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The Aurum Tech software by Marco Shoemaker is a new scam that appeared online few days ago.

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Aurum Tech scam is using the same technique as most of the current scams going on:


  •  Marco Shoemaker, the so-called CEO of Aurum Tech is an actor named David Williams! His actor services were probably rented on a website like Fiverr or something.





  • Marco Shoemaker is saying that he created Aurum Tech software with a professional team of ex Wall Street employees, programmers and engineers, in order to create the most innovative trading tool on the financial market. We have also been told by Mr. Shoemaker that new members will be generating thousands of dollars per day, every day, for free. This is the same lies and bullshits like all the scams going in this market.




  • In the Aurum Tech scam promotional video, we have the beautiful houses, the fancy car, the limo, the office and we even the jet plane. So, we can conclude that the presentation aims to make us eager by showing us expensive lifestyle? Common we are used by this scam technique and they should find a new one!


Aurum Tech Logo


  • The Aurum Tech software is linked to: Douche bank, AMG, Nike, Bosch, Nestle, Dodge and Lenovo? What the hell? Nestle dealing with an online binary option trading software especially a scam?! NO! if you investigate their official websites, you will not be able to find any information linking them with the Aurum Tech scam software.




  • The Aurum Tech announced on: Financial Times, Sky News, Bloomberg Business, Asian Review and others? Common…. You can visit those news portals and check for any information regarding Marco Shoemaker or his company The Aurum Tech but you will fail to find anything because nobody is (and want to be) associated with this scam software! These screenshots are of course fake and made with a cheap photo-editing software.




aurumtech_app1 aurumtech_app2




  • The Aurum Tech website is also displaying the same bullshit labels, icons etc as per most of the scams. The Aurum Tech is displaying financial labels awards that never existed or none is aware of except them! The only label the Aurum Tech should get is “100% confirmed scam”.




As you can see they are also displaying support contact and how many people are on their website. They won’t answer to any of your request if you contact their client support (or they will only assist you to deposit your money on the software in order to scam you!)

  • The Aurum Tech is saying that every investor will experience 95% accuracy and 100% return on their investment?  The announced success rate is too good to be true. No human trader or algorithm can maintain above 90% in the money rate for long period of time simply because the markets are too unpredictable.
  • Fake testimonials. The Aurum Tech is displaying fake testimonials on their website. No one can actually verify if this is true or no. It’s just actors / fake pictures taken from internet with sentences written by Aurum Tech to try to “catch the fish” (YOURSELF) and steal your money.





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