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Click Money System is a new automated trading system scam, that was previously used another scam name “Fast Cash”. 

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Click Money System is promising you that you can make $16 million dollars per year. Of course, that’s just another fake promise and another lie.

Click Money Scam was launched in 2016 by Julia and Harold, who appear in Click Money promotional video.


Click Money System Fake CEO


  • In Click Money promotional video, the CEO of the system, claim to be Julia and Harold. They are acting like a couple and are even claiming that the big house is there, the fancy sport car is their which is probably rented off. They are confusing traders with all their fake acts and actions in their promotional video.


Click Money System Scam


  • Fake promises: The fake couple is claiming that Click Money Scam software will make you at least 10,000 US$ per week. They are saying that Click Money system comes with an accuracy rate of 99.9%, and that if you invest in Click Money software, you will be able to make more money every year. They are also saying that you can make $16 million dollars a year… that’s too good to be true for sure. 16 million with an investment of $250 ? Oh really ?! huhu…..




Click Money System Fake Testimonials


You can see that Julia is calling some fake people for testimonials and asking for screenshot. There is actually no proof that this is accurate and real. Everything could be like a movie and faked. In the video they are also playing with the word for make “desperate people” to deposit their money with them… they say “This video is more important than your family, because it could save your family!”. How bad is it to say such think with a scam software ?….







  • Also, the woman who is called in to claim that she had made $14,000 in hours was obviously asked to call in order to speak lies for the purposes of promoting the app. We never saw her account. Just a stupid popup in their Click Money scam promotional video.




  • The big problem is that famous review websites are writing positive feedbacks about Click Money System. Those review websites have probably been paid off by Click Money scam System for this.
  • Fake countdown on Click Money website for make you create an account and deposit your money with them as soon as you can. But you know what?! When the countdown reaches zero nothing happens and you will still be able to create an account with them.


Click Money system is using the same method as per most of the auto trading methods scam. Not so nice website with no support available, no regulation body and no serious presentation of the auto trading software itself!

Click Money system are crooks with shady reputation! Don’t use them and don’t listen to their video because they are not real! They are displaying beautiful houses, cars etc… just to fool you and make you lose your money with them!



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