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Gemini 2 Software Scam Review

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Important Update !

The main actor from Gemini 2 promotional video has just released a video where he warns every people NOT to trust the Gemini 2 Software as he was just hired to make this video and he didn’t know anything about the product he promoted in it. You can watch his confession below :



In this review, we are going to talk about another obvious scam named Gemini 2 Software (

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Gemini 2  trading software is only designed to make you lose as quick as possible like every other worthless auto trading scam on the market, so beware and read this.

Here are some reasons why you should NOT trust Gemini 2 Software and stay away from it.


  • Fake CEO : So let’s start with the fake CEO, Brandon Lewis.



Gemini 2 Fake CEO


So, according to their presentation’s video, “Brandon Lewis, CEO of Gemini 2 Software, was one of Google’s top engineers, working from their head office in Silicon Valley.

But 2 years ago, Brandon made a discovery that enabled him to retire a multimillionaire at just 28 years old.”

First of all, we tried to find some information about this guy, and of course there is none as this is another actor hired by the scammers to make this video.

Secondly, he claims that he is determined to give a “lucky 50 people” access to his 2016 Beta group before releasing the second version of his Gemini Software to the public in 2018. You should consider this as a HUGE red flag. This is the most common tactic used by scammers to put pressure on you. They make you think that you are so lucky to find out this website and that you need to sign up quickly because there won’t be enough spot for everyone. Don’t fall for this obvious trap.


  • Fake company : In the video, that so-called Brandon claims his company’s name (the one holding Gemini 2 Software) is Gemini Holdings.



That is also funny because this company simply doesn’t exist. We were not able to find any information about Gemini Holdings.



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  • Fake results : Brandon also claims that his software is making an average of “$10,000 to $50,000 per day for years without losing A SINGLE trade”. Well, once again it’s just another big lie as this is just literally impossible due to the market volatility.


Gemini 2 Fake Team


Later on the video you can see a live trading session.


Gemini 2 Fake Software


So in a few hours, the software was able to generate a few thousands dollars without a single loss. At least that’s what you see.

Well we can tell you without any doubt that this is just a fabricated video made with an editing software. If you really try Gemini 2, you actually won’t have a single WON as that kind of scam only make profits on what you lose. In other words, you will lose your entire deposit in a few minutes/seconds. Most people are likely to fall for these fake result videos because they look authentic. Be smarter than them.


So what we can say is that Gemini 2, as all the other bullshit scams, can be easily revealed as a scam thanks to 3 red flags : a fake CEO, a fake company and of course impossible results and hope. Stay away from that garbage software.



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  • Kostadin Dimitrov says:

    Halo felows, I recieved a call from USA number (+1 800 986 6891 Maysen) saying I have the chance to change my life and get rich. He wanted me to put in my Gemini account 200 euros, pounds, or dollars and to start traiding. I explained to him that I am from Bulgaria and I don’t have money at the moment and I would have them in the first two weeks of december. He asked for the number of my card, is it debit or credit, when it is expired and the last three digits on the other side of the card. I gave him all the data corectly and he said that he will keep a place for me in the Gemini platform and when I have the money I will be able to activate my profile with 200 euros. Today I have tried to activate my profile with the same debit card (in it there is nothing) and a number from Norway called me (+47 21 99 94 29 Robert Ashton)and told me that I have to put 500 euros to get start trading. I answered him that I have talked with a guy called Mayson calling me from USA number. I explained that Mayson had told me I could start trading with 200 euros in the beginning of December. Robert answered that he will give me his email ([email protected]) and I can aks him about everything by emails. I don’t know what to say. At the beginning I was very excited but after the second call I doubt about everything. I am wondering if they coult withdraw from Debit cart when there is money in it.

    • Hello Kostadin,

      This is their usual business practice. They will promise you to make you rich in order to have you deposit your money on their platform and scam you off.

      You should check that your broker / trading platform is regulated before making any payment. It looks like the people who called you are from MagnumOptions and CToption which are both unregulated brokers so i’m not surprised that they are behind this scam.

      If you give them details of your credit card, of course they can withdraw money. You should go to your bank and solve this problem with them.

      If you want to trade with regulated brokers, check out our suggestions :


    • My Friend
      Go and change all your card details in your bank

    • Isabel says:

      I was also very happy for this option, as you I told them I did not have all the money, anyways they asked me for my debit card information, andI so fully gave it. How do these people sleep at night?? The good news is that I really don’t have money on that account, but is the one I usually use for small purchases.

      What do I need to do now, to get my account safe to use? Please help !

  • Jere says:

    i thought that this is real. i almost signed up… and told my parents

  • ohhhh my Gush, I was about paying for investment capital tomorrow
    Now I am happy to have this information

    Thank you Mr Fake Lewis for putting the record Straight But be careful

    because not every one will take this

  • Bertrand says:

    bjr,pouvez vous me dire si il y a réellement un robot auto trading qui fonctionne et qui soit pas une arnaque, un robot fiable, merci bien a vous

  • Bertrand says:

    un robot fiable

  • M. M. Haroon says:

    I would like to ask whether there is any official body which can persuade these scammers and pull them to the court. Please provide with the address. I have no intension to leave my $250 with them.

    • These scams are appearing and disappearing of the market and no one can do anything against them.

      The traders should do their research prior to trade with any platform / brokers and trade only with regulated ones.

      • Maria says:

        We trad wed toroptions and it was a scam too they got all our savings and no money left or returns I think all the trader keep risk free softwares for the rich people yes you have to invest more than 100 thousand dollars to have this softwares. All its a scam out there please donot trad because you will loss all your accents, they use the platform from one company like binary and the software from others. They got your money but give it back no way. The broker are greed they not care to your lost.

  • Maria says:

    toroptions use your platform and we had advised from them we’re to put our money all the advised was wrong it’s a scam too, big time,
    All our money it’s gone with your platform, Sr. And now toroptions not even call or say anything. Out there friends donot believe binary options it was the same to us, you know want invest in land if you can. All them are the same it fast to get your money but good results never, they do good to the rich and the poor will becam even poor. Good luck,

  • Maria says:

    gemini app it’s a good one if the brokers let’s you have it, they keep the good ones for the richer clients
    Gemini2 are at work in the platform of binary I see it, and are a lot of softwares out there but the big company’s are at work behind them. The problems is the brokers they say yes get the 250 than to acctivate the software you have to put more 250 they donot do with less they will say to you do it yourself. And if they have any papers in forget you donot get your money back.

  • Pete says:

    I spoke to my ‘rep’ Daniel when he called back on Fri. He admitted on the phone that they do not have a valid brokers license. They want all sorts of ID for me to get my $293 back, but I will chase and chase until they return it!

  • Hello there! I am very happy to discover this scammers. But unfortunately, I was also a victim of this so called traders Scammers. I hope that this will published anywhere in the internet warning them not to participate to those fake traders. I lost my money in the bank for almost a year and nothing happens to me. I hope I got my justice someday and and money back to me in my bank account. Well, I have my Golden rule found in the Bible. Vengeance is not mine but in the Lord I will entrust them. No more scam anymore that will come into my life in Jesus name! Amen.

  • Help me.I am Myanmar.I am a poor man in Ministry of social welfare relief and resettlement department.
    Now i deposit funds in the Broker of CMB(Capital Market Bank).It is really secure company.Help me.
    Now i am so worry for this software because the gemini2 is link to this Broker CMB. Say something to me…
    Sorry for my English skill…

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