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My Profit Formula is the newest scam in the binary option auto trading software industry! It is making a lot of victims so please do fail for it…

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My Profit Formula is using the typical “receipt” of all scams! And pretty similar to WikiTrade scam.

  • Megan Sanders fake CEO of My Profit Formula is just a paid actor. My Profit Formula is using paid actors to promote their video and promotional scam. Same as WikiTrade Scam they are showing you wealth, sexy CEO Megan Sanders, nice cars etc… just in order to throw dust in your eyes and lure you to deposit money to their scam website ! But don’t do it… all is fake and bullshit.





  • Fake testimonials in My Profit Formula video. We got some random peoples talking in the video but nothing really concrete and honest. That could just be random people throwing some idiots sentences away for getting payment of few bucks!
  • On the start of My Profit Formula scam video, they are showing off some random accounts balance which is easily photoshoped or can be made from internet for free. No really proof that it is all real. They are throwing big numbers in order to make you believe that it can be your bank account balance one day.





  • Fake review from fake army man. He is saying that My Profit Formula Scam helped the veterans of the army to not suicide anymore because they can make money with this program … but do you know who is this man in fake army uniform? He is a paid actor Micheal Watson, fake CEO of scam Obcasio which is also a scam and as you can see the picture bellow, he is a paid actor so don’t believe any bullshit he is saying!  They are bringing shame to the veterans of the war saying that My Profit Formula scam software has helped them providing them with money, reducing suicide rate etc… how can they play with such things?


My Profit Formula Scam



  • Same Testimonial. You can see one girl who played testimonial in another scam Spectrum 7 and she is also doing testimonial in My Profit Formula Scam … You can clearly see that she is an paid actor to do fake testimonials for scam software!




  • Throwing away fake promises that you can make $4,000 per day. No proof no shit proving that what they are saying is true.


My Profit Formula Fake Promises


  • Talking about some Warren Buffet quotes of the humanity. But if you search on internet, there is 0% proof that Warren Buffet actually said it. My Profit Formula are just lying shady scams jokers!




  • My Profit Formula scam website has been online from the 28th November 2016 only. But yet they are claiming to have made a lots of peoples millionaires, helped a lots of charity etc… how can they achieved so much in only a week ?




  • My Profit Formula website is empty as per their empty promises ! No information about the company / software behind it, no support contact. Nothing. It’s just a scam and you have to stay away from it !


Stay away from My Profit Formula scam if you want to keep your money safe & secure. Dealing with My Profit Formula is like throwing away your money from your window !



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