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The Orion Code is a new scam that appeared recently on the market.

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Orion Code scam is pretty similar to  “Quantum Code“. You can see they have the same website, same video (with a jet, CEO etc.) and same dialogues. Basically, this is the same scam with a different name and different actors.


Orion Code Fake CEO


  • The CEO of the Orion Code, Edward Robinson claim that he is known on Forbes and known in the Wall Street finance world. But if you look at all the magazines that Forbes published, there is no Edward Robinson. However, what we know is that Edward Robison is an actor named Jeff Gorham from ProfileTheatre.org. You should be aware that most of the scams are hiring actors for make their software have “legitimacy”.




  • Fake promises : Orion Code are promising you that you can make $10,000 to $100,000 in a day. With such shady auto trading software, how are you supposed to make so much money in a legitimate way?


Orion Code Scam


  • The Orion Code website is relatively new. They are using fake icons with antivirus trying to make you believe that their website is safe & secure. However you will notice that their website is pretty similiar to Quantum Code Scam.





  • Orion Code is also putting fake banners with “184 peoples on this page” and “1 VIP spots available” to make you think that their website is famous and that you are so LUCKY that 1 vip spot is left and you should hurry to catch it. Check the image up and you will see it’s pretty similar to Quantum Code Scam.



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Orion Code Fake Testimonials


  • Fake testimonials :  As per her “Scam Sister” Quantum Code, the Orion Code is using fake testimonials to promote their fake product. They are just actors and liars.


Orion Code Testimonials


The Orion Code Software by Edward Robinson is a SCAM and we had to BLACKLIST it in our in-depth and unbiased review. The software is promoted by crafty affiliate marketers and will steal your money since. Do not trust them! They are exactly the same scam as per Quantum Code Scam!



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Trading binary options is prohibited in the following countries : USA, CANADA, FRANCE, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS.



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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. 




  • audrey says:

    Please believe me, this website is totally right about Orian Code. Wow! What’s next guys? I tried to invest my first 250.00 and my bank didn’t approve it because it was international. That was my first red flag. My second flag was the 15 phone calls from three different representatives following up and informing me to call my bank immediately to approve the transaction and I could barely understand them with their accents. HMMM? My last flag was, if a major bank in the US don’t approve it then, Orian Code didn’t do their homework. Should keep it in the US that’s for sure. Don’t send your hard earned money out of the United States.

  • dr james says:


  • Allen Wales says:

    what a scam …they don’t pay out and they never give difference of deal …. if you loose you loose all and if you win only a few dollars and skip the 25$ first invested so loose loose ……… all a bull shit company scam …. should be jailed for this

  • wein says:

    re really scammer always they send email to seduce

  • Michael Weinberg says:

    when attempting to use credit card for deposit into Orion Code, Inc. “selected broker” account, our card was denied for payment, our bankcard company called and warned us of the numerous problems they have had with the scam from this company!

  • Barry Norman says:

    With all of these scams around why is nothing done by the government to stop them? It seems that we know the perpetrators so why can’t they be found and locked up. Surely this is fraudulent behaviour?

  • Mel Conley says:

    I discovered soon after making my deposit of $250 plus startup fees this is spam. I immediately contacted my bank and, filed a hold on this scam charge. I have received a provisional credit of all charges pending review of this fraudulent website/business. In addition, I suggest this fraudulent activity should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law !

  • John Mann says:

    Thanks guys, ALL OF YOU!!!!! You just saved me 250.00 of my hard earned money. THANKS AGAIN. Guess I will try one of the company’s above. Many blessings to all of you. I trust God and I ask him to guide me in all of my ways that He may direct my path. I was just about to push the button to pay the money and then, something said check them out first, and to my behold you guys with the real truth!!!! Bless you forever, my prayers go with you and yours. God will direct your paths!!!!! If you ask Him and trust Him!!!!!

    • Iris Sayson says:

      oh dear! me too, i watched the video and it made me believe that this is true. God is indeed good. They called me and even sent me an email. They were asking me to deposit $250. When I was about to deposit the money It’s like I heard something to hang up the phone. I dunno, but I know it’s God who led me to the right decision. I immediately blocked the number who called and tried to search for this so called Orion Code and to my surprise it is a SCAM. Thank you everyone for helping this spread out. I pray nobody will be their victims again.

    • Ansil Niroula says:

      Nice review

    • Greg says:

      Remember, there’re no fast track in life. Step foot on the ground and work hard

    • LOUIS SOLANO says:

      This site jumped up while I was browsing the web. Its so disheartening, I wish so much to find a true, real way to make money online. I would be happy to make two hundred dollars a day. Of course I wouldn’t mind more but I’d be pretty pleased with $200. a day. It just really hurts how these scammers hit me where I’m vulnerable. I’m always searching for a way to be able to make money online but I think everyone I’ve come across has been a scam. This sounded at first to be the real deal. Maybe I finally found a guy that really just wanted to help others. But something just kept nagging at me. Something was just not sitting right. My Spidey senses kicked on, it just came off as too polished yet even when they tried calling the one woman who wasn’t supposedly picking up seemed pretty planned so I decided to go with my gut and thank God I did. I wanted to see if their were any comments that were negative and all saw were warnings. ” Don’t send your money for deposit” I just wish I coul find an honest to goodness business model that is legit. I’m so disheartened by all these damn scammers.

  • Eric Kattan says:

    Thank you guys. ALL of you. My gut feeling kicked in when the first red flags appeared as a warning. I sent 2 emails as a reply to emails they were sending me and both returned undelivered.
    The Orion Code website made a grave mistake that brought their downfall to my attention. In the video of Edward sitting in his luxurious office he claims to be the CEO of Orion Code Inc. When I googled this, It brought me to your site warning me of the scam.
    I thank God and YOU guys for saving my $250.

  • Douglas Haley says:

    I joined but couldn’t get back any information from their emails so I politely requested a refund of my money & informed them that I would dispute the charge within 7 working days, my bank refunded the money till they returned mine, within 7 days no 6 my money was back in my account, but I am going to close the one I used & get a new card but almost fell for it

  • Ed Choquette says:

    I too was scammed! My credit card company says I will get my money back, but it will take about a month to get through the fraud system. I only hope I do cause my loss is considerable. Don’t fall victim to this scam as I was fooled!

  • Brad Western says:

    Thank you so much for this information.i am very interested in binary platform but don’t want to be taken for my hard earned money.it all looked good untill they showed the video and it was the same one for quantum coed all the way to the jet and building just a different actor.so I will check the ones you have suggested.im new at investing and don’t know anything about it so that’s why the binary is so interesting to me.

  • Charles Moss says:

    I filled out all of the information until it said $250 from my credit card. I thought, if this is not a 100% profit they could go into my credit card and take more. A super novice at this so I stopped the process and they called me wondering what happened. The account is open but no money has been put in.(I did not give my credit card info.). I told them to forget me as I am not a big risk taker to the extent I could lose my hard earned life savings. I think I will pass on this type of investing. A little too risky for my blood. Also, thank you for confirming this to me!!

  • Gary Gautreau says:

    If these people are known scammers, why aren’t they being prosecuted?

  • G,Edwards says:

    I think the fact he knew who was texting him before he looked at his phone alerted me, plus I’m sceptical any way,only Richard Brandon’s fake endorsement piqued interest, a computerised mail fraud really, if it sells like sxxt,looks like sxxt,its gonna be sxxt.Plus I ignored calls and they were ringing every half hour,when I answered they was stuttering, way to keen.Thanx for heads up!!😂

  • Martins says:

    Those fools have been calling me with all sorts of numbers with different country codes. I surely did not fall prey to those scammers.

  • Andrew says:

    signed up because the ad said it was free, after it asked for my phone number and email address the webpage asked for $250 trading funds.. and credit card details.. I stopped at this point because the ad said it was free.. which it is not
    I have since been receiving emails, sms and phone calls almost every day.. I have blocked a number of calls but they keep changing numbers.. its very disturbing.. its harassment.. dishonest company that lies and will stop at nothing to get your money..

  • Gary says:

    This Orion scam is so over board…
    I seen a picture on the Internet that showed a women’s breasts with the wording saying Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see this click here to see why, and as soon as I did that I got the orion scam…… I fell for there stupid make money without money scam and now have over happy people calling me from Auckland and every where else in the world that don’t take no thank you very seriously….. I now have been receiving a barrage of email’s daily informing me that I’ve already made 28.000.00 and to click here to receive your funds….. There are no funds and all they want is your credit card information …… Don’t fall for the ORION SCAM

  • Kay says:

    Chur thank you for the advice. Yes free and not even then it wants your bank card details????
    what the…so glad I kept looking to find out more in the middle of trying to subscribe. due

  • Johny says:

    Thank you for this information. When i search about stern o something to know about the company, i was brought here to know that it was a scam and on this list i see that orion code belong to one of the SCAMMERs. Thanks guys for the comment. I too might have been fooled. God indeed is good. Thankfully my credit card was on my store, i was about to give my credit card info. I fell sorry for those guys who have been fooled and their money.

  • Yes I agree there are people is this world that have no feelings for other human beings I have never stole from any one in my life and always have kept on loosing a am nearly bankrupt but never asked any one for money in my life although I have a lot of debt on my shoulders thanks people God whispered in my ear and opened my eyes I asked him for guidance to see what other people experience from that scams I don’t earn much work myself dead to keep my head above water every month at least I can still put food on the table I nearly fell for the scam if you look closely to the video that actor who say that he is Mr Robinson who actually is called Jeff a famous actor you can see clearly that he is reading it from a sheet of paper if you look at that video again good night and be on the look oot for scams

  • M says:

    I am so glad that I checked on this site to find the real truth about the orion code.

  • George Bates says:

    Thanks for all the info – can you tell me anything about TRBINDINGOptions and also LionMarkets

  • George Bates says:

    Thanks for all the info – can you tell me anything about TRBINDINGOptions and also LionMarkets. I have not asked for this before.

  • caroline gardner says:

    Thanks to everyone of you I was almost scammed until I decided to read all your comments. I didn’t lose my hard earned money to scammers such as these. Love to,you all

  • Mary L Rivera says:

    Has anyone been scammed from Dalton Finance binary options? I’m out $10,200 US on credit card charge; I know they’re a scam; I can’t get my money back.

  • Wesley Rivero says:

    I am one sucker to this so called scam. I have given details of my credit card. How do i get out from it? . HELP!

  • Herlene Steele says:

    After looking at the video for Orion Code Software, and fully convinced, I filled out the application… for some reason, only God knows, it was not accepted. The only thing that came to mind was my out of state area code. As I was going to give my son’s local cell number something told me to look up Oriana Code and here I am, thankful for not being able to go any further. Blessings to all who decided to take a stand.

  • Herlene Steele says:

    The saying that everybody knows and was scared across in the video is, if it’s too good to be true then it usually is. Wow as all scammed they’ve gone up a notch..We have to do the same. Thanking Our Heavenly Father for sights like these… The most important tool we all have is the INTERNET & RESEARCH.

  • Stella Hill says:

    How do I get my money back?. I’ve been suckered! It’s just sitting in my created account……what to do?

  • J says:

    thank god I read this box…I was about to give my account right now…but now I know it was all lies about orion code…

    • Tania Williams says:

      Wow…I gave my card details but stopped when I was asked for my 3 digit vin number…and told the lady that I would like to research a bit further into this Orion Code…the lady asked what I was afraid of? I told her its my money and its my right to investigate further…she didn’t like it and told me that I can email her back…so glad I found this site…

  • kush says:

    Thanks a lot guys,I almost fell for it

  • Selwyn Lackner says:

    They had this on Facebook today it sounded real great so i clicked on the tab below then it redirected me to the stern options page requiring my personal bank details and asking for $250.00 usd i then stopped i didn’t enter my bank details and then received phone calls directly after. The first number was (03)-6694801 NZ the next call was from this number (09)-8875072 NZ which i didn’t answer so i decided to check on the net to see if they for real as it turns out it was a scam. So to every one out their be very carefull ive decided to submit and receive emails for any future scams its the only way to keep safe.

  • Manelyn says:

    I filled out the application but thanks God my phone got battery low. And when I open my phone some unknown numbers keep calling me from different countries. When I answer it they would end the call. Then, I search it and found out its a total Scam. Well aside of wasting my time entertaining it, I honestly don’t have that much money to give them.😃 lol they’re also wasting their time calling my number.

  • Sam Prevost says:

    They scammed me . They wanted an additional $1800 to mail me my SUPOSED $8000 that I had SUPPOSEDLY made in profits . I asked that they deduct the $1800 and send the balance . NO WAY WOULD THE DO THAT . Account went from over $8000 to .25 cents in minutes . SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicolas says:

    Thank you guys i was just about to send my first 250$ hard earned money.. thank you thank you

  • Peter says:

    Thank you so much my good friends, you have saved my 250$ which I was about to send but I first decided to know about them and this is what I found. Glory to God.

  • Wilson says:

    They said its all free but once you try to sing up they want to to pay $250 first. Scam Scam all the way if it said free it should be free to sign up. So.. once it came up I have to pay $250 red flag to me

  • Ha! Anyone has a way better chance of earning a living by selling and promoting my art as my art agent =) Thank all of you for the timely caution you provided that stopped me from getting involved in this scam.

  • Peter says:

    Wow!!! I am really broke n was willing to sell some stuff to get that $250. I got bills so high I need a 12ft rod just to poke them, but the Lord knows y He directed me here to read these comments. I am the sole breadwinner with 2 kids and with an opportunity so finely polished I was grabbing it with both hands. I would’ve been so heart broken had I been scammed. Really looking for an avenue to invest in to make an honest dollar.

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