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53Option is another scam broker operating on the binary option trading market.

  • 53Option is not regulated by any financial organization (CySEC or anyone else). Meaning that 53Option is operating without a license therefore your money is at risk if you deal with them. Trade only with regulated brokers guys, this is for your safety and for the safety of your funds.



  • 53Option are “proudly” displaying a safety logo saying that all their deposits and withdrawal process are safe and secure. However, you will notice that 53Option website does not even have an “SSL” lock meaning that their website is really safe. The reality is that 53Option scam broker is not securing all your transactions and your payments details can easily be stolen or use for fraudulent things.



  • 53Option are not offering any demo account. All serious brokers such as IqOption will always offer you demo account. The fact that 53Option can’t offer this basic thing show that they are not trustable and should be avoided!


  • 53Option website does not offer much information about their software, 53Option company or even their regulation. The reason is that 53Option does not have much information to display because they are SCAM.


53Option Platform


  • 53Option have a Facebook page. But they are not updating it and you will not find much information there. In fact, the only information that you will find on their Facebook page is comments of traders that have been ripped off. Avoid 53Option!


53Option Scam


53Option is a confirmed scam broker. Avoid them and deal with regulated brokers only.



After reading a lot of complaints from traders concerning 53Option, and given the fact that they are NOT regulated by any authority, we can tell you that your money is definitely not safe with them. Stay away from 53Option and choose a regulated broker instead.



You have been scammed by this broker ?

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Don’t panic. There is actually a way to recover your funds thanks to a group of experts who are able to give you a more effective way to fight back to recover your money after being scammed.

However, you can only start a chargeback process under certain conditions :

  • you deposited the funds to the broker by credit card or debit card and the deposit amount is over $3,000.
  • you deposited the funds to the broker by bank transfer and the deposit amount is over $20,000.

Start a new chargeback process and get your money back by clicking the button below.


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of
risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. 





  • lorna Stoltz says:

    I also trusted these bustards, 53 Options this woman called Susen Watson ( who was supposed to be my personal broker) can’t even speak English properly, they all kept making excuses when it came to the with drawing of the funds, I looked last week and the account was Zero form a very handsome amount to Zero, all their e-mails gets retuned and the website does not open anymore it shows expired. I waited from last year mid November 2016 for my profits to be paid still nothing, there are always excuses like she is on leave, or she was sick, or she was in Germany opening a new branch they a are thieves, I actually borrowed the money to start trading, now I am in trouble I live in constant fear, of me and my family, because I cant pay back that money. my sister was attacked 2 weeks ago on her way home from school, with a warning “tell your sister pay up or someone will die”.

    these people are heartless I lost my car, I have lost so much. because of these assholes.

    tell everyone you know please warn them. do not I repeat do not even go on there website

    • Ken says:

      Yes, I have encountered the same problem, all my money in the trading account is still increasing. However, when I requested for the profits to send me back, the broker is either on leave or in long vocation.. so annoying that I have transferred the money to the account and not able to pay my credit card back , as the money was charged from my card…

      Though of reporting police, does it works? To make this company close!!

  • Lolita says:

    if any one knows of this Susen Watson woman, get rid of her, with her superior Laura the biggest liars and thieves on earth
    mater minded by woman, actually she sound Nigerian this Susen, if they don’t sell drugs they scam people, using 53 Options

  • Geara says:

    I to have just started this week with a woman called Hillary Rich. I have lost $500 and am retired and could not afford to spend this sort of money. Needless to say I am devastated. Everyone needs to run a test by searching for the coy on the web and checking for scammers before joining up. Unfortunately I didn’t. Damm. Sorry to all the other trusting people like myself who believed in these people who have let us down. We can only learn from these scammers. Blessings.

  • alex says:

    Hi everyone am sorry that you had to pass what i passed through with these two evil ladies that pretend to be the best and sweet while they are snakes .their names are Diana kovac and Megan Nilson if these are actually their really names since they liars and thieves you can never tell if they are using their legitimate names they work with 53 option so please people watch out of these scammers they have traumatize us enough.

    • ihab says:

      hello guys ,,
      i am also so sorry ,, i want to ask you alex ,, cause daiana is who working on behalf of me for my account and she asked yesterday to deposit again ,, so ,, they are thieves right ?
      i already deposited 2000 dollars ,, they give me allot of promises ,,
      i hope you will advise me what to do as soon as you can

      • Iman says:

        No one gat the money back I did transferred 13000 thousand please if sameone can help how we gat our money back please email me

      • Ken says:

        Please do not transfer any more money ihad… I have transferred two times and accidentally transfer anytime by mistake for withdrawal and click on deposit… can never locate my broker since 28.02.2017

        • Jo says:

          I have been scammed too. When I requested a withdrawal, the so called Rachel Jones disappeared from the face of the earth and does not respond to emails. The support ignore email s also and my money just disappeared on the trading platform

    • Iman says:

      Hi I have the same problem please can someone help how I gat my money back13000

      • Ken says:

        Do you think report police it will helps? I have put in 15,000 and can’t find the broker now, his name is Steven Trust.

        I am from Singapore and is so diff for me to take back my money

    • shawn Lequyer says:

      Do notvtrust Diana Kovac, she is evil.

  • Magda du Toit says:

    53 Option is a Scam. Officially Declared. Is there nothing that any one can do to force them to give back our money. They stolen it and they get away with it. I believe if such people can be legally prosecuted, there won’t be such a lot of thieves stolen other peoples money. Regulated or not. The lied to people. At the time we started dealing with 53 Option, there were not even one bad review. Three months later the whole web was full of bad reviews of them.

  • Iman says:

    Diana kovac She was my browk and she lier please no one trust this company because they are leeaing to people please no one should turst any company like this

  • Iman says:

    Please can same one let me if they got their money back form 53 option

    • Ken says:

      No, since 28 Feb 17 ti now I still didn’t get any find back.. the general line still have receptionist answer the calls, but she said brokers are in diff building.. BIG LIER!!! Till now, never hear from my brokers – Steven Trust!!! Asshole!!!

  • Matos says:

    RED ALERT! STOP! I want to make sure that NO ONE trades with “53 OPTION”. I spoke to Adam Grace and he stole £610 from me and promised to start trading with me which NEVER happen. He is a big LIAR and they are just STEALING money from everyone they can. After he toke my deposit I stopped hearing from him, so I contact the customer service and managed to speak to “Wendy Warren” Senior Manager of the company, just to realize that she a big LIAR too and a accomplice of the situation.

    • Wendy says:

      I too have dealt with Adam grace (if this is even a real name!!) I was advised I could have a company loan of $5000 in order for my broker to place trades on Apple when the new iPad was recently launched. Sure enough I have trades on my account increasing the balance in my account to over $11,000. In order to receive any money back into my bank account, I now apparently need to take out a loan from a company recommended by him (with a ridiculously high interest rate) in order to pay back the company loan by wire transfer and he will then supposedly transfer the full balance of my trading account back to me !! Suspicious?? I don’t think I’m this stupid. So I take out a $5000 loan and wire transfer it to him and no guarantee that I get my $11,000 hey !! He emailed me a declaration of what they promise to pay me, but this is just a piece of paper at end of day. Gutted as I really need this money to replace my original investment and sort my bank account out and pay back friends/family I’ve had to borrow from in the meantime

  • peter says:

    guys we have all been scammed kindly lauch your complains in this website pliz http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-a-fraud/how-to-report-a-fraud and go to fraud section and fill the form. please put as much evidence as you can any emails or chats and also pliz record all your telephone conversation.We need as many people as possible so as police to launch an investigation. Give all the company details 53option now 53capitaltrade,located in london ropemaker street and their website, telephone number.Mention this famous account managers who are thieves steven trust,diana havoc, cristopher azcarraga this are the main scammers. i repeat guys as soon as possible we need to stop this people and get our monies back thank you.

  • peewoon wong says:

    I come from Malaysia.totally invested USD24342. Even I can see my profit in my account. Every time requested withdrawal from my broker Diana Kovac,she always give me a lot of reason.Don’t know how can I do now.sorry about my English poor.

  • Mindlos says:

    I am also trying to withdraw and suddenly my broker Rachel Jones tells me I should deposit $1000 as a withdrawal fee. I am not sure what to do pls advice.

    • Ken says:

      Please do not deposit any amount… I am having the same problem and Rachel want me to transfer the commission first before they can remit the profit to me. However, I only interested to receive funds from 53 option first before I remit the charges. NO WAY, I will make this mistake again. Please do not deposit any amount to them.


  • Benny says:

    En person ringde mig och hade sett att jag skulle göra ett uttag och ville bara kontrollera att jag var rätt bankkortsinnehavare.
    Dagen efter upptäckte jag att 53option hade stulit 2000 usd från mitt bankkort.
    Jag har polisanmält det, hoppas nu att Interpol kommer att agera snabbt för många har och blir lurade

  • B says:




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  • Trevor says:

    Yes good people, you have been scammed like I have, lost a lot of money to these thieves. I was assured by Ann White,
    (I do not believe that this is her/his true name) that if I pay the commission and insurance fee they will deposit all the profits to my bank account. That was a total lie, you can forget getting any of your money back, live with the disappointment and get on with your lives as best you can.
    However, you, can take solace in the sure fact that they will one day stand before the “Throne of God” to account for their
    dishonesty. I forgive them for stealing from me, I cannot help feeling very sorry for them when the time comes to account for their crooked actions.

  • B says:

    I hope that all people at 53option and 53capitaltrader, will burn in hell and also their kidds

  • Stefana says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I fell on this crooks also. When I have asked for receive some funds, broker told me I should to deposit as well for a withdrawal fee. My husband refuse to me for it, so I stayed unable to get my money. I thought everything was lost, the last hope i found on the forums it’s a private practice lawyer named Arthur Miller. Finally two months later I have got my withdrawal ! It was a pleasure to deal with this guy, I would never forget for his help

  • Dominic Walters says:

    I have been scammed by these people too $30000. Elijah Roy was the broker, they told if Want my money with earnings of 129000 I have to pay them $34000. They are scammers and need to be locked up. The CEO is Michael Mcfee born Jan 1945….We all need to pull together to stop this corrupt organisation

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