Banc De Binary Has Shut Down

banc de binary closed



This is a big news in the binary options industry : Banc De Binary has announced that the company would be closing because of “consistently negative press” coverage.

We’ve already written a review about Banc De Binary in the past, warning traders about them and it seems like we were right. Indeed, the main reason why Banc De Binary has decided to close down is because of its bad reputation and thousands of complaints from traders who have been scammed by this broker.

Banc De Binary finally surrendered its brokerage license with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This means that they are no longer allowed to legally trade in the European Union.

We also noticed that the company’s headquarters had been closed, the company’s name removed, and their building is now open for rental.

However, we remain skeptical about this announcement as Banc De Binary may just be relocating and changing its name in order to clear up their bad reputation. We will be watchful for the next weeks in order to find out if they re-open under a new name.




  • Stevie says:

    Thanks for your work. So far you have saved me considerable cash as I smelled a rat in at least five items, and you have confirmed each one. Well done.

    • Henry Matias says:

      I am trading with Options888 since October of 2016 giving them up to 20k so far for trading.
      It appears like everything is going well and I’m up to 48k with bonuses and trade profits. Am I ok with this company or am I in jeapordy of losing my hard earned money?

  • Joseph R says:

    I just recently lost almost 14k with binary brokerz very evil company they are thieves something has to be done about that company ,the way how they intentionally lost my investment that really hurt so bad because I began to trust my broker Rob Davis ,that lost set my family back 4 years.

  • Fiona says:

    Morning please tell me if you have any reviews on TraderVC. I have invested US$ 3750 and after the first trade done by my broker Gordon Bell for US$ 600, the balance went down to US$ 1950 ! I cannot get a proper answer out of him as to what happened to my money. I am going to attempt to close the account and have threatened them with contacting the legal authority in the UK. Can you please give me details of who to contact to put leverage onto them to pay me my money back Any advise is appreciated. Many thanks FvA

  • D says:

    I need help to legally get my money back from LBinary and Banc De Binary How can I do this if Iam not located in europe but America??

    • Hello D, i also had the same problem with Banc De Binary and they refused to give me my withdrawal of $83k for almost a year not until i was told by a friend to contact my lawyer so i did and he started handling my case and that was when they released my funds after several email sent to them by my lawyer. I can introduce you and whoever that is interested to my lawyer if you wish but i still hope you get your money back.

  • Roar Nilsson says:

    CFD Stocks is a scam. I have invested 53.800$ in hedge group with them. It was supposed to have 6 months from sept. 3. 2016 to expire. When it expired in march 3. 2017, the account was 122.600$. I asked for withdrawal of the account, but they had made all profit to bonus to fulfill. Now they demand that I must fulfill bonus for 2.500.000$. i have contract for hedge group that says I can do what I deside with the account after the hedge periode has expired. Now I try to get in thouch with them, they do not reply. Only customer support that tell me that someone in charge will contact me, but they never do. I have tried to contact them for almost 6 months now.

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