Bahama Banker Scam

Bahama Banker Scam Review



In this review we are going to talk about a new ugly scam who goes under the name of Bahama Banker. The main problem with that kind of “get rich quick system” scams is that some people with a very basic knowledge of binary options may believe their claims so easily, and they are taking a clear advantage of it.

But don’t worry, BinaryScamAdvisor is here to re-establish the truth !


  • Crazy Claims : So the first red flag we noted on their website is that there is too many stupid claims.




There is no automated trading software on the market that is actually able to give you a winning rate of 96.1% That’s simply impossible.

Even BinaryOptionAutoTrading, which is definitely the leader in the binary option robots industry, can “only” achieve a success rate of approximately 80-85% on the long run (tested and confirmed on a 1 week period). And it was able to achieve that after a few months of tests.

There is definitely noway that the worthless software provided with this scam can achieve 96% of success trades ! In fact, these claims are just here to keep pressure on you and make you feel special and lucky. Their real goal is to make you deposit as quick as possible before you realize they are a scam.


  • Bahama Banker Fake testimonials : As usual in that kind of scams, they used random people pictures from the internet to make some fake testimonials on the website, and they hired actors to create their promotional video.





So as you can see they just used a stolen picture from (a free people directory) to make up their “Oscar K. from England” ‘s fake testimonial and the same strategy has been used for the 2 other testimonials of course.

Concerning the testimonial in their video, they just hired an actor from (a directory for freelance actors) as you can see in the screenshot above.


  • Bahama Banker Fake CEO 



The so called CEO is named Herald Beckman. He says that he has been a private banker in the Bahamas for almost 12 years now. We tried to find any information about him, and of course there is none as this is just a fake name. Herald doesn’t exist.


  • Bahama Banker, a New scam ? Not really

This scam may be new, but actually this is just another copy of 3 other popular scams, that we have already reviewed, known as : The Cash LoopHole, Profit Replicator and Profits Eternity.

That was very easy for us to find this out as they all use the same scam software, designed to make you lose. The only change they make is the software colors …


Bahama Banker Scam Software


Keep in mind that all these scams are always linked to/made by unregulated or even blacklisted brokers. That is the main reason why you shouldn’t trust them. There will be nothing you can do when the broker refuse to withdraw your money as there is no regulation authority where you can file a complaint, unlike regulated brokers.


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