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Obcasio is  100% scam that must be shown.

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Obcasio promotional  video is very repetitive, provides zero information, features actors, and proves absolutely nothing :
  • The alledged CEO of Obcasio, Michael Watson is just a fake name for a fake company Obcasio scam. Michael Watson is played by an actor Miah Washburn.


Obcasio CEO


  • Stupid promises. Absurd amount of $2K per day that he guarantees. Seriously, all those scams who are  guaranteeing any sort of sum are obviously lying to you because this is impossible.  So many scams such  Obcasio state assertively that a consistent and reliable amount will be earned every day – and quite simply that’s not true.



  • Of course, everyone else participating in Obcasio promotional video are actors.









  • The written testimonials are no better than the video testimonials in the Obcasio scam website.


Obcasio Fake Testimonials


  • The last thing I discovered is the fact that the Obcasio Scam Software website is actually hosted by DWD Technologies LLC who are known to host exclusively scam software websites. At this point, the moment I see this hosting company I know well enough that whatever the website is promoting, it’s a scam.




  • This Obcasio scam company is not registered anywhere in the US, and as this video is filmed in Portland, Oregon (if you seen enough of these scam videos you come to recognize this immediately), I cannot imagine it being registered anywhere outside of the US. Still, I searched for companies called Obcasio, and none that match this description exist.


Avoid Obcasio dirty scam avoid them at all cost if you want to keep your money safe !



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