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The Code Fibo software is a new scam that appeared this year.

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The problem with Code Fibo, as per the Copy Buffett scam, is that it is promoted by big well known review websites, so people may trust them and go with the Code Fibo. BUT DON’T! Code Fibo will make you lose your money and scam you!

Also, Code Fibo invested more money that most of the others scams. We can see it because their website is looking better than others scam websites.

However, don’t trust anything that Code Fibo is saying as it is a well-organized fraud.


  • The features of Code Fibo Software are not listed on their website. Usually, traders want to have an idea of the software they will use with their money. But nothing can be found on their website. It is making Code Fibo not serious and professional at all. First red flag!


Code Fibo Scam



  • Fake testimonials. As others scam, Code Fibo is using fake testimonials from actors / pictures from google to promote their scam software. Be aware of that and always look for reliable comments from actual persons. Do not trust a picture and some sentences put randomly on a shady website.


  • Code Fibo is using social media to promote their scam. They are using Facebook, twitter etc. However, there is no Facebook account that actually has these comments and posts. The individuals on the right are stolen images from personal profiles and blogs.



  • Fake CEO : The fake CEO of Code Fibo, Matthew Lewis, is calling himself a “professor”. He says that the software has been under R&D for 5 years which is not true. What is true in fact is that this same software was used by previous scam names such BinaBot, CrunchTech etc.



  • The Code Fibo website does not offer a demo to the trader. Meaning that you can’t test their software and get to know how to use it. Serious and reliable brokers will always offer a demo or at least some video showing how their software is working. To be honest it is very  risky to choose a trading software that does not offer a demo to the trader. This is like buying a car without testing it. Would you do it ?!
  • The live chat option is not available. This means that if you have any problem or question, they will stay without answer and you will be stuck. Something is surely wrong and not professional.


The purpose of Code Fibo software is not to make you win money, but they just want to steal your money and scam you off.

We have seen this software marketed under so many names in the past year, including BinaBot, CrunchTech, Binary Trust Method, just to name a few which were all SCAMS!



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