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FinTech Limited is a dangerous scam that appeared online around April 2016.

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FinTech Limited scam is pretty similar to other scam with all the same lies and manipulations.


Fintech Limited Fake CEO


  • The self-named owner of FinTech Limited, Daniel Roberts, says that he was the boss of a Technology Company about 18 months ago, and then one of his employee “Ben”, got into financial difficulties trading the stock market and then Daniel Roberts, got a clever idea to create and develop the FinTech scam software.  Well that’s all fake and lies! He is saying this story for manipulate you and make you believe it’s true for have you register with FinTech Limited scam!


Fintech Limited Fake CEO


  • How the software is working? Daniel Roberts, fake owner of FinTech Limited scam tells you that the software works by creating multiple trades on binary option market. What is this? He is not even showing anything related to his software in the promotional video of FinTech Limited scam. This is really nonsense and lame…


Fintech Limited Fake Software


  • The company FinTech Limited doing trading business does not exist. We looked all over internet for this company name with Daniel Roberts as CEO … but we can’t find anything.




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  • They wrote copyright 2014-2016 on FinTech Limited website. They are also claiming that FinTech Limited been running for years. But the website was created on the 29/01/2016. This is another red flag to take into consideration.




  • FinTech Limited scam website is displaying the usual popup scam as per other scams.




  • In FinTech Limited scam promotional video, they are showing the usual fancy stuff for make traders envy them and subscribe to their scam thinking they would become rich (expensive cars, boat, fancy life)…




Fintech Limited Fake Testimonials


  • Fake testimonials from actors / fake users of FinTech Limited scam. Nothing can actually prove that they used the software and won that amount of money. This is usual displaying stuff in this kind of scam.


Fintech Limited Fake Testimonials


  • If you take a look at FinTech Limited scam website, you will notice that no customer support contact or relevant information about FinTech Limited are available. The reason? FinTech Limited does not exist and is just a scam!



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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. 




  • Suzette says:

    I joined up with Fintec. My money sat in an account with the broker and did nothing. I tried to contact Fintec to say I wanted to either activate the software or withdraw my deposit but had no response. Then I had an email to say Millionaire Blueprint had gone Viral and consider joining. The email came from the supposed Daniell Roberts. I wondered why Daniel Roberts from Fintec would be promoting Millionaire Blueprint. I logged on to the Millionaire BluePrint website and nearly every link took me to a Fintec site. In one Millionaire Blueprint video there is no video of Walter Green just the words printed as he spoke and it was Daniel Roberts voice. I think Daniel Roberts and Fintec is definitely a scam and now trying to rake more money using Millionaire Blueprint video. I decided not to join Millionaire Blueprint but their approved broker is Magnum who I thought had a good name. An account manager from Magnum phoned me and I told him I had been scammed by Fintec and decided against it. He assured me Millionaire Blueprint was very good and they had a very strong signal. So like a fool I joined up and guess what. The software has not been activated after 2 weeks and the broker won’t get back to me after I told him I want auto trading and will try manual after I has built up some capital gain. So I think I have been SCAMMED twice. I’m going to try and get my money out asap. Do not join up with Fintec or Millionaire Blueprint. They both seem to be run by “Daniel Roberts” Fintec. Maybe Millionaire Blueprint is a legit company and Daniel Roberts has corrupted the name and caused bad feedback Who knows. Check the website and you can see for yourself. Someone should have that website deleted and those people responsible for ripping innocent people off, put in jail and throw away the key. I would say that whole scam review on the Fintec page that put Fintec and Millionaire Blueprint at one on the top 10 binary options has been put there by FINTEC fraudsters

    • chris wilson says:

      Thanks Suzette. It very convincing to me as it was as you say, in the recommended binary option listing. I hope you get your money back. It seems very hard to find someone who isn’t a scam.
      Regads chris

  • steve says:

    I had the same bad experience with Fintech. I started with 250 US$ . They keep calling you on the phone until you make the deposit.After that, you are on your own.My trade lasted 2 days, and I lost 25 US $. Asking for help,nobody cared to assist me,just some chat with no efficiency at all.You get only automated replies which do not solve your problems. At that moment I received a phone call of a broker inviting me to let him prove me his skills and make some profit with my money.In the beginning I thought he was member of Intech ltd as he seemed to know all the details of my account..So I agreed, and indeed after 2 hours exactly the balance of my account reached 395 US$ out of 225. For doing that he changed my password. From that moment, my account was blocked and although I could see the sum of 395 $ I couldn’t any more trade.
    I kept asking ,begging almost to understand the reason why my account was blocked,nobody and I mean nobody provide me any sort of explanation, I sent the Company a message asking them to withdraw my money.Of course I didn’t receive any reply,but 2 days later the balance of my account dropped to 58 $.Now I am not even allowed to check my account. I am sure that I lost my money. My experience lasted 2 days, yes 2 days and my money vanished, with no explanation.
    It’s very. sad to trust a Company and to be sripped

  • Anthony Jones says:

    Had similar problem with FINTECH software was linked to Plus Options who turned out to be a no good broker. Deposited £2000 with them and found out they were a problem. Got my money back in 24 hours with a reverse scam. I ran Fintech overnight lost £250 every time you activated the software fortunately it turned itself off. I think this may be due to Scam warnings on Microsoft edge. Tried to contact Daniel Roberts became very difficult as my mail kept calling up Spam and would not send did get a mail through answer was another trader in my city I live in a small town had made $4000 the same evening. Have deleted all from my computer in depth scan to make sure

  • vertigo says:

    unbelievable unprofessional behavior
    in an first discussion i decided to wait
    question from Zuercher capital: do u think we provide a place for u for a few month? HANG UP
    no more comment !

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