How To Spot A Scam ?


How To Spot A Scam ?


It is getting harder to spot scams as fraudsters are becoming better at coming up with scams that appear legitimate. However, you can still protect yourself by asking yourself the following  questions that could help you to avoid been scammed.

1. Why are they contacting me from out of the blue?

If you receive a phone call or mail unexpectedly, this could be a scammer trying his or her luck to find out more about you for dishonest purposes. Yes, some actual companies do contact their customers for legitimate reasons from time to time, and if this is the case the caller will usually happily verify that they are a true representative of the company.

To verify their identity, ask them for details only that company would know, such as details of your service contract, bank account details or payment details. If you are still unconvinced, you could disconnect and call the person back at a number you know to be real.


2. Too good to be true?

The adage usually holds – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Scammers often promise you large financial gains for very little effort or commitment – but do not be swayed by greed. Approach each claim rationally and ignore such offers.



3. Why do they need my personal details?

What purpose would a cold-caller need with your personal details? Often, they would use your valuable personal details for dishonest purposes, so be sparing with what you reveal over the phone to a stranger – particularly if they cannot verify who they are. Beware – they are out to get your money, and can use your information to do so!


4. Why is this person in such a hurry?

One of the keys to avoid being scammed is to think rationally – and this takes time – so do not be pressured into making a decision before you have had a chance to think your decision through.

For example, a scammer could tempt you with big rewards for doing something seemingly harmless on your part, such as transferring money from your bank account or depositing money to their software because there is only “10 minutes” left etc.. The scammer could say things like this is a deal too good to miss, but you have to hurry in order not to miss out – but do not fall for this high-pressure tactic!.



5. Why are they being so coy about themselves?

Legitimate businesses would always reveal their true contact details such as a physical address or actual phone number  which gives customers assurance that they can be reached for redress should it be required.

If you deal with a shady business who operates via PO box or through a number that is difficult to trace, you would be at a loss should something go wrong with any transaction.


6. Why is their language so poor?

This is probably because they are scammers trying their luck – legitimate companies are much less likely to exhibit poor grammar or spelling in their communications. If you are contacted by someone trying to sound official but with poor language skills, you would be better off ignoring them.


7. Why are they asking me to keep this quiet?

The answer to this should be obvious – they are doing something wrong. Any above-board deal should not have to be kept secret, so if the person you are dealing with asks you to keep your dealings private, this is a warning sign for you to get out of the deal quickly. It is likely that they are doing their best to keep you from seeking objective advice which would lead you to back out.



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