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Profits Eternity is a new automated binary options trading robot scam that was created in October 2016.

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Profits Eternity is a big scam still on-going. Profits Eternity scam is similar to most of the scams these days in the exception that most of the promotional videos scams feature a male actor. However, Profits Eternity are using a woman.

  • Profits Eternity have softened their scam by using a woman for their promotional video. It makes it more appealing to women, therefore increasing their scamming potential. The problem is that nothing is real and you will lose your money, regardless how many times she repeats her lies. Jane Creswell is a hired actor as you can see below. She is nothing more or less than a product made for this scam promotional video Profits Eternity.


Profits Eternity Fake CEO pe_ceo2


  • The alleged CEO of Profits Eternity, Jane Creswell employs a lot of technical words and she breaks records promises-wise. She says “Make $6451 per day, GUARANTEED with my free system”, there is no one who will pay you the guarantee!


Profits Eternity Scam
  • No real information about Profits Eternity scam software. In the promotional video, Jane Creswell wastes a LOT of time repeating the same useless promises for a half an hour and can’t provide anything about what Profits Eternity software is.
  • However, we managed to get inside the Profits Eternity scam software and when you look at the Profits Eternity software setting page, it is basically empty. It doesn’t give us any real control on the software like a real trading robot. The only thing a trader can control in Profits Eternity software, is the amount of money to lose on each trade, and nothing else!This tells us that the software behind the product is just a random number generator, that randomly places trades, with no analysis data in order to lose your money.


  • Jane Creswell, the fake CEO of Profits Eternity scam is saying that Facebook, Brad Pitt and some others stars are among her client … what a joke is that? There is zero chance that those famous individuals and companies are linked to this Profits Eternity scam!




  • Profits Eternity is claiming that their software has a win rate of  98.8% which is IMPOSSIBLE.




  • Jane Creswell is also saying that they give a $300 broker bonus. The problem is that this is just to lure you, the bonus she gives you is a “poisoned gift” as Profits Eternity will prevent you from ever withdrawing your money from their software once you deposited it.




  • The only two testimonials provided in this Profits Eternity scam website reveal that in fact there are no testimonials. Both are well known Fiverr actors.



  • Profits Eternity website does not provide any relevant information. Even if you try to contact their customer support of course they will never answer you and will not be available.


Profits Eternity are not trustable, avoid them at all cost and do not trust them.



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