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BinaryRobot365 Info


BinaryRobot365 is an automated binary options robot that trades Forex pairs.
Binary options are great because, unlike other trading strategies, all you need to predict is the direction. Rather than swing trading whereby you need to predict the direction as well as how far the market will go. You could get to 90% of your target and still lose money.

What are Binary options?

With binary options, you simply take a trade on a direction. If, by the time the trade closes the market is even only fractional above or below your entry point, you still receive your full profit.

Who decides when a trade closes?

When you are trading options, you are trading a derivative of the asset and not the actual asset. The derivative in this case is a contract. You are trading a contract that has an expiration time and date. When the contract expires is when your trade closes. You can choose the length of the contract, this can be from one minute to three months.
If after the contract has expired the price is above or below, depending on the direction of the trade, the point you entered the market you will receive your profit.
There are no stop losses required when trading binary options. This is because you are paying a premium at the beginning to own the contract. Once you have paid that, that is all your risk. You cannot lose any more of your account other than what you have already paid. This differs from trading spot forex because in order to manage your risk you must use a stop loss. This, however is not guaranteed and you can find yourself with a bigger loss than you first anticipated.

What is a trading robot?

A trading robot is an automated program that decides, based on technical analysis, when to take a trade. It will decide when to enter a trade and when to exit a trade and it will execute the trades for you. This means that you do not need to sit in front of a computer all day, watching and waiting for the correct trade. In fact, you can simply turn it on in the morning and come back in the evening and switch it off. To find that the robot has done all the trades for you and you have a larger account balance than when you left.
Automated trading robots are not a new phenomenon, however it is just recently that they have become so readily available to the public. Prior to this, it was only the large institutions that had access to them, mainly banks, hedge funds and asset management companies.
They are built by programmers who design algorithms to execute the trades. One of the great things about BinaryRobot365 is that it offers various technical indicators for you to choose. Meaning you can design the robot yourself with the indicators you have preference over.


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Binary options robots have had a bad reputation in the past because the systems will only allow you to use one broker. It means that the robot is tied into that brokerage and that you cannot use the robot’s signals unless you are forced to use that broker.
This is not ideal because not all brokers are above board. BinaryRobot365 has eliminated this risk by diversifying their choice of brokers. Rather than locking you down to one, you can choose from variety. All of which have been checked and are licensed and regulated by the appropriate regulation boards. This is important because you are not taking the brokers word, our word, but the word of an institution that must answer to the government.

Customise your Robot

One of the best things regarding BinaryRobot365 is that you can customize the robot. You do not need to take the word of the algorithm designer but you can decide for yourself. First and most importantly, you can decide your risk profile, there are 3 options here.
Risk profile options:

  • Classic – This is for the more risk averse traders and will see your returns down but any losses restricted.
  • Martingale – This is a strategy based on averages, and will see you return good profits with slightly more risk than the classic.
  • Fibonacci – Is based around the Fibonacci sequence and if for those who have a high tolerance to risk. The returns are great but the potential for loss is higher.

Once you have decided on the method of trading, you then must decide how many trades you want to be open at any one time. The more trades you have open, the more open risk you will have. Therefore, this again is down to your risk tolerance. Make sure that you do not overcook this! Start small and increase with your profits.



The final part that you customise is the indicator the robot will use. You have a choice of indicators that will determine when the robot will take a trade. There are six; TREND, MACD, RSI, CCI, STOCH and WILLIAMS. Each one will give a trading signal for a buy or sell, but allowing you to choose which ones you want means you can decide how accurate you want your signals.
If you just choose one indicator, you will get a lot of buy and sell signals, however they will not be as accurate as when you have two indicators. Having two indicators means you will need two buy or sell signals before you take a trade. Giving you a more accurate signal.
You can therefore go up to 6 indicators, however if you decide on using all 6, you won’t get very many signals. Those signals you get will likely offer a high probability of a profitable trade.


The most important thing when it comes to a trading robot is does it make money?
Obviously, it depends on what indicators you choose and what risk profile you decide. The beauty of the forex market is that it is never the same every day, this is a reason why robots past performance cannot be indicative of future results, however by doing the same thing every time, the law of averages suggests that if a strategy works then you will make money over the long term.


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