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Today we will talk about another “funny” scam still going on which is Quantum Code Scam.

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The Quantum Code Scam is no different from the other scams. It’s just another typical binary options scam that tries to trap innocent binary options traders having no idea of what they are doing.

The scam is targeted to the traders that have little to no experience with binary options and scams.

  • The Quantum Code website is relatively new. They are using fake icons with antivirus trying to make you believe that their website is safe & secure.


Quantum Code Fake Award


  • They are also putting fake banners with “184 peoples on this page” and “1 VIP spots available” to make you think that their website is famous and that you are so LUCKY that 1 vip spot is left and you should hurry to catch it.



  • Fake promises. Telling you that from $250 you can make $50,000 a week. No such safe & reliable auto trading software can achieve this with such a small deposit. So what about a fake scam lying software such Quantum Code ?


Quantum Code Scam


  • The Quantum Code Scam is claiming that they are making  profits since 2006 are impossible as this software didn’t even exist back then, not only that, but if it had been as successful as they claim, we would have heard about it by now. There is zero proof, zero transparency, and zero chance of profits.




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  • The CEO, Michael Crawford is a fake name. He is an actor used for others promotional videos just like that “Robert” later on the video.


Quantum Code Actor


  • Fake testimonials: You will notice that his “genius technician” is another actor, that you may know under the name of Austin Ford, from the Snapcash binary scam.


Quantum Code Actor 2


The Quantum Code Scam is just another scam which you should avoid at all cost.





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  • Richard says:

    thanks for the review !!

  • Kim LeBlanc says:

    I was bored at work and flipping around on youtube… kinda got caught up in the 30 minute video…WOW what a greedy world we live in…Is there no shame? !!! Fortunately I am in my 59th year…(not my first rodeo) take care ya’ll, Kimbo

  • Pete says:

    i have someone calling me back tomorrow, so the first question from me is, “Do you have a valid broker license?” Then my next question will be, “How do I get my $293 back?” Luckily, I’m not broke, but I will post his response after tomorrow.

  • Lanie says:

    to good…to be true… “IT’S ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY” ?????

  • yonas measho says:

    I tried this with 300 uros and all my money was gone in 3 days .
    please keep your money in to your pockets this is all scam.

  • Dr W Posnett Lynas von Trips says:

    I have $27,367,500 USD from a public company I sold. i want in a somewhat speculative INVESTMENT
    I am interestd in Quantum Codes. I believe there is a licensed trading broker involved, if not, I AM OUT OF THERE.

  • paul says:

    Thanks for your reviews 🙂

  • John I. Bumagat AKA PAKARZO N. JUAN says:

    Thank you for your information about Quantum Code Scam.

  • Lawrence Ng says:

    Hi There. How i wish to read your article just one day earlier. I signed up yesterday and deposited USD 300 with a UK broker last night ( Singapore time ) whom Guantum Codes apparently work with,i requested to cancel the account and refund my moneys since i discovered it is a scam. I have sent three emails to the UK broker and a withdraw notice but not a single reply so far.

    So guys, be aware.

    Lawrence Ng

    • Haffi says:

      I wish I saw this forum a few months back they got me for 250$ a money wich I could have used for food or other things. thankfully for me at a turn of a month I go back to 0 on all my expeces not that I have good income it is just how I look at things, when a new month comes I recalibrate my expenses.

  • Paul says:

    I got a call from them , luckyly i didnt have any money , they told me i should give them a call when i get money , am i in trouble , i just got the call , and i signed up , but i didnt gave them any credit card info..

  • Marcelle says:

    I figured it was a scam because why was Tasha not a millionaire, but instead still working as a private stewardess! And all the staff in his office, why aren’t they millionaires traveling the world! Scam all over!!

    • Ray says:

      I though it was a scam for the same reason. Why doesn’t poor old Tasha have her own private jet, or was that hers on the runway when they land? Furthermore, where in hell did they find ‘Robert’ the supposed English guy? I live live in Britain, and can assure you, to quote Tony Curtis spoofing Cary Grant in ‘Some Like It Hot’ – “nobody tawks like that”!

    • x says:

      Thought the same and was convinced when both the terrible English and Australian actors spoke I knew then it wasn’t legitate. Anyone who speaks Australian and English THAT BADLY must be scammers. With all their wealth they should be able to cast better actors at least!
      Obviously had trouble doing the South African accent!

  • Johnny Five says:

    Total Scam. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If it sounds too good to be true it is. WARNING Do not fall into the trap and do not deposit any money.

  • Anna Smith says:

    Oh great I fell for it. I have them phoning me back tonight and have already made my deposit. It is through Binary Uno? I am not the brightest and now I have no idea how I am going to get my money back? Should I trade with the deposit I have already made and just not put anymore money in. I am so disappointed in myself. I really wanted to try and make some money to provide for my family. Great what do I do now?

    • Haffi says:

      you can try to get a win but in the end they make sure you lose all your money in the end. I was able to play with my 250$ deposit for a month or so but in the end they make sure you get a loss to many times.

  • G.W says:

    Jan:4th, 2017 .8.30 pm I clicked on an email saying that I have 2500 US dollars to be cleared as free payment. To my amazement there came Quantum Code video Michael Crawford giving his scenario. I have seen this few times before, after applying giving my details, ended up with two brokers, they don’t support this software, but if needed to use that, quantum code support team has to be contacted. Similar thing happened to day, but bit wiser not to put an deposit. What a world we live in?

  • Jun Alterado says:

    I thought it was all lifetime free, why deposit $250.0 min?

  • Jun Alterado says:

    I thought its all lifetime free, why deposit $250.0 min?

  • abdullah malik says:

    are the trading sites in this page which come in top brokers and top trading robot good or bad meaning usable or scam
    can I use them

  • nd says:

    it was a big scam i almost went for it their request for my card pin made me to hv a rethink and do a check on google

  • Lab says:

    yea they almost got me too i say let me check here too for review and see before

  • Yokonia Bright says:

    i thought it was free as micheal said again have to deposit ome money so i cant understand the deal behind that

  • Kristina says:

    I am so glad I decided to do another google search just on this company. I came across them from a website They review multiple companies. I actually signed up for OrionCode. They claimed you could deposit $250 but when then the broker called from a NY number and said minimum deposit was $1000. The broker was Since I first missed the call I tried to call back but it said the number was disconnected so I started to think this was a scam. I told him I don’t have $1000 and did nothing. But now my interest is peaked and if there is truly a system in place to make good money I am interested. On this website they also talk about Centument2.0 and I almost signed up tonight but when I tried to register it said no broker available for your region. So, glad I found you.. I think.. Hopefully your site is legit as it claims. The website that lead me these companies also claimed that they were not a scam as well… Just scary… But Thanks for the information

  • Fernanda Ferreira says:

    Thank you, very useful. They approached me by email saying about a remote working opportunity. I tried to see how far they would go. I hit the e-mail link, accessed the video and when I got to the credit card details I quit. After MOBE and Quantum, I am becoming a scam expert. Best of luck!

  • Jolene Oberholzer says:

    You know, I must admit, I nearly fall for it. I was looking for a flexible job that I could work from home so I came across quantum and I thought that this is it but til I saw that I have to deposit $250 then I it started to discourage me. They called me the same day and said they could help me yet I couldn’t deposit (seems to me luckily) because I don’t have that kind of amount. So they emailed me and keep on calling me and even Michael email me by introducing a new app that I could claim but I didn’t respond to it. So now what should I do to prevent them by contacting me?

  • Chadwick says:

    Thanks for letting me know. i was just in the middle of singing up for it. until i got to the part where i had to deposit money. and i was like he just said no credit card required. so i searched it up if it was a scam. ik there are suff out there that are true but it’s never free and they let you know that. besides i should of known it was a scam as soon as he said he loves money 😀


    Many thanks all of you guys for sharing your views on the Quantum Code and its software’s.I nearly fell for it after watching the video of Micheal Crawford.And i made up my mind to sign up with the Quantum Code.Thank God i decided to go with the reviews first.After reading the reviews,really what a world we live in?No value to the humanity.

    • Richard bollenbaugh says:

      maybe somebody should do something about this , like go find this person and talk to him. what do you think.

      • Haha wouldn’t that be funny because…’d be looking for an actor and get absolutely nowhere!! They’re all actors, Google them I did, everyone y’all saw on that video is an actor!!
        I’m just sayin

  • andrew says:

    Thank you all,
    for the novice who knows little about this very valuable info

  • andrew says:

    can anyone actually recommend and honest one thats not a scam that works

  • Eileen says:

    I was thinking about it but I don’t even have 250.00! I am glad I googled them and read everything everyone was saying about it being a scam. Thank you everyone!! Thank God for being there for me and helping me to google and finding out about this scam. So many scams out there!!

  • I make quite a bit on money working online from home with a legit program (not binary options) but like to keep my cash flow options open. I was impressed with the Quantum Code presentation, but enough red flags popped up that I checked it out with you guys and others. Thank you so much. In the course of my investigation, I read some really sad stories of people that allowed themselves to be swept away in the emotional dream of overnight riches and invested money that they couldn’t afford to lose. It is heart wrenching. I am curious about binary options trading and welcome your recommendations for honest resources. I’ll continue my research into this, meanwhile I’ll content myself with the more realistic cash system that, while not making 50,000 dollars a week, does generate a real 5,000+ per week while giving me the satisfaction of being able to help others do the same.

  • Pinias says:

    Eish that quantum shit I can see now, its really a scam. Almost went down for it today. They called me today, told me so many stories and then he asked me I had $250 but fortunately I told him that I dont have it then he was disappointed. Thanks for the infor guys.

  • Joel Weste says:

    Samo here, no money here. Wish & Hope does not outweigh checking reviews FIRST ALWaYS check history… Trying to bring money home. Hurry & throw down is being fleeced & hustled. Thanks for the reviews….Priceless…….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JW.

  • christopher says:

    i am so happy to have gone through the commentary and replies of people here.i believeall every body cant be fooled at the same quantum thing is created from persistent greed.its written all over them,a good product does not need too much persuasion as thiers.i am grateful. thanks alot,

  • David Jorgensen says:

    I was stooped enough to end up wasting about $3,000 dollars trying it and Orion code, seem to be the same. My wife is not a happy camper.
    When you get to the brokers they always say there is no such thing.
    Dave J

  • Martin says:

    It’s a scam. The Facebook profile reviews are fake. Try finding them and u will fail.

  • Well boys you are not alone I to made the same stupid mistake of giving them $500. of my hard earned money I feel so stupid. Well live and learn. I guess is the lesson here.

  • Nhlanhla says:

    Thank God I read this before depositing my last money

  • OLA says:

    I just trade to deposit £250 and it didn’t go through because I only had a debit visa card. Thank God it didn’t I would have lost my money.

  • OLA says:

    After putting it to them that I don’t trust them anymore. This was their response. What do you think?
    Dear Ola, Just because you have found some bad reviews it does not mean that they are true.
    Every big company has bad reviews , but that does not mean that all of them are true.
    You should think about this ; why all the big companies like; Apple , Facebook , VIsa , MasterCard , Google and many other are working with us ?

  • SUNDAY says:


  • Maurice Simpson says:

    I’m so glad I looked into this I nearly fell in to there scam. As soon as it asked for bank details I knew straight away it didn’t feel right. Glad I found this for clarification it’s a scam

  • Joan says:

    Great stuff keep up the good work. JP

  • Tina dilloway says:

    I made it, I got in!! Thank God I couldn’t get passed step 2. If it sounds too good to be true, well then it most definitely is!! Why would he give it away for free? I don’t care how much money anybody has they still ain’t gonna give anything for free there will always be a catch somewhere, somehow, someway and you most definitely won’t be the getting anything for free w/o some cost!!!

  • frankie says:

    binaryuno are also a scam i wish they were shut down i lost thousands

  • Vitale says:


    Read about the scam but already view the video very tempted but I’m with another platform a regulated one. Might look into your autotrade one.

  • ciku says:

    Thank god i didnt make any payment.250 is a big amount for people like me.thanks all for the review

  • Dave says:

    I sure am glad my credit card wouldn’t work! I did deposit $250. Now they won’t reply back on how to get my money back. This is a scam for sure. The scammers are That what showed when I deposited money. Got a call from NY but they are in Singapore. SCAM! Sure am glad my credit card didn’t work! I would have lost $1000.

  • Chris says:

    Why is there always people wanting to rip off some else. Have they no knowledge of how such a thing can turn out. I am now in a position where many would not like to be – flat broke and bills to pay. Luckily I did not invest in this so-called quantum bs. Must say mr crawford is quite a good actor for quantum, but not in real life.

  • Naomi says:

    Wow!! am I glad I checked them out before signing up with them. Thank u guys for sharing ur stories.

  • Itumeleng says:

    They almost got me too, I was about to deposit the money today but I filled in my banking details will that be a problem? Will they be able to take money from my account?? Which of the softwares can a person invest in

  • Itumeleng says:

    They almost got me too, I was about to deposit the money today but I filled in my banking details will that be a problem? Will they be able to take money from my account?? Which of the softwares can a person invest in

  • Caz says:

    I watched the video with amusement and as someone said, why are Tasha and Sergei working for him when they could be sunning themselves in the Bahamas and drinking cocktails with their private jets parked up at the nearest airport? lol!
    I’m British and a Londoner, when good old Roger appeared wearing his dicky bow tie…..well that was it for me! his was the best comedy acting I have seen! lol!!! an English accent with South African undertones!! loooools!!
    Truth be told, there are no get rich quick schemes and never will be, sadly there are scammers all over the world that use the internet to make money for themselves only.
    My advice….if you see a get rich quick offer online, look at what you have around you, your family, your children and your home, is it really worth risking all that for?? the answer is no.

  • Smart says:

    Quatum code is a scam? Cant believe d testimonies am getting on this platform I was three quater way fell for it, already made entries on all my info, just nearly to get my state’s zip code on google search online was where i got this vital info that they are all team of scammers. Thank God my $250 dollar didn’t sink..

  • Fahim says:

    I made an mistake.I signned up but didn’t invest any money.Now my Question is how to delete that account? They also called me said he is from new york but the call was from austria.

  • Fahim says:

    Lol just now I tried to log into their site.And it says invaild user name and password.Want proof.I can post screenshot.

  • Liina says:

    Guys, Guys, be reasonable if you are adults !!!

    Stay AWAY from any site or company that would ask you to provide your CREDIT CARD DETAILS !

    Descent companies would accept ANY form of payment – e.g, PayPal, Bank transfer, etc.

    FRAUD sites would ask you for your credit card info and once given away, they can make any payment they wish, until your credit funds are gone to ZERO !
    First thing when somebody asks you directly for your Credit Card details – WALK AWAY IMMEDIATELY !!!

  • Liina says:

    For those, who did or would make the mistake and take Quantum-Scam for real…

    1) This “Mr Michael Crawford” claims that years ago he was working for a company, creating the same software and then all of a sudden he decided to work for himself…

    – Ha-ha-ha. Nobody, I repeat nobody, has succeeded in doing that, because when you start working on something like that for a company, you SIGN legal documents about intellectual properties and keeping your mouth shut for in case you decide to leave the company, otherwise… bad thing happen to NAUGHTY boys and girls! And there is no joke about this. It’s a well established legal issue. So here is the first LIE of MR.CRAWFORD!

    2) He is not very intelligent at his lies at all, because he says that he did not know much about trading ??? You guys around still don’t get it? Let me explain then – A guy who claims he can write software for such field, must be definitely very familiar, almost an expert with the issue. How can you create or build a car if you know nothing about mechanics? Doesn’t this still ring some of your bells???

    3) As other participants in this forum also pointed out – why “Dasha” is not a millionaire herself. Poor girl! She does not even talk next to such a rich guy, full of breaking-heart stories about sharing his fraud secrets of getting rich overnight…

    4) No honest trader in the world would ask his customer about his/her Credit Card Details.
    Everyone that has a Bank Card has been has been advised by the Bank to NOT SHARE PINs, CVV/CVR or other card details, but seems that NOBODY wants to listen to what the Banks say…
    Secure payments can be done via PayPal and nowadays via 5-6 more institutions.
    Sure, you can still pay some amount and get nothing in return, but at least, and this is very important – you do not give him the WHOLE CREDIT CARD in the hands!
    Because that “Registration” page is exactly what they are trying to still from you –
    NOT ONLY $250, but ALL YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. From here, when you realize what a foolish thing you have done, there will be only one exit – Pay all the money they spent on behalf of you (Not by you!) back to the Bank with the interest, close this account and get a new card with a different number! Which is fair from a bank point of view, because it was your personal decision to give all your Card details to a completely unknown person, acting as a “Mr Millionaire” who managed to convince you that he is real.

    To finalize:
    Would you give your card PIN at a bank machine to a stranger in the street?
    You would most certainly ask me – “Are you crazy?”
    Well, then what gives you the reason to entrust to a such extent a completely casual person on the Internet, just because he show you a colorful movie and say “Trust me”?
    Are you insane ??? No offense, just feeling very bad about people that are in real need of means and such crooks taking chances of them.
    You can get the official Info – THERE IS NOT SUCH MILLIONAIRE PERSON or such company in the UK. They never existed.
    But they have a very large network in many countries and they will phone you the very next minute until… they succeed to “Fry” you completely!

    As a bank expert, my advise is – DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARD DETAILS to anybody !!!
    Shop on-line, but use reputable companies or banks for the payment, NEVER directly!
    If the supplier insists about having your full card information, please NOTE, that this is ILLEGAL in terms of trade and no official trader much less an honest one, would ever do it !

    Having the card number, full name and the CVV code at the back is all you need to use the credit card for any payment. Even an alien can use your card if he has this information.
    That’s it. So if you made the mistake already, go to your bank, stop the card by closing this account and open another one. The bank will do it for you, It is not so difficult.
    Or else – be prepared to meet the expenses they will make on behalf of you, until all your credit is gone.

  • Lin Manning, in England says:

    Hi. I did watch part of the video. The so-called English guy was no more English than I am a Martian! That alerted me because he sounded like Dick Van Dyke playing a chimney sweep in the film Mary Poppins!!!

  • KeL says:

    Hi Folks,
    Lucky me 👌🏻 Happened to surfed and came across this QuantumCode link.. Out of curiosity, signed in their link and left my mobile number .. immediately , I was contacted by some guy who started chatting and trying to convince me to sign up, I tested him by saying I wanted to find out more .. his reply, I am here, who would know more ?
    What kind of corporate would “stop’ potential client from obtaining feedback ?
    Immediately sensed there are Scammers !
    Fortunately, I did not explore further 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • The Quantum Code Scam got me. When signing up they sent me to CToptions where they were suppossed to “Handle” my account while Quantum Code ran its software. CToption “manager” called and offered to double my investment and said to let them handle it, then if they did well to invest more money. Initially they “showed me” a gain in my account. And asked for more money. I said I was out of town and needed to review, They requested agressivly again several times in the next few weeks then no communication at all. I checked the account and saw it was falling and requested just my initial investment back to withdraw which was less than what was in the account and they never replied. Checked my account last week looking for more contact info and it was down to .91! Preying on the hopes of innocent people looking for a break is the ultimate low. Sucks it was a scam. It hurt, but lesson learned.


    Is it not possible to brought these scammers under investigation and punishment for their blatant fraud?

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