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Profit Maximizer is another viral binary options trading software scam. There is several versions of Profit Maximizer available and the newest one, the version 2.0 by James Forley was created on the 30.11.2015 and already scammed a lots of traders.

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Profit Maximizer is a famous scam mainly because some trusted binary options companies are collaborating with them.

Also, there are a lots of red flags showing that Profit Maximizer is a scam, from their website, promotion video and software.

  • Profit Maximizer is promoted by NancyReviews is promoting a lots of scams products and they are known to not be a so serious website.




  • Their promotion video is presented by an actor calling himself James Forley. Also, you should notice that the voice used in this video is pretty similar to most of the videos that scam software are using. Also, except saying that you can win a lot of money daily, there is no proper information about the Profit Maximizer software or the company.  We googled the name of James Forley and no information are available about him or his story.


Profit Maximizer Scam


  • The icons under the e-mail box on their website are not clickable – meaning that they are fake and not SSL protected.



  • They are showing fake members saying that they made a lot of money using Profit Maximizer software. It’s proven that these members are fake actors used on many websites.



  • They have a customer support supposed to be available 24/7 however if you try to contact them they never answer.



  • They also provided a fake HSBC screen where we can see James Forley bank account. They made it online where anyone can do it and add their own name.




Profit Maximizer is also playing the card of the charity saying that you must done 1,000 US$ when the millions roll begin.

For all those reasons, you should expect to lose your entire account balance within few days if you are dealing with Profit Maximizer.



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