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The Cash Loophole software by Richard Sellars is a new auto trading software scam in the binary options industry which has come up a couple of days ago with enormous promises of making you a millionaire within a few months from today, earning tens of thousands of dollars per week, and much more stupid claims … but of course it remains a SCAM.

  • Richard Sellars has been claiming to be the CEO and creator of The Cash Loophole software. He said that he created the auto trader with a professional team of computer engineers, programmers and mathematicians, with an aim to create the most innovative and powerful automated program on the financial market. Richard Sellars also mentioned that the Cash Loophole software he developed is directly connected to the stock market, it analyzes tens of thousands of reports and signals per day, received by financial institutions. As a result, the software will provide you with at least 100 profitable and accurate trades it finds in a given trading day. Nonetheless, we have also been told by Richard Sellars that new members of his company are able to generate $1987 every three hours, for the rest of their life! Likewise, he also said that on 3rdJanuary 2017, he and his business partner will be releasing their software to the general public with a price tag of none less than $1000 per license. This is all bullshit and lies. Richard Sellars is just an actor and he created nothing. The main goal of The Cash Loophole software is to take your money away !


The Cash Loophole Scam



  • Believe it or not but there are various website owners who take bribes to publish a favorable review. Now, this is can be win-win all around if the app was really good, but in most cases it’s a worthless piece of junk that will drain your bank account very quickly.
  • We are promised to witness live, how the service works. In reality however we get some strange fabricated Skype calls between Richard and two so called “members”. They pretend to be sharing their screens but even a kid, can recognize the manipulation here. We do not see any live trading, but only fake end up results.




  • Fake testimonials : As you can see below, the testimonials appearing on the scam are just fake. Just as every other worthless scams, they used pictures from the internet to make up these testimonials and added some random fake “Total Earned” amounts to keep you in the dream of making millions.


The Cash Loophole Fake Testimonials




  • Free System ? Of course it’s not free. Actually,  when you want to trade with an automated trading platform, you will have to make a first deposit as they are just connecting you to a broker so you can open an account on this broker. Then, you will be able to use their robot to trade on your broker’s account. The thing is that when you register to a safe auto trading platform such as OptionRobot or BinaryOptionsRobot, you will indeed be linked to a safe and regulated broker where you will be able to deposit & withdraw safely. However, when you register to a fraudulent software like the Cash LoopHole, they will either send you to a unregulated broker, where you will deposit your money and probably won’t see it again, or even not send you to any broker at all. Indeed, some of these scam software are not even linked to any broker and are just waiting you to deposit your money directly on their fraudulent system. In these cases, the money will be gone/lost at the second you sent it.


  • On several occasions, Richard Sellars offers 50 people to receive $1000 for only watching this video. In matter of fact he claims that since June 2016, this is the third and list beta focus group! The domain is registered during late September, obviously, we talk about new service and this is just a time conflicting statement!




  • The Cash Loophole Software has 92.4% accuracy? As the previous claims this one is also separated from the reality. No one can maintain such high success rate for long period of time!


  • In fact, the Cash LoopHole is just another recycled scam, as this is just a new version of the Mockingbird Method and more recently the MoneyGlitch. These websites have already been proven to be complete scams, so they had to come back with a new name.


Cash Loophole is a typical money stealing scheme. Beyond any doubt this trading platform is a fraud! The above displayed evidence and explanations are good enough proof. Investing in this service will not end well for you or your pocket!



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