parts of the world I finally gave in and spoke with someone from finTech next thing I knew I was also speaking with people from Toroption they convinced me to deposit $1000.00 Canadian they match it with another thousand dollar bonus eventually getting you to deposit another five grand then 10 grand Matching it with another $10,000 bonus I now have 30,000 in ,of my own personal money made 70,000 With Leo Sondra They then pass you off to another senior Broker who then immediately made me lose my 30 grand … what a fool I am, I’m 52 with no chance of retiring 😩

    • Peter P says:



  • Michael S Buck says:

    Hey folks, thank you so very much for doing what you do, I have a lad named Jordan Woods calling me this coming Thursday at 10;00 am to put my deposit in. I must admit that I have some street smarts, but man this guy was Silk as in smooth as Silk. They made a mistake with me because at the present time my credit card is maxed out and Im trying to catch up from spending too mush at Christmas and this is my last month of suffering, so right now I am so very happy that I got some time to check this all out and again thank you folks very much. Im an Injured Worker who had to fight my WSIB case for 2 and a half years to fight my clain with the help of a great company called the Injured Workers and a woman named Jayne Wogan handled my claim and got my life back after spending 13 years on Social Assistance, not knowing I was entitled to being paid for all those 13 years by WSIB and to make a long story short, I know what its like to be broke and on Social Assistance and treated like a scammer and second class citizen so I dont plan on giving my well deserved money that all the people at the Injured Workers Institute had to fight for and God Bless them all, I would hope everyone checks these companies out before diving in because its not a very good life being broke. All you have to do is put the company name in your Search spot and add For Real or Scam because these guys are getting Better and Better of taking advantage of people who work damn hard for their money, which is something none of these people would ever work for anything other than being SCUMBAG SCAMMERS, Remember, Customer Beware, NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD AND IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU THIS IS A SURE THING AND KISSES YOUR BUTT AND HIS OR HER HANDS ARE IN BOTH OF YOUR POCKETS AND THEY WANT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE NOT JUST A LITTLE BIT, THEY WANT IT ALL AND DONT EVER FORGET THAT, THEY WANT ALL THAT YOU HAVE, THE MORE YOU BUY INTO THE MORE YOU LOSE AND I BET YOU WORK DAMN HARD FOR YOUR MONEY SO DONT LET THESE BARNACLES TAKE EVERYTHING YOUVE WORKED FOR. God Bless you Binary Scam Advisor for saving my bank account, Im going to have a real cool call on Thursday morning, Thanks Again!!!!!!!!

  • maria says:

    hola, me pasa lo mismo y estoy en España. No esta libre nadie de esta gente

  • JAMIE says:



  • Farid says:

    Hye admin,

    I just found this page,a mont ago I tried to find out anything negetive about but nothing I found. For the first time I invest $250 but they charged for $266. I’m very suspicious but they convince me with offer me to senior account manager that make me get more money faster than refund back $16. After I talk to the broker name Reda Cohen, they asking me to deposit $5000 for get 100% insured trade as vip. Seriously I have no money that time but he convinced me to use my credit card for $1000..He follow up me until a month and keep ask for deposit another $3750 ..until 0ne day he want to prove me to make a trade and I’m win with that trade for $200… He convinced me to make a loan for the rest $3750.. I’m from Malaysia it about RM 18, 000. I still delay and find more about .because they very convincing with binary Web and everyday review. ..and last last 2 week my loan approved then I deposited to the account but my loan not enough because the USD getting higher then Ringgit. But he topping with bonus $400 to make it $5000. After that 0n 27th Feb 17 he make 1 trade with the total amount of $5000.and make long term trade until 3Rd mac 17. And the trade was loss. I’m very scary and send them I few email to the broker and (like customers helper) but nothing reply from them… I very upset then I blackmail to report them and spread what happened to me. After few hour the broker call me to make deposit of my loss. But only 4000.I email again why only 4k I lost for 5k..then he call me and shout at me that his money. I’m just invest 4k. But I if you said my money 0nly ,u should return 4600 not 4k only. Then he hang up will call for the next trade tomorrow. What I should do.Of course they will refuse if I’m asking for refund. And if refund I’m still loss $600.. I’m very scared, I’m joining this for settlement my debt but he bring me into deeper debt..I need that money. I’m poor people. .I hope I can help people don’t be like me..


    • sandra says:

      good day Faris,

      where you able to get the funds back, i lost $35000 and in SA rands that is a lot of money, im now assignedto a new manager who wants me to make additional deposit or there is absolutely no way i can recover my money, now he claims that the funds in my account are his because got a bonus deposit of $25000.

  • Megan Deutsch says:

    I am with Toroption at the start of march. I’m really concerned that I’ve now lost all my money. how do you think i could get it back?

  • salvador says:

    Hi did deposit of 5000 e they toll me the money was garantized , they made the inversión,and they loses muy money this is my phone number 0034654312971

  • Robert Andrews says:

    I also saw tor on the top 10 list so thought they were legit. Over a long period, with a few wins, “David berg” (a well trained liar & manipulator) convinced me to make more deposits. By Nov 2016 I had invested every spare dollar and had built up a balance of US$44,000. I asked for months to send me my balance, they came up with every phony excuse imaginable, i.e. Family illness, death in family…
    I got sick, incurable, needed the money for treatment, so asked them to close my account and send my money back.
    3 months excuses, then a special trader “Paul” calls, promising if i follow his instructions he will nearly double the balance then send me my $40,000 that night. I did everything he told me and he lost everything! Next day he wont talk to me cos “his grandmother died” then they just write you off, if you cant invest another $3000 then they cut you out and take zero responsibility for their actions.. I lost everything!

  • Robert Andrews says:

    Is there any recourse or accountability against these guys?

  • Mshavi says:

    scammer scammed!

  • Nicky Doyle says:

    Hi there
    I deposited 350 usd into my toroptions account. Any chance I will get my money back. It has not even been allocated into my account yet. Any feedback please.

    • S says:

      I kinda doubt it. I am trying to get my money back too and they are rude and dont reply Good luck. I havent signed any papers with them as i want my money back. This Account Mansger is one Jerk Lucian Harding

      • william mchale says:

        Lucian Harding a well trained lyre smooth talking basterd he was the third so-called account manager to try to extort more money out of me.
        I sent him with a few words of wisdom I could not repeat on her

  • Mshavi says:

    I “mshavi” deposited the minimum amount required by Toroption using my debit card and was assisted by one “Account Manager” who used my card details to move money from my Bank Account to the Toroption trading account. This was after watching the “too good to be true” Michael Quantum Code video. How i ended up being on the Toroption website can be anyone’s guess because i was targeting to be one of the few 20 who could get the quantum code software for free and make money as demonstrated in the video. Unbeknown to me, soon after putting my contact details to register a lady immediately called me and despite me being in africa and her being in Scotland, she was always asking me to slow down when talking in English as she was failing to follow. This did not reconcile to me as i thought Scottish people would not struggle following what i was saying, her accent didn’t sound Scottish at all. She sounded like someone from France, Russia or so. She promised me that i could withdraw at anytime if i wanted to without any problem. The following day i was then taken through a detailed lecture on how to trade and ended up with the guy asking me to deposit more money i.e almost 15times the initial deposit. I told him i need time to reflect on this. As i reflected i came across this site and i grew weak but i then thought i wouldn’t let them get away with it just like that. I decided to ask for some test…i.e to check if i could also receive money from them before i could move the bigger amount. The request was apparently approved since i had just successfully registered my personal details with them i.e with their Compliance Dpt. I seemed like i wanted to test for two way traffic of funds i.e from me to them and from them to me. Since i had told them that i wanted to move a bigger amount to them once the test passes….they moved about 70% of my deposit back. I had requested all of it back on the test but they refused saying the account will then have to be closed and then i settled for 70% of my deposit. I was called several times and was urged strongly not to wait for it to reflect but to quickly transfer the bigger amount. I however waited and the 70% of my deposit reflected in my account. Soon after that i quickly instructed my bank to cancel the card that i had used to deposit money with Toroptions. They tried calling me so many times but i had already made up my mind to laugh off the 30% of the deposit. I was glad that i at least managed to “scam” back part of my money to Africa. I was particularly shocked by guys who completely lost thousands and thousands without any chance of getting them back……. Thanks Scamadvisor for this….it was a rude awakening for me. But it ended up being a “scammer scammed” case

    • Peter P says:

      Mshavi you are one cool customer! Excellent to see you got 70% back.
      AND very good you picked up on them being scammers.

      This is VERY RARE to win against scammers like this.

      Still very sad so many losing huge funds to them.

  • S says:

    I am in a battle right now with Toroption their website says Canadians are not allowed to do their Binary. They told me they were. The rudes person their is Lucian Harding hangs up on you wont let you speak should really be in a cage not dealing with public. I have not even confirmed my account as i am Canadian and just want my money back which Lucian says Im stupid that I can easily get it back Bit i dont know how i dont even have access to an account. I would surely say this company is nothing but trouble.

  • JESSICA LIEW says:

    Toroption is a real SCAM! I deposited USD350 and was asked by a so called Senior Financial Advisor to deposit additional USD2,000 into the account. I refused and he wanted me to trust him, then he asked me to deposit USD1,000 instead. I refused and he got pissed off and asked me to place a withdrawal requested. I placed the withdrawal request, was requested to provide an explanation. After giving my reason, they sent me an email mentioned the refund is in the process. However, I received a call the next day asked me to invest, I turned down the offer. I received another call the subsequent day, the lady told me I can trade with the amount I have so she advised me to trade USD 350 for the currency binary and it turned out to be a loss.

    For those who wanted to do binary trading, please avoid TOROPTION.

  • MiniM says:

    Thank you all for these comments, they help very much, they are trying to call every single day and saying I will make money and I will have help as they are financial advisors not brokers, they wont give up and want to sign me up, they also tried to take money out of my account and I was reluctant to give them my details 4 x luckily the Fraud team had it stopped through the bank. I go into the open account and take caution but the deposit screen is now blocked and I cannot access or pay any money in, which is a bonus win, someone or something is saying dont do it, so thank you all again. I was going to sign up in a few days but thank you not any longer. I need a beginner trade company with help so will not rush into anything.

  • MiniM says:

    Thank you all for these comments, they help very much, they are trying to call every single day and saying I will make money and I will have help as they are financial advisors not brokers, they wont give up and want to sign me up, they also tried to take money out of my account and I was reluctant to give them my details 4 x luckily the Fraud team had it stopped through the bank. I go into the open account and take caution but the deposit screen is now blocked and I cannot access or pay any money in, which is a bonus. I was going to sign up in a few days but thank you not any longer.

  • Kaj Schneider says:

    After my registration I had the following unpleasant mail contact:

    You cant be happy without money, and all time try to save your money to buy something! Be human, evolve, don’t stay on same level!
    Tim Cooper E-mail: [email protected]
    Account Manager Phone: +442035192667

    From: me
    Sent: Friday, April 21, 2017 12:02 PM
    To: Tim Cooper
    Subject: Re: No Answer

    Don’t be smart on me. Just no more phone calls and email and I am happy.

    On 21 apr. 2017, at 12:25 Tim Cooper wrote:

    You cannot be interested in that, you even didn’t start, so finish that you started to do

    From: me
    Sent: Friday, April 21, 2017 6:16 AM
    To: Tim Cooper
    Subject: Re: No Answer

    Please delete my account, not interested anymore.

    Kaj Schneider

  • I’m trying to close out my account and have them forward the balance in it to my credit card. They don’t even respond to my e mails. I think I’ll; turn it over to some lawyers in the business in recovering binary account .funds

  • william mchale says:

    TOROPTION IS A SCAAAAAM ben trying for two month to get my money back

  • Rahul says:

    Toroption is biggest scam in binary trading, They will suck you gradually and you will realize only in the last when you lost everything. Once they know that you do not have anything to deposit n finally they will throw you out from the game.

  • Rahul says:

    I have lost 5K, it is first time I lost money very easily and didn’t realize that i am trapped in scam.

  • Jonathan says:

    Hello, to my toroption I cheated, they gave me some bonuses telling me that it was money that they left me to enter and that the following week I could withdraw the money so much that they left me, both the veneficios removed, I took money from the account Without my consent, making a total of 12508.57 €, and post complaint and I am waiting for response, we have a group with more than 7 affected.

  • Gerardo flores Velázquez says:

    Me llamo gerardo flores Toroption es un fraude, a mi me estafaron con 3250 us una tal Sonia rocca, Irene cruz etc, que se cambian de nombres, te mandan information q crees q es verdadera, te hacen invertir porque te prometen, las maravillas y aseguran que te doblarán la cantidad en fin son unas alimañas, como seres humanos son lo más bajo no le importa que hipoteques tu casa, tu carro te vendas con el banco, que quedes en la calle, son una mierda como personas, pero sé que le va ha caer la justicia divina o la justicia del ser humano, les pongo correos que disfruten, porque ya no les queda mucho tiempo, si no con ellos desgraciadamente con su familia, que recapaciten, pero veo que lo siguen haciendo, alguien me dio una página del FBI, y no sé si sirva de mucho pero los denuncie, ojalá y ustedes también lo hagan para q haya más presión, no nada más es toroption , también está innovatemarkets, la Sra marta Pérez española también , un inglés Antonio dimas que creo que están vinculadas, y otras más les mando, la dirección dela página FBI http://WWW.ic3.gob
    Se cómo se sienten y ojalá les sirva, luchen y que esto no quede impune de estos malditos ladrones gracias. Yo la verdad perdí la credibilidad de las operaciones binarias ojalá y también alguien pueda ayudarme gracias

  • william mchale says:

    Ben trying to get hold of them for two days now think they have blocked my number I havent lost much $171 but I don’t think I will see any of it back
    glad I cam across this site before I got mugged big time defo a scaaaaam

  • bill says:

    think that there is very lital chance of any one getting there money back 🙁

  • bill says:

    tried in vane to get my money Frome toroptions rip off merchant’s

  • mug says:

    this sit is a waste of time

  • Berndt Akesson says:

    Anyone here that know anything about these guys? I did deposit 2500€ and they want me to deposit more. False or true?

  • taswar iqbal says:

    good evening guys and girls
    do not invest at all with toro options they are the worst kind of broker scam scam scam do not ever trade with them.
    they have the worst scam artists and no one is professional in there the company will never return your money do not give them a penny…

  • Hennie says:

    yep SCAM SCAM SCAM alright. just lost $300. my 1st time to fall for one, i’m always cautious..obviously not enough this time round. they are extremely convincing. Was making great with all of the “broker’s” advice for a few days, then all of a sudden i get 3 BAD options from him and lost everything, no response/ contact from him since ………..

  • I think that toroption is a very sophisticated pyramid scheme the so called profits actually are the accumulated deposits of people seduced by the too good to be true hope of vast riches that the alleged wonder software will accumulate in double quick time,they nearly had me!, I rang their number out of hours and a voice sounding remarkably as if it was Nigerian answered almost unitellegibly .,their on line presentation looks very convincing, they are not listed at companies house!the guy in the private jet no doubt hired it!,? ,If the above is true anyone in Glasgow ought to pay a visit to the Bath street address to check it out ,a lot of rentable offices there. If they aren’t legit the fraud squad should take them down. Frederick.

  • FALCON says:

    One way you all may recover your money deposited in your accounts within 3 days. Is by requesting the bank of your credit card the return of such funds which was charged to your credit card by mistake and your funds may be returned in a short time. Good luck to all of you and be blessed.

  • Alina says:

    Wow!!! So pleased I came across with this site….thank YOU for creating such a site…amazing info!
    today out of the blue I got a callmfrom Australia, I live in UK, and this guy would of beat the debit card details out of me!!! …very aggressive approach, very confident man but somehow I smelled a rat!!!
    After 40 min of listening to his peach and me asking loads of questions, I told the man that I need to think about it; I am not gonna invest money just because!!!
    Toroptions BIG SCAM!!!

  • JO JO says:

    HI. just to leave my experience, really bad, Toroption Reda Cohen E-mail: [email protected]
    Trading expert Phone: +44-2035192667
    This guy was giving good advice and then made me loss a lot, i want to withdraw but they try to keep you trading. He said I will help to win millions you can invite me to your wedding and so on. Please go after your dreams, Small group will always win but someone needs to loss. Your winnings is just because someone else lost that money.

  • william mchale says:

    This is the script so far still trying to get my money refunded thay have changed the fomat of the withdrawal form three times now.
    Thay have canceld my withdrawal request seven times now I have now put this to the FCA in the UK awaiting there response
    Thay don’t have a office in Scotland just a plack on the wall of a office block you cannot get hold of the owners who are not interested in the way they work.
    I now when dealing with them put a link to the FCA complaints with every email I send I send to ther so called customer support on there chat after every sentence the wire transfer form.
    inserted in the chat
    I must have sent it 100 times in three days.
    I am still awaiting my money but think I am starting to grind them down
    I am also in talk with rip-off BRITAN.
    Who are very interested in my story I will shut them down

  • Kelly says:

    Has anyone ever received any money back at all from toroption? or refund from there credit card supplier??

  • John says:

    Hi guys ,

    Thanks for all these heart break stories , set up by Heartless people .. Mine is all very similiar. Before I share it , please advise me if you able to supply support info as to how to retrieve lost funds from these HOODS . thks. .

    • wnady alejandro says:

      Its good to read about toroption. they keep on calling me and asking for my registration. well good to know about toroption. thanks to you guys.

  • Lizel says:

    They scam people out of their hard earned money and keep on asking for more, with no returns. They keep calling you and get angry when you tell them that you are not going to add more money into the account. after 2 month have not seen any return, when asked to get money back they said 10 days, an hour later some one else phoned to say we can not get money back as they need copy of bank card (front and back) and certified copy of ID there no way I am giving you so much info. after we said no the person slammed the phone down. We are taking the loss but warn all other people DO NOT trust these people ever. Feel sorry for all the people that has been scammed as well, just google there is a lot of complaints out there about these guys.

  • Dorcus says:

    I deposited R4009 on the 1st of June 2017 unfortunately on the 2nd of June I found out they are scam I went into my account with them to make a withdrawal and I received a call from Rodney Shneider to say he can see I ve logged into my account I told him I need to make a withdrawal I he said I first have to make one trade of $300 before I can withdraw I refused to make a trade I told him it is not what was agreed upon when I open the account Hazim Young the account manager told me about following a trader and now this guy Rodney Shneider wants to put a trade on my behalf because he says it is the instructions that I must follow to make a withdrawal I refused to make a trade I see the withdrawal is on pending I don’t know how I am goin to get my money the transection has not gone through at the bank but my bank is refusing to reverse my money

  • William Ellis says:

    I am being pestered by Toroption a Binary Option company, a man called Frank Robbinson probably not his real name. They have a London phone number and a Glasgow, Scotland address. I told him not interested and he keeps phoning.
    They are an unlicensed broker, he denied that they were not registered in the Marshall Islands or somewhere like that where all these scam brokers send the money. They are Just like a company called ACERVO which scammed me out of a lot of money who had the same registered address in the Marshall Islands. The Glasgow office is probably a front. I believe ACERVO have now moved from London to Hong Kong to rob people of their money. Why does our governments allow these offshore Islands do this as they are just a depository for money scams and tax evasion.
    Do not deal with any Binary company that is not licensed and has an registered office offshore for scam and tax purposes as I have learned from bitter experience. I also believe that all Binary Option companies cannot be registered with the financial authorities in the UK (FCA) and Binary Options is thought to be the largest investment fraud in the UK, (said by the Head of the London fraud Police). BEWARE your money is at stake!

  • Akwesi says:

    They have scammed me too. Please help us get back our money. Alex, the so call accounts manager managed to convince me to deposit $1000, and got vanished afterward. Till date, I cannot get him to chat with him.
    Please help us get back our money!

  • Sh-Om says:

    It is so disheartening to see so many people such as myself falling for the same thing, it really breaks my heart to know that there are sick people like this out in the world taking advantage of innocent hard working people.

    I invested with them and they have taken from me over 26,000 USD!

    They are scammers and i am looking at ways of trying to get the money back.

    They are professionals … serious scamming professionals, they work on getting your money by building on your emotional weaknesses or financial problems.

    They are sick minded people with no heart, they will suck you dry in the hope or the illusion of you making money.

    If anyone has found a way to get their money back, please do share, I think we could all use some real honest help at this point.

  • romeo juliet says:

    please give me back my 1000,00 dollars deposit as soon as posible

  • PDK says:

    So convincing. It looked legitimate. I read the reviews. I just so wanted it to work. It helped (them!) that one of my countrymen (too trusting here) looked like a legit’ testimonial. But such massive pressure to invest! Get some wins on – so you invest more. Some weeks later a senior broker is screaming down the phone at me because I said “no more and close my account!” He wouldn’t. My account manager then trades the total of what I have (USD 30k in the account) and loses the LOT. Did she really – ?? How the hell would I know? But my account is empty. Now financially squeezed – lost USD10k when I could least afford to. I am so embarrassed – personally and financially.

  • John says:

    I lost 6250 the same story as you all. What I can say, do ?

  • Suanne says:

    i went on to the web side and gave my email and telephone number, and toroption does not stop phoning me what can i do i told them that i first want to check out there site to see if i can trust them, thanks for this site…. now i know if they phone me a gain i will tel them to [email protected]&^ off

    I am from South Africa how can i unsubscribe with them?

  • miroslav says:

    I am victim of Toroption too.I put 10000 euro
    They wrote to me : As I can see in our system,you received a trading benefit/bonus from our company which you also used in trading,for that reason your withdrawal will be canceled.
    Per our company’s terms&comdition,if a client receives a bonus there are some requimennts before he is able to withraw turnover,which is also mentioned in the Bonus Agrement signed.
    Our recommendation is to continue your trading activity until you will reach the necessary turnover.By having a good trading activity,the required turnover can be achieved in short time,for the moment when you are eligible to withdraw the bonus and the profits that it might generate via a wire transfer.

  • Rett says:

    RBinary is a scam , they steal your money .I lost US$10,000 to them . They have a UK phone number but are in TelAviv or Kazakhstan & have a mailing address in Marshall Islands. They stop communicating with you when you want a withdrawal. Beware Chris Rodwell & Senior trader called Frank. Both professional scam artists.

  • Mark says:

    S2Trade and Toroption are same company, please keep big distance from both. They suck all your account with in month. These are frauds, I lost 20K within few weeks.

  • A S says:

    If you are going to invest in unlicensed broker, trust me you are not going to get back your investment for sure. There’s nothing in name, it is toroption or forOption , 95% broker do not have proper licensed and are fake. So, please check 100 times before passing them 100$.

  • A S says:

    TorOption opened another company, S2Trade. They want to fool people with another name. So please do not go on names.

  • Jay says:

    Right, They are very smart, every year open new company. They change the UI and name of the same company and start gain the same way. Most of the guys have skype id, same guy with different name and id. Once they realize that you have invested all of your credit card limit than scam begin.

  • King says:

    I too got sucked in. Names … Julia Blake, Nikos Gallo, Daniel Evans, Andy Louis, Paul Duncan

  • Szairmz says:

    Hi everyone, I am from Singapore and fortunately for me I came across this website before starting to invest in Toroption. But as I am typing this message I can assure you how persistent they are because they have been calling my phone nonstop and are still calling right now, 15 missed calls so far and I know it’s them since I don’t receive any other international calls. Thank you for this website and my heart goes out to those for have lost so much to these scammers, hopefully they wil be apprehended soon and all the investors get some if not all of their money back.

    However, I would like to advise those from Singapore just to make a claim report to their respective banks. I have purchased an online product before and scammed even though I did receive the product, but the bank managed to credit my money back on the basis that the product I purchased was a scam (it was a slimming product) as I showed them all the websites I could find with all the complaints from buyers alerting to their scam. Maybe all those who have invested could try this method as well, do Google for as many websites as you can to back up your claims.

    Sincerely I hope everyone will get their money back, and maybe share on their social network, FB etc to alert the others.

  • hart says:

    Porter Finance is a scam broker, its impossible to make withdrawals. I had to hire a solution professional to get my funds back. How do we protect ourselves from scam brokers? chrishart6501atgmaildotcom

  • Binary says:

    Your main opinion on binary is nicely planned out, Let me share this with
    my subscribers.

  • Mark Gallagher says:

    TorOption is a scam and no go area. PorterFinance too!! I fell victim and had to hire a refund pro to help me get my money back. Really scary experience. Lesson learnt! I;m done with trading online. Happy to share my experience. gmark7019atGmaiIdotCom

  • Kim says:

    They are absolutely crooks. I have had the same experience. They sent me my initial investment, but after months have now blocked my emails and say they are looking into sending my balance, but they won’t give me a contact number of the finance department who is supposedly looking in to it, now are they willing to send it. Stay as far away from this brokerage as possible.

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