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Today we will talk about the newest scam available on the market: Lexington Code.

If you believe that Lexington Code is a gift from the Gods and that it is going to make you rich! Wake up and think otherwise because Lexington Code is a poison gift and going to broke you!

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Lexington Code trading software purpose is not to make you win money, but to make you lose everything you have so read this review before using them


  • Michael Lexington claims to be the COO and Co-Founder of Lexington Code with a very rich background in business & Barry Storyk claims to be the other co-founder which coded this software scam… Well this is all fake and bullshit. There is no Michael Lexington or Barry Storyk or even Lexington Code software! It’s all lies, actors and fake promises. We tried to find some information about those guys and this company on internet/linkedin/facebook but guess what …. NOTHING!


Lexington Code Fake CEO


  • Lexington Code Scam is being promoted by all the top binary options trading website (we will not name them here but you know about whom we are talking about…). The reason is that they may be corrupted and that they are taking commission from Lexington Code. But don’t be blind … Lexington Code is a scam and the only purpose of this software is to take your money.
  • Lexington Code tells that they are making $500 to $5000 a day for the last 6 months.  But their website is registered only from 11/10/2016 which is 1 month… big reg flag … right?



  • Lexington Code fake founders but actors have a British accent, so we conclude that Lexington Code scam “promotional clip” is targeting mainly British, Irish etc. The clip itself was probably filmed in UK.



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  • Lexington Code software scam want to make you use their software with “TradeXtra broker“. But you know what? TradeXtra is an unregulated broker… it doesn’t have any trading license and has a lots of bad reviews about been a shady broker and a scam!


Lexington Code Scam


  • In Lexington Code video review, they are don’t say much information about their company or the software itself … but they didn’t forget to mention that in order to make big money (you won’t) you have to deposit $250. This is a fake promise and just a big red flag pushing you to deposit as fast as possible in order to keep your deposit in their pocket.



  • You will notice that on Lexington Code website, they are not displaying any information about their company, the software, any customer support etc… but they displayed the window “Enter Your Name and your Email” more than 2 times. Why? In order to have your information in their database and to spam your mail with their scam offers… but AVOID IT and don’t type anything!



Ok guys. I hope that you got it and you will avoid this shitty Lexington Code scam. This is just bullshit and it will make you lose your money … stay away from that garbage and don’t listen to top review websites.



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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. 




  • Louis Rontgen says:

    Am I correct in stating that all the following are actually scams:
    Swarm Intelligence and Wiki Trader

    Please include me on your daily e-mail listing

  • Dias says:

    Please include me on your daily e-mail listing

  • Walter Sondersorge says:

    Until now I had been trusting BinaryWatchdog.com. To read your review really shocked me. It seems to explain, why my efforts with copy buffett, code fibo and a few others have been unsuccessful. Please add me to your mailinglist. I do not need money, but I look for an auto trader that is showing results. I am searching for my 2 doughters, one in USA and the other in Vienna, Austria. They both are in financial troubles. So far the problem has been, that I could not choose my broker.
    The brokers I was forced to use did no respect my wish to do only auto trading, but their personal advisors kept trying to make me invest more money and do MANUAL trading with their help !!!
    So please put me on your mailinglist and let me make my own decisions.
    Thank you, Walter Sondersorge

  • Dwain Munyon says:

    Lexington code yesterday had a good review by none other than the binary watchdog, yet
    Today’s my request for a review returned a scathing report that Lexington code was a
    Complete fraud.
    Is the watchdog also a fraud?
    How do we determine?

    • Hello Sir,

      On BinaryScamAdvisor we are trying to make the reviews as honest as possible based on our opinion. We will not comment on what the other binary websites do …

      About Lexington Code, we tried to list all the details that show why Lexington Code is a scam. Then you can make your own opinion with all the elements we have listed !

      • David Johl says:

        Anyone of these clowns show of there fancy cars or have a timer running on the web sight of how many spots remain is a complete scam please stayaway

  • hammer says:

    hey I don’t believe anything until I try it out myself. I bought into Lexington Code 2 days ago. On the first day trading on auto trade mode it made about 25 trades and was winning about 75% so I made good money. On the second day I did exactly the same thing but after 12 trades it had already lost 9 of them. WTF !! …….how does this happen ?
    I think I will just withdraw my balance because I can’t trust this software. Oh my broker they assigned to me is ST Binary, never heard of them ?

    • Hello,

      Yes they are scam … so that’s how it happen !

      Good luck for cash out your money ! I don’t think you will make it as the people behind Lexington are crooks !

      • hammer says:

        well I have gotten my money out before with other brokers, but first you must send them the proper documents they are looking for. But thanks for your report on Lexington Code. I agree !

  • Want to be on your mailing list
    Peter Fitzpatrick
    P.S –you seem to have a different opinion than the other binary watchdogs
    Thanks for keeping us safe

  • Thanks for your review and various comments .i almost got scammed

  • Thanks for your review and various comments .i almost got scammed.Please add me to your mailing list

  • john m sampson says:

    good day, I am seeking to use a trading robot,from age and time respect, I was looking to lexington code but various reports have helped me to change my direction. I am looking to binary option auto trading as you recommend. do you have advice on this choice. blessings. john m sampson

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