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What is Tesler ? Is Tesler a Scam ?

Indeed. Tesler is a new scam that appeared few days ago. Tesler is using the same codes and technics as the others scams: promising you to become rich within few weeks, this software will change your life, you are lucky to find them blabla… but it’s all bullshit and lies : Tesler is a scam !

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  • Steven Abrahams claims to be the CEO of Tesler Investments and he is claiming that he can make you win around $5,000 per day and that you could become a millionaire within 6 months. Well do not believe Steven Abrahams, he is lying and only saying bullshit. First we tried to look for some information about Steven Abrahams and we couldn’t find anything about him or his company Tesler Investments. In fact, Steven Abrahams is a paid actor. For example, he played in several scams such Swarm Intelligence scam where he played Dr. Steven Francis. Swarm Intelligence is a confirmed scam. We can even believe that the people behind Swarm Intelligence scam are the same behind Tesler Scam.


Tesler Fake CEO


Tesler Fake CEO


  • Steven Abrahams, actor and fake Ceo of Tesler scam is claiming that their software is Free. Well that’s another bullshit. In order to even do 1 trade with their software, you will have to deposit $250. Basically, if you deposit $250 on the Tesler App, you can say good bye to your money and you won’t be able to see it ever!



  • The imagination of the promotional video maker for this Tesler scam is really limited. I am even wondering if it’s not a 5 years old kid who make this video. Anyway, in their video they are claiming that “at this time, there is only 9 spots left”. WTF ? So you watch this video today, the 20/12 or in a week, there will always be 9 spots left? Guys, that’s just a stupid technic trying to push you to deposit on their bullshit scam software ASAP.


Tesler Fake Spots


  • Steven Abrahams from Tesler software scam is claiming that his fortune is around 380 million USD and that he appeared on CNN, Forbes blabla. That’s just bullshit and lies, try to look for legit articles about him and you won’t find any.



Tesler Fake Video


  • Tesler Scam video is one of the longest I have ever seen. For 34 minutes, Steven Abrahams is trying to convince you with fake numbers, fake explanations, fake testimonials and that goes on. Guys don’t believe any word this actor is saying. He played in many scams such Swarm Intelligence scam, he was paid a couple of bucks to do this video and you can see in his eyes, even him doesn’t believe what he is saying!



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  • Actually, the only thing that makes sense Steven Abrahams from Tesler scam is saying is that you must fill your name and e-mail on their website. I will tell you why he is saying this. Because once they got your information, you will be in those crooks database and therefore they will spam you in order to make you deposit money with their current scam or any new scam incoming !



Tesler Fake Testimonials


On Tesler scam Website, you will find some testimonials. Well, those are fake testimonials guys … they are not real. Those are just pictures of random people you can buy from specialized website for few bucks. Be smart and don’t believe anything of what Tesler Scam is telling you !


Tesler Scam


I believe that we provided you enough proof showing you that Tesler software is a scam. Stay far away from them and don’t believe any their Tesler investment system.



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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. 




  • Mr.k says:

    How to I join this

  • Max says:

    I believe Tesler is a scam, thank you for your scam review ! very proffessional reveiw.They are all bull shit scam artists, I don’t know how they can sleep at night, steeling inocent peoples money. Thanks again binaryscamadvisor !

  • Taheer says:

    i noticed something was fishy when i was told to register with : https://www.sternoptions.com/trading/ when i only registered with tesler and the pressure from them to start trading immediately made me come online to check if there was a scam review on the tesler app. thanks guys jst made my day.

  • Philip Arnold says:

    Thanks Guys you just saved me money that I don’t have. I am on a Disability Pension in Australia and I am too trustworthy.
    I have found that I do a lot of reviewing of so-called “easy money making” ideas now but it’s people like you that keep the money I do have where it should be – IN THE BANK! I nearly signed up with Tessler and Wiki Trader but you saved me for which I am eternally grateful.

  • imran Afridi says:

    first time im trying let see what will happen

  • adonis cesar sosa says:

    to binary scam allert i start join trading at binary im not sure 2015-2016 untill nw nothing no good result or responce the said binary,can you help me how what im doing my share of stocks is almost 400sin dollar for first time i join.please help me..thanks

  • Mehboob Petkar says:

    Thank God you just save me from Depositing USD 250 in Tesler I have just registered with them and I check if they are genuine traders I found they are Scam thank you once again

  • Rod says:

    It IS a scam! I got done with it. You get the app, then have to register with ‘brokers’ to deposit to ‘trade’ your account remains ‘Pending’ and they call you to talk you into ‘investing’ $10,000 on stock market trades. You will then get calls for weeks from different numbers and ‘brokers’. You will also get heaps of emails for links to other stuff. It is all based in Romania.


  • Can anyone tell me how phishing for gmail accounts and spamming them with rotating series of messages are NOT the hallmarks of a scam? Only worthless scamsters phish for gmail accounts and send unsolicited garbage mail.

  • Dimitris says:

    I make them the deposit.i lost my money?

    • Ivana says:

      YES !!! This is a scam ..we have to tell you that you unfortunately lose money .. I do not know just how must continue to lie to the people and that there is still a site .. How to report to the police the internet ?? This must stop !!

    • Alawy says:

      hellow friend,how are you,did you really lost your money with tesler?

  • T.Tumai says:

    Thanks guys for the warning,my gmail has been bomb barded with deposit now emails from tesler trading,i have no idea how i connected with them.I looked them up to discover that they are a scam,plus,all the reviews were of help too.All the reviews saved me from making a big mistake with my money,thanks everyone

  • Olamy yanky says:

    I nearly fall into the hands of frauders, thanks so much for the alert

  • albert louie ros says:

    They almost got me. Thanks to this review. A

  • AYANDA says:

    you saved me I was about to deposit it.

  • Foreverbless says:

    Tesler Logo

    Tesler is a new scam that appeared few days ago. Tesler is using the same codes and technics as the others scams: promising you to become rich within few weeks, this software will change your life, you are lucky to find them blabla… but it’s all bullshit and lies : Tesler is a scam !

    Don’t let this software scam discourage you. If you want to trade binary options, try BinaryOptionAutoTrading to trade safely, surely and in a great environment. They are the ONLY safe automated software available on the automated binary option trading market at the moment.

    Steven Abrahams claims to be the CEO of Tesler Investments and he is claiming that he can make you win around $5,000 per day and that you could become a millionaire within 6 months. Well do not believe Steven Abrahams, he is lying and only saying bullshit. First we tried to look for some information about Steven Abrahams and we couldn’t find anything about him or his company Tesler Investments. In fact, Steven Abrahams is a paid actor. For example, he played in several scams such Swarm Intelligence scam where he played Dr. Steven Francis. Swarm Intelligence is a confirmed scam. We can even believe that the people behind Swarm Intelligence scam are the same behind Tesler Scam………I send this in an email to tesler

    • aerin says:

      one of the agent called me but i dont have any idea yet if it is a ascam or not then i tried searching in google if it is legit then suddenly i was sent to this website and find out that it really is a a scam. they are still calling me now but im not answering their phone calls anymore

      they are asking me what my visa card number hahaha the funny thing was i only have 0 balance in my prepaid visa card haha!

  • Nua says:

    Within a few minutes of filling out the application online I got a call from Tesler. The first phase was free but the second phase wasn’t…. I had to deposit $250.00 to activate the software? But there’s more, I live in Australia so my $250.00 converted to USD, means that I pay more… Tesler advised that’s okay you’ll get a lot back when you exchange currencies, say what! They lost me after that… If it’s too good to be true, it’s a SCAM!

  • Thanks for the exposure of the scam Tesler. Was about to register. Now how do I register with Binary Option Auto Trading? Am in Kenya. Thanks.

  • Gin says:

    Gotcha! When i whatched the vedio i know it was really ovbious that tesler is a big scam. Then tried to search here in google gotcha! I was right.

  • Doris says:

    Cheers…….. thanks for the warning re this scam. I listened to the Tesler video and continued to follow the instructions. Then the sting……………fund your account with $250!!! That is when I kept the phone on but logged onto the internet and entered Tesler………..I already suspected it was a scam and there was no way I was about to part with any money up front.
    There are probably lots who are not quite as aware of these types of scum bags and have lost the money to these scam artists. THANKYOU

  • Jillian Evlat says:

    Nearly fell for this one, I said to myself this is soooo fake but let’s just listen to his well rehearsed video, so wanted it to be real…. then boom they hit me with. Now deposit your $250 . Well I went straight to google A great big thanks yes it is a scam. Don’t understand why they let this website to continue, some poor vulnerable person who so desperate to make a bit of money will be sucked in.

  • Fifi says:

    Just registered too and immediately received a call demanding that i deposit $250.. I mean i registered cause they said its for free… Now that i know its a scam i thank God that i did not give in to the pressure… phew. Anyone know how to stop being a member?

    • Janet says:

      They are so quick to ask for your bank card number before you even finish the registration process. They nearly got me!

      • Dion says:

        Same here,I nearly gave out my card details

        • marie says:

          Me too im not even finish my registration someone called me ask my master card nmbr.luckily the card number i give to them had only 100 peso how to quit now my phone is off cause they keep on calling me

          • Fiona says:

            Me neither..i give my card number but had no money..i said not enough but they keep on calling ask for deposit. Then i email to them that i am not interested.

    • hussein says:

      i was also registered i got phone call from london they told me deposit $250 then i told them you said free how must i send money

  • derf says:

    almost got also. thanks for this!

  • Bruce says:

    I watched the video and started filling in the application online. I received a call from a United Kingdom number even before I completed the application. The voice on the other end sounded foreign, but the crunch came when he pushed for my banking details. He has already sent me an email and called back twice while writing this post. Thanks binaryscamadvisor and all you guys that posted as well.

  • rhi says:

    i already give my bank account number.. will they take my money from my account without my permission? im afraid why i signed in on their fake scam business 😠😢😢😢

  • Margaret Thomas says:

    Thanks! but I do know those rascals are thieves and it is a scam, and many people do fall for it. I saw this came up on my computer, and I looked at it then I saw the had a testimony from a young girl who said she was out of work because of the recession and saw this online and joined them by signing the form and just paying $5 and she is from Trinidad and making millions; so I did fill out the form. but when I continued to go further I saw the money went to $250 and wondered how she paid $5, knowing I am from Trinidad I started to calculate the amount of money I will have to pay out, and I stop short because I am not ever going to give my hard earn money to those scamps, they know how much is $250 USD in TTD that’s a $1,500 Plus in Trinidad and Tobago currency. I get a lot of those calls fill out their forms but I neve send them my money they always ask my age, and where I work, what I need the money for, but I play them with their own game, and they always want your card number.

  • Angelica says:

    How can I quit in tesler?i just join today and is that true that tesler is scam?

  • Franklin Nganywa says:

    These guys are spamming into people’s e-mail,promising money which they can’t offer.

  • Francis Abraham says:

    Thanks for all this review, i was just about to fill the form, i went to check its real or not. You all saved my Money.

  • Jay says:

    Today I was scamed. I tried all the numbers to call them back and it was all fake. The emails all fake……They took the money off my credit card. Please people do not believe these wicked and twisted people.. They continously call you and convince you to invest with them. I was stupid not to google them first.

    Please stay away.

  • Dieseca says:

    I am from the philippines and $250 – 12500php. I told the agent i have to think it over. Then i thought of finding some info about it then boom. Its a scam. I wonder how they manage to sleep peacefully at night.

    • maria says:

      Yup, they can sleep at night, coz it is part of them to being considered wicked, they have no heart at all.
      They will surely pay, maybe not in this life, but the in the day of judgment.

  • khomotso says:

    Hi same scenario here. The magic word that they use is “FREE” but then in a phone call that you receive in a matter of minutes they asked you about money…how so? Am from S.A and I nearly lost R4500 in a matter of second. Thank God to the App I have it showed me important information about them soonest.

  • APRIL says:

    my goodness! after i register somebody called me from london +442030269431 this is the number. asking and chatting like were so closed, asking what im doing and suddenly she asked me if i have visa card or prepaid card to access or to begin tesler software.. i do have visa card but why she’s asking for that if is it 100% free and no money involved.. thank GOD i never give my visa account.
    and why they know my password in gmail!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Same here after I registered their someone calling me and asking if I have a visa card.or any ATM card. Thank you google. Another number called me +442030269419

  • Catherine says:

    How can skip I already give my account but it’s only have 200 pesos.

    • Fiona says:

      Don’t know how to skip but they will keep calling with diffrent number and wait until you have enough money in your account. Like my story..they asking when i will deposit money to them..i said maybe end of this month..they said how about next week..see they will keep on pushing…right now i keep my account as zero.

  • Ash says:

    Hi All

    Thank for this, I thought I could make money with Tesler, and went to second stage but before I even added a password and watched the video they called me from a +27105002463 number and a guy named Marius said he calling from Jhb, and made the call so exciting, then when I said I don’t have the money to invest, he twisted the words and said he will deposit and wanted my cc number, luckily I don’t have a cc, so I gave my other account number which has no money in it, then it failed and i received an email saying payment transaction failed and I must contact my bank, what he meant was that he will deposit from my account to the online software to trade and they are well trained in twisting words and convincing people, and they get you to say yes indirectly.
    They make money from innocent people and become rich, they will suffer, including teh telemarketers.

  • Rai says:

    Hi Guys,
    I went to enter my full name and email address and after that the site brought some error and message appeared to try to reload the web page again, lucky me.
    After that I searched for any reviews about Tesler trade. First thing I looked up was this web page review and a few other sites, all of the review site had bad reviews about Tesler trade. Anyway, please don’t get scammed with this kind of people, they will take your money and suck you dry.

  • seipati says:

    thanks for letting me know i was so tempted to join i even told the guys who where calling me to call me month end so i can pay the $250 this call centre agents can be so pushy they can call as late as 9pM SA Time.. the use this numbers 442080682604,442035824085.guys thanks from now on i will deal with them nicely?so what happens after depositing money? and is CFD Stocks?

  • Ana marie volante says:

    Omygod! Im from philippines. And i’ve register to this tesler. And after a few minutes i have received a call from london and they asking me if a have a any card but thanks god i don’t have any card. And then i do some research about this so called tesler i read this. And then i email them back asking if i would have a bank account what should i do next they i must deposit to my account a $250 and they will activate my account. Omygod im very thankfull that i don’t have any credit card.

    • Lalalablue says:

      OMG! I experienced same thing happened to you, like I asked them I don’t have a bank account yet and enough money($250) and then I told them maybe I’ll inform them when I already have the enough money after that a guy from the phone asked me when will he call me again like he asked me the exact date them I told him on July 12 OMG he will be going to contact me again on that date hahaha, then I searched what tesler is all about. Damn thanks for this I found out that it is a scam. I was being convinced

  • Roxanne says:

    Thank you for this information..How can i quit to tesler? I just joined today..

  • Jeje says:

    Just have read an article featuring a Filipina who is earning a lot thru this Tesler, click then the website that has been given yet quite disappointed seeing that how can i really earn thru that video?!!then asking to deposit right away! Checked out review and found this..👍

  • Berna says:

    Hi, thanks for this, I already registered may email and password this morning and after that I received a call, Im from the Philippines, the number registered to my cp is from Philippines but when I answered it I talked to a foreign lady with a british accent, and I lied a saying to them Im not the person they looking for 🙂 and now im so lucky to read this first before I begin my to activate my software license. Thanks for the info now I know it s a 100% scam

  • Thanks for the review, there are so many fraudulant non-regulated companies in the Forex and Binary markets, and unfortunately many of our small investors get ripped off. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Thanks for exposing these fraudsters, I am already doing Forex Trading and was considering to try Binary Trading via Tesler, but will now give them a wide berth.

  • jimma says:

    thank u for this review .i almost fool for this scam tesler. I regesterd already but lucky i dont. Have a cc. And i gave my invalid # i got an email and said i will give my valid # …

  • Lucas says:

    After i signed up in tesler, someone phoned me and asking me to deposit $250 and will have $100 on top of my account. I declined it but she put me on hold to talk to her supervisor then went back to me and told me it will be $200 plus. I was suppose to give them my bank details but my wife is looking at me. So i told them not interested however at the back of my brain telling me to register.

  • Rowyn says:

    Hi iam from South Africa. I’ve just registered today,and already 3 people called me.while I was busy searching for them another person called me,literally shouting at me because I don’t have R3300 = $250 in my account and I was so tempted to sign up with them, I told him to F off,cos how can he ask me why I don’t have money this time of the month,than just a few minutes later another person called telling me that they will put my acc on hold till I have money to pay it over to them…Iam so glad I decided to search for them…and than instead found you…than few minute after that another person called…I dd not even listen to him ..n told him that iam not interested in the investment n not to call me again….Thank you very much!

  • ahmed mohsen says:

    am from egypt and i tried to put my name and password and the phone number but the page then turned out to be totally black i tried to make a refresh to the page but it didn’t work and after that i checked the internet and i found this so really thanks for this effort .. does anybody know how to unregistered to this spam .. thanks !!

  • Kersten says:

    Almost got scam. I had registered & was watching their intro video of David saying I will need to deposit $250 to start the trading account when I was suppose to be free? That’s when I did an research & found that it was an scam. Had 3 missed call for 2 US nos. which I did not notice as my phone was not near me. Lucky me. Have blocked the 2 nos. Hopefully this will discourage them for trying again.

  • Vie says:

    Same here,I got registered but didn’t deposited anything coz no money.and then suddenly ,here comes a call from philippines where I lived too I thought it’s just someone I know but its them,asking for visa and mastercard but sorry don’t have anyone.it is just happened that I forgot to google first before I signed the registration.How could I quit now in their site.

    • Janet Aguilar Marquina says:

      Hi sir! im one of those person who already register to tesler.how can i cancel my registration?..i’ve already seen this tesler a lot of timesfrom my facebook but somebody from bacoor catched my interest because she earned 47million something so i got intersted.somebody called me a minute after i’ve registered and asking me if i have an atm or any card.i said i dont have any of those.i dont even have a my own bank account.i told them that the bank account i have is my joint account w/my mother.they said there will be a conflict if i will use my mom’s bank account thats why i should apply for my own so that they can send me my profit.they ask me to deposit $250 and i said i dont have enough money.they said they will give their email add so that i can send the full details as soon as i already have my own atm card.

  • Amelia Lourens says:

    If this is the truth then I might as well go hang myself!
    This was the last money I had to hope for a new life!!!
    My husband ran away with another woman and left me with nothing and I was hoping that i could find a way to make a life for myself.
    Can life be so cruel?

  • liban says:

    Hhhhh what a mafia are those gugs!!!!!!!!!! they will never ever get me , say sorry all

  • Floyd Pryce says:

    Hello all, I registered last night and I got a call this morning. Luckily, I did not have that kind of money else I would have been caught. Gosh, how these people continued to thrive and scam ppl off.

  • kalai says:

    Hi to all, please help me,just now i join the teslar,i need to leave this,pls help how to sign out… thanks

  • kalai says:

    Hi,how to leave the teslar, Just now i join it,pls help me how to sign out

  • Miqueias Pires Miranda says:

    i give then information about my visa account to try help me on deposit, they will try steal me even i didnt deposit ?

    • rosanna lee says:

      how were you able to unregister, did they try to get from your card account? same thing happened to me, now please help to get out from their system please…

  • Judie says:

    Thank You for the advise.i was thought its a scam thats why i reasearch and then i find it its a big scam

  • Sheila may bartolome says:

    Please..help me i giving my account number yersterday. I have no money in my account now but my salary is coming. How to cancel that?

  • Lyka agad says:

    I already register to the tesler, how can I quit? Please reply back!

  • Nolitha says:

    Hi, I’ve registered today in tesler and i already gave them my bank number.. please help me how to sign out.

  • Jackylou says:

    i already signed in,. and fill up the details,. but thank God dint download the app,. my question is: how to cancel my account on this site,. cause my details are already in it,. my contact nmber and email,. pls help

  • Assiram says:

    How SHIT of them.Now i say this bad word. Goodness.Only now i search because i found out that my maintaining balance in landbank has gone.I just told them i have account in landbank but did not give my account #, how could they get it ! so sucking i got into this scam. Well, God has its own response with these tesler scammers. They always send emails and its sucking now i found out its scam. Better to close my account in the bank. Let’s earn money from hardwork not with this promising binary scam.

  • Nthabiseng says:

    Hello guys ive just been scamed today R3200 of my money by tesler what can i do im so stressed please help

    • rosanna lee says:

      I was just scammed to just now,what happened, were you able to recover your money? Please tell me what to do to get back my money and unregister from their website,

  • Nthabiseng says:

    Hi guys ive just been scamed today pls help they tookR3200 from my bank account pls hel dnt no wat to do

  • Arthuria Lai says:

    Hi guys I’m a Malaysian and I’ve just saw this article today. I’d signed up to tesler a few weeks ago , they called my phone but I didn’t answer then I have received an email from a guy called Michael Brown a Financial Advisor and a Senior Account Manager Direct Tel:

    +44 203-8071-553
    Email: [email protected]


    I’d tried to log on to the mail but it pop out that this website doesn’t exist then when I searched for more information about tesler another website came up saying that it was tesler2 . Pls warn your friends and family that this is a scam.

    • Franklin says:

      Hi guys. Im from malaysia .. today almost deposit to them.. they call me from Australia no but when i ask where he calling from, he say from london. Lucky didn’t deposit.

  • Barbara says:

    Yep Scam for sure. I juat aaid o hell with it and what can it hurt to look into. A guy called my cell before I was even done reading then asked for a $250 payment from credit card. I bit saying again…why not? I have benn recently put on a medical leave from work and am kinda bored. The guy replied my card was denied but if I called my bank I could have them put it through. He would calm back in 10 minutes. I called my bank alright to cancel my card. The guy on phone said it is an Asian company that would appear on my card. My bank after I cancelled said the name that definately wasn’t asian and involved a construction company. Enetertained me for this am though.

  • george says:

    just report the incident to the FBI

  • jimmy k says:

    They need to shut this web site down.and throw him in jail for ripping folks off
    i am very glad for google .you can research before you are taken by these monster
    i wish one day this guy runs in to me .it will be all down hill form there

  • Karl says:

    September 2 2017. They said, that you don’t have to do anything – just pay $ 250 and earn $ 5500 per week. Not true I. Iost 250 and I am very angry. This is fraud and B.S.

    • Fran says:

      It is 100%fraud and something should be done about it before these moraless greedy dirty thieving scamming scabby lowlifes continue to make themselves any richer at the hands of vaunerable hard working people who have families to feed..rent to pay etc.. One sure thing I bet you these stinking bastards & their families have an very merry Christmas on all who we’re unlucky enough to conned out their muny.. Spread the word about teslers intentions to gt tthemselves rich scheme mk sure no1 else sucked in by them

  • Florene Rose says:

    I just registered now..how can i quit sign out to it ? Please help me.thank you..

  • AY says:

    What should I do to cut my registration? They ask my details but i didn’t gave my account num. He just asked me the first digit of my card number. I’m worried if they will trace my details. What should i do?

    • Carmina Amante says:

      The first thing to do ,after u apply for registration then they call for u asking to deposit 12 dollars on thier account .
      1. I dont have atm card if u want to deposit to your account send to me first money so that i will get atm card haha ..
      2. I dont have money ,if you want to assess to your system let me first borrowed your money then i returned it, haha
      Thats it

  • Malaysia says:

    I am from malaysia
    I already give my card num n all the details. But my account only have a few ringgit. Thank goodness but hahhaha i already registered

  • Angry Anonymous says:

    Guys I also from Malaysia, they say it was FREE but asking me to Deposit 250 Dollar so I don’t gibe them…
    But the problems is they keep calling me even when I asleep luckily my Clean Master Security apps told me it a fraud and has been reported 32 time in their systems…
    I got call from 21 country’s, they are so fucking relentlessly trying to call me but I ignored it, but that doesn’t change the fact they keep calling from different numbers and countrys…

    Ia there a way to quit tesler, I only gave my name, phone number and emails only…

    If there a ways help our communitys pls…

  • ryan jay lafuente says:

    how can i join ?? i tried many times .. icant make a acoount directing to yuor website>>?? teach me how??

  • ryan jay lafuente says:

    how can i join ?? i tried many times .. i cant make a acount
    directing to yuor website>>?? teach me how??

  • brandon pinelo says:

    Thanks for the information provided! One of their supposingly agents just called me! They called me from a phone number straight from the British, England, United Kingdom

    • Fran says:

      So glad I looked up tesler first. I was about to join, something I remembered if it’s too good to be true usually is..who in their right mind this day & age wants to give that type of money away for absolutely nothing…. These bunch of pirates need flogging nasty human beings.. Karma interviens I prey, greedy moraless bastards

  • brandon pinelo says:

    It is definitely SCAM‼️‼️

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