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What is Tesler ? Is Tesler a Scam ?

Indeed. Tesler is a new scam that appeared few days ago. Tesler is using the same codes and technics as the others scams: promising you to become rich within few weeks, this software will change your life, you are lucky to find them blabla… but it’s all bullshit and lies : Tesler is a scam !

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  • Steven Abrahams claims to be the CEO of Tesler Investments and he is claiming that he can make you win around $5,000 per day and that you could become a millionaire within 6 months. Well do not believe Steven Abrahams, he is lying and only saying bullshit. First we tried to look for some information about Steven Abrahams and we couldn’t find anything about him or his company Tesler Investments. In fact, Steven Abrahams is a paid actor. For example, he played in several scams such Swarm Intelligence scam where he played Dr. Steven Francis. Swarm Intelligence is a confirmed scam. We can even believe that the people behind Swarm Intelligence scam are the same behind Tesler Scam.


Tesler Fake CEO


Tesler Fake CEO


  • Steven Abrahams, actor and fake Ceo of Tesler scam is claiming that their software is Free. Well that’s another bullshit. In order to even do 1 trade with their software, you will have to deposit $250. Basically, if you deposit $250 on the Tesler App, you can say good bye to your money and you won’t be able to see it ever!



  • The imagination of the promotional video maker for this Tesler scam is really limited. I am even wondering if it’s not a 5 years old kid who make this video. Anyway, in their video they are claiming that “at this time, there is only 9 spots left”. WTF ? So you watch this video today, the 20/12 or in a week, there will always be 9 spots left? Guys, that’s just a stupid technic trying to push you to deposit on their bullshit scam software ASAP.


Tesler Fake Spots


  • Steven Abrahams from Tesler software scam is claiming that his fortune is around 380 million USD and that he appeared on CNN, Forbes blabla. That’s just bullshit and lies, try to look for legit articles about him and you won’t find any.



Tesler Fake Video


  • Tesler Scam video is one of the longest I have ever seen. For 34 minutes, Steven Abrahams is trying to convince you with fake numbers, fake explanations, fake testimonials and that goes on. Guys don’t believe any word this actor is saying. He played in many scams such Swarm Intelligence scam, he was paid a couple of bucks to do this video and you can see in his eyes, even him doesn’t believe what he is saying!
  • Actually, the only thing that makes sense Steven Abrahams from Tesler scam is saying is that you must fill your name and e-mail on their website. I will tell you why he is saying this. Because once they got your information, you will be in those crooks database and therefore they will spam you in order to make you deposit money with their current scam or any new scam incoming !



Tesler Fake Testimonials


On Tesler scam Website, you will find some testimonials. Well, those are fake testimonials guys … they are not real. Those are just pictures of random people you can buy from specialized website for few bucks. Be smart and don’t believe anything of what Tesler Scam is telling you !


Tesler Scam


I believe that we provided you enough proof showing you that Tesler software is a scam. Stay far away from them and don’t believe any their Tesler investment system.



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