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BinaryOption AutoTrading

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BinaryOption AutoTrading

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BinaryOption AutoTrading Info

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What is BinaryOptionAutoTrading


There is a lot of automated binary options trading software on the market but the hard part is to figure out which one is a scam and which one actually works and provides good results.

We will be honest with you, 99% are worthless scams only designed to make you lose your deposit as quick as possible. Indeed, a lot of them are actually made by scam brokers in order to attract more customers trough it.

BinaryOptionAutoTrading is part of the 1% not scam remaining. It’s a fully automated binary options trading software working with safe and regulated brokers which uses signals and sophisticated algorithm  to place binary options trades automatically.

You should notice that we only propose BinaryOptionAutoTrading as we consider that they are the ONLY safe & reliable automated binary option software available at the moment on the market and one of the only one accepting traders from ALL OVER the world.

BinaryOptionAutoTrading is located at 3A Solutions ApS, 2900 Hellerup, Gersonsvej 1.




Here on BinaryScamAdvisor, we only provide safe and regulated binary options brokers and that’s why it is important for us to find an automated trading software which is only working with regulated brokers.

Indeed, BinaryOptionAutoTrading, unlike others, is working with safe and regulated brokers. BinaryOptionAutoTrading  are updating their binary options brokers list regularly and make sure the brokers keep up with their secure trading.



Trading Software


BinaryOptionAutoTrading Platform


There are many automatic binary options trading systems available, but not all are created equal. The largest percentage of these automatic trading systems do not give the trader any control over the settings that their system will use in performing trades on the investor’s account. Indeed, in most auto trading software, the trader is only able to set the amount of each trade, but have no other control over the system.

With BinaryOptionAutoTrading, the trader can manage a large variety of settings and the robot will follow the investors “orders”  to place appropriate trades

Before using the software, you will need to follow 3 easy steps :

  • Sign Up for FREE
  • Choose a broker from their partners
  • Make a first deposit (the minimum amount will depends on the broker you have chosen)


On BinaryOptionAutoTrading, you have access to a wide range of assets and you will be able to adjust your settings according to your needs as you can see on the screenshot above.

No Download!


BinaryOptionAutoTrading is fully web-based and can be used from any up-to-date web navigator such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more.

Live results






Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and  withdrawal methods will depends on the broker you have chosen but the commons methods available  are VISA, Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer and more.



Support Service


In case of any troubles, you can reach BinaryOptionAutoTrading support service by phone or live chat directly on their website.

Professional trader or  beginner, the staff will always be available to answer all your needs at any time.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is BinaryOptionAutoTrading?
How Much Does It Cost To Use BinaryOptionAutoTrading ?
Is It Only Meant For Professionals?
How To Use BinaryOptionAutoTrading software ?
Is It Legal To Use BinaryOptionAutoTrading ?
Which Operating Systems Are Compatible With An Auto Trading Software ?
What Expiry Time The Auto Trading Software Will Offer ?
Does Auto Trading Software Stay On Even While I have Logged Out ?
How Can I Choose My Preferred Broker ?
Do I Need To Download The Auto Trading Software In Order To Use It ?
Other Benefits Of BinaryOptionAutoTrading


Try it now!


After trying a lot of automated trading software and being scammed by most of them, we definitely put BinaryOptionAutoTrading on top of our list due to their safety and reliability and for this reason we highly recommend you to try it now by clicking on the link below.


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  • Isabel says:

    Thanks !!
    definitely the best software.

  • jeffrey says:

    I started using this software 1 week ago and got pretty good results !

  • bjersen says:

    thanks for this review ……. am doing well for now and their support are assisting me too

  • hammer says:

    I do not see the option to choose a broker, when I signed in I was given RBinary ?….never heard of them ?
    Anyone have advice on this , thanks !

  • hammer says:

    how do you turn on “auto trade” or does it activate auto trade as soon as you login ?

  • Daniel Robinson says:

    Are there charges by the broker for each trade made? IF yes how much ?

  • paul says:

    Can anybody confirm BinaryoptionAutoTrading is a 100% realiable trustworthy reputable platform to use as have been scammed just toooo many times before – is it the platform of choice or how would compare with dow Jones Focus Group, fintech, SnapCash which also seem to have very good reviews on the net – replies would be most appreciated and welcome. Are there any members currently using BinaryOptionautoTrading that can vouch for the platform?

  • Keyshan78 says:

    thanks you, i started yesterday and so far won 16 trades out of 19.

    • Marius says:

      Hello Keyshan78,My name is Marius from South Africa.Tell me how long have you been trading with binaryoption autotrading?I would like to know if it’s worth while the risk to join them.Have you had any withdrawals issues and how long does it take to get your withdrawal amount?

  • Daniel Robinson says:

    The support staff are very helpful and answer my questions quickly Thanks guys

  • Marshall Farris says:

    What about “holds on monies deposited?” Meaning the 40 to 1 requirements other brokerages have where you can’t pull any earnings or bonuses received UNLESS you win 40 times the investment PLUS 40 times whatever Bonus one accepts…

  • Marshall says:

    What about living overseas, such as an American living/working in Saudi Arabia?

  • Efstratios says:

    After registration and signing in, does it provide the feature to select a broker to fund and start trading?
    Thanks for an answer.

  • Pedro juan says:

    I started to trade with this robot and i have triple my capital within 2 weeks. I was able to cash out what i deposited and i am now trading with the profit! Thanks again for this.

  • Henry says:

    Hi BinaryScamAdvisor,

    Have recently join your mailing list, and your site is very useful especially to beginners like me, does is a scam or not? and been reading a lot in all your reviews.

    BinaryAutoTrading deposit is a bit high, will need to save money for it.

    Can you recommend any legit one (if there is any) with a $50 minimum deposit?

    Hope in the future you can have another site which help beginners start trading.

    Thank you and more power

  • Mike says:

    Hi What is the best auto trading company to sign up with have been scammed a few times.
    Magnum options, Corporate options want deal with me unless I invest another 5k. The broker has tied my money up for 2 months on the next investment but has been good so far but I have not tried to pull any money out yet.

    • Dennis Tucker says:

      Mike, If you used a debit or credit card then call then, IMMEDIATELY file a dispute claim. I made a mistake and waited too long because the broker kept stringing me along with excuses and various delays. For my banks the time limit for filing a dispute is 120 days.

  • Bicardo says:

    I am a South African, can i join as well?

  • Ian says:

    Hi there
    What broker will be assigned to you if you are a South African

  • Musfafa says:

    Thanks guys. I was able to triple my investment within 3 weeks. I followed your advise and here i am. Hope it will keep going.

  • Raif says:

    Automatic machine used for making money

  • Danny chitrolle says:

    Finally a good robot… too many scams are there but thanks to binayscamadvisor to expose all the scams and promote good auto trading software! I have deposited 1000€ using your advise and i already won 4000€ in 2 weeks! Not a millionaire but atleast its helping me and my familly out ! Thanks guys !

  • Peter says:

    How much money do they start with eg. deposit.thank you

  • Philip W Wright says:

    Hi there, a couple of questions if I may,
    1. Ive done some research and FINTECH LTD rated highly in a Top 10 rating, I signed up thinking it was an AUTO TRADING arrangement, as Im quite busy with business and family, only to get a call from my broker wanting to get to know me and build a relationship with me, as he suggested placing trades for me.
    He suggested only using the AUTO function a cpl times a mth which doesnt really suit me.
    Do I have reason to be nervous about all of this?

    and question 2. I live in Melbourne Australia, can Binary Option Auto Trading be used in Australia?

  • Rosebud says:

    I’ve just applied for an account with Binary Option Auto Trading and it is taking a long time to come back with next screen. Is this normal or should I be worried?

  • Gideon says:

    I would like to invest in this auto trading site,, but i would like to know if profits are guaranteed and if i can withdraw profits and deposits easily/ anytime? How soon can trading start after deposit?

  • After i login and to start trade

  • tushar says:

    which automated binary system is working in india because whenever i make the account its shows theres no broker in region or country

  • Zac says:

    hello guys is ths software trading is trusted? wht is the best setting for not losing our money?

  • Robvil says:

    I am a novice and would like to try Binary Option Auto Trading. Is it applicable to be used in New Zealand? Do you have any idea regarding the top broker in New Zealand that can be connected to this platform? Looking forward for your reply. Thanks

  • `H L says:

    Hi, I live in the UK, can I join as well?

  • Chuks says:

    Pls sir, is Expertoption supported in Nigeria ?

  • macksmith says:

    I am Cameroonian,can I join as well? And how do I start.

  • Andre says:

    Hi Sir. My name s Andre and from South Africa. Do you also work with the Saffa Method? I made a study on most of these guys and Binary Option Auto Trading is safe.

  • Odila Davies says:

    I am a Papua New Guinean, can I join as well?

  • LORENZO says:

    Is your system supported in central America, in fact Belize.
    Will appreciate your response.
    Thank you.

  • LORENZO says:

    are you supported in central America? Do you have legit brokers in this region.

  • michael peleh says:

    i want to know if there is anyone from you ever try binary option auto trading ( If there is any good news from it please kindly share the details here. Thanks.

  • I live in San Diego California, Are there any brokers in California that they use and if not how close will they be, Do the brokers that are used, require that I summit the same requirements that all of the Brokers require? Proof of Residence, copy of credit,ect.
    Thank You

  • Yvonne says:

    Is your system supported in Nigeria

  • Ferdinand Zeller says:

    All those revews are pretty helpful
    The only thing I miss is about the withdrawal of funds
    When and how much can be withdrawn not using any bonuses.
    Anybody with experience longer than a few weeks?
    This option trade platform is operating since 2010. There should be some long term traders.

  • Paddy says:

    I have been told my useless government in Australia wont allow us to do this!!
    Is that true?

  • mahabub hasan says:

    HI Lexington code auto trade is it good or scam ? and binary option auto trade which broker supported can i choice any broker ??

  • Gaamangwe Gareth Lobelo says:

    Hi man I am a novice in this trading,which reliable broker can I use in Botswana? No scammers pliz,toroption has already broken my heart with my hard earned cash.

  • William says:

    i am kenyan. please advice on the best autotrade platform for binary options

  • James says:

    I’m from Nigeria could you please advise on the best auto option platform for Nigeria.


    hello everyone

    I want to ask about the rbinary broker its good or not ??
    and the second question what is the best setting to this software to make some money with initial deposit 250$??

    thank you

  • Jon says:

    Hi, what is the software winning rate?
    What is the best setting?

  • Victoria Mohan says:

    Hi I would like to join binary options auto trading but I have never traded before. Can you teach me how to trade.

  • Nunzio says:

    Please for binaryoptionautotrading is good as broker Binary Capital Markets ?
    Thank you.

  • Arni says:

    Hi there. I´m looking for a trusted robot and a broker. Do you still recommend this one? Can you recommend some others too. Stern Options was my broker and I warn everyone to deal with them. They stole my nearly $30.000 balance last month. I´m almost broke now but I want to keep on and doing it safe.

  • Kosta says:

    Hi Binary Scam Advisor,

    I will need your help if possible.
    I received a call from and I have invested £500 ,and they have promised me to teach me how to trade and I will make some really good profit with their help.I was just wondering if you could tell me if this is a scam or I should continue with them.
    Many Thanks

  • SAM says:

    Dear Sir?Maam at ” binaryscamadvisor “,,,
    I registered and open an account at ” OptionStarsGlobal “with a minimum deposit of 250 GBP and they also confirmed my deposit when they sent me an E-mail of the REF. number 6886937..Upon knowing this,I go to the bank and check also balance of my debit card which was positive result already deducted of 250 GBP in the amount of Philippine peso. I also check my account balance at ” OptionStarsGlobal ” dashboard but still 0:00 balance.
    Sir/Maam can you help and enlighten me regarding for this matter? if WHY and HOW of these results?Is this broker OptionStarsGlobal a legitimate/regulated broker?
    Thanks and GOD bless you all…..

    Sincerely Yours

    • Manny says:

      Hi Sam…I’m from the Philippines as well. Have you already had a profit using the robot? I’m planning to join as well. Thanks

  • SAM says:

    Additional question Sir,
    Is the ” binaryoptionsrobot ” a regulated broker also?
    One more Sir, I ” sign-in ” in ” binaryoptionsautotrading “and immediately directed me to their link ” BinaryCM ” is this
    legitimate Sir?
    Again I thank you and good day to all..

    Yours Trully,

  • Nyakoojo Silver Araali says:

    Am still skeptical in investing with many Binary Option brokers but maybe I will finally settled for Binary Option Auto Trading. Most Important thing is to see my self making some profits and free to withdraw any time.

  • Utibe Thompson says:

    I want to register,but it’s unfortunate that my region “Nigeria” is not able to join. And I would really love to join, how can I be assisted? Thanks.

  • Rade says:

    I want to start trading with this robot. I opened the account and they are proposing to me R binary, binary mate and fine rally broker. What do you think? Who to choose?best regards

  • Dieu Met says:

    Hello . Can I invest in Vietnam? thank you . My email ([email protected])

      • philip lyon says:

        hi im just about to look into this will it make profit and could you tell me how much please and how long thanks

      • Thu Dao says:

        hello there
        I have just created an account with Binary Option Auto Trading, then the website links to a broker named Option League
        that is a new -2017 and unregulated broker. Can I trust them to make deposit and withdraw?
        Thank you for your reply
        Anh Thu Dao
        from Australia

  • Bong Tee says:

    Good day to you,

    I am from Philippines and would like to join. Can you recommend a good broker to me? Thanks a lot

  • denis says:

    binary option auto trading Still working fine Someone is using can say if it still trustworthy

  • yanky says:

    sir, you really great exposing alot of scam softwares and brokers and letting people know the right and legit softwares to trade in and a good brokers to deposit. before i put in money to my broker i want if it is a good broker, binary CM are they reliable. am expecting your responde sooner. thanks sir

  • Franky says:

    And how about the fee? what will they earn from our trade? or its a dealing desk too? Just registry but still not deposite

  • jennie-lee hunt says:

    I really would like to try this put don’t want to be putting up £250 I’m willing to do £50 can you tell me the best binary system that’s fully automated to use thank you

  • Jackie says:

    Very useful information here! I have been scammed a few times! Would you be able to recommend an automatic trading platform that deals in cryptocurrencies. Am a newbie so no experience whatsoever. Would really appreciate it.

  • rizalina abantao says:

    hi!i’m from the philippines,can i join too?how can i be 100% sure that i will profit on this?how to do this pls.explain i’m a newbie here no idea at all but interested.thanks

  • flat8 says:

    Hi has anyone used Omenda.Same questions can they be trusted and are they reliable.

  • Nana Kwame says:

    Please I am Nana Kwame from Ghana,i want to know if IQ Option is legit ….please reply

  • Rochelle says:

    I cannot register the only resort is no broker available to ypur country haissst

  • Victor says:


    I’m about to signup and trade with BOAT, can anyone testify of their performance of recently.

  • SuperGem says:

    can I join here in Qatar? can you recommend the best broker and not a scam? thank you.

  • Akanimo Akwa says:

    Please can you check investingdebinary is it a scam or not?

  • Donald Firminger says:

    I do already have an account with IQ Options but I don’t have any funds in the account at the moment.
    If I sign up with Binary Options Auto Trading can I simply add my funds to IQ Options and get rolling?

  • Enrique says:

    I read your review of BinaryOptionsAuto Trading; however when I hit the “Create New Account” bar, it takes me to Binary Options 365, which I believe is not trustworth. Whata can I do to get BinaryOptiuonsAutoTrading subscription?

  • Arthur says:

    Stay away from this fraud scheme. Being a regulated broker means nothing. They change rules as they want. First the client must have a trading volume of 15 times bonus size, then they increased this to 30 times. The only think they care is your money. They will continue to change the rules so that you can lose more money. Do not deal with these cheaters. Thanks to calgarysecurity d0t 0rg who helped me get almost all of it back. I lost a whole lot of fortune to these retards, I moved from one broker to another and found out all them 3 were the same fraud, over 90k lost until, I didn’t even have money saved for my funeral anymore, I was at the suicide point.

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