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#1 Regulated Broker


  • CySEC Regulated License number: 289/16
  • Maximum Return 100%
  • Bonus Up to 100%


  • Innovative Platform
  • Best for Beginners
  • Monthly Cashback


  • US Traders not Allowed
  • Australian Traders not Allowed

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Daweda Info

  • Broker: Daweda
  • Website:
  • Established: 2015
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Support: Live chat, Phone, E-mail, Skype
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
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Daweda Company Information


company building


Daweda Exchange is a new CySEC regulated innovative binary options trading provider located in Cyprus (Grigoriou Xenopoulou 24 Nicosia, 1061 Cyprus.) and owned by Daweda Exchange Limited.

Launched in June 2016, Daweda Exchange is a promising peer-to-peer model where the buyer and seller act as counter parties to the trade without any involvement of a broker.

Daweda Exchange, unlike every other brokers, focus on developing its own trading platform in order to provide clients with a true market exchange experience.


why daweda


“With Daweda Exchange, trading in binary options is fair, honest and easy. We are making the online trading world a better place and we are already seeing clients who prefer this new way of trading over the traditional client-broker model.”

Indeed, an honest and transparent trading process is ensured by the fact that when you buy or sell a binary option contract on their platform, you will do so with other traders like yourself.

This unprecedented trading model is unique and give you a safety guarantee as, unlike other brokers, Daweda Exchange don’t profit from unsuccessful trades, and they don’t interfere in the pricing so there’s never any conflict of interest.


Daweda Regulation


Feeling secure when you trade is a top priority at Daweda Exchange and that’s why they operate under strict regulations which ensure that you receive the security and privacy you need to invest with confidence.


Daweda Regulation


The Daweda Exchange platform is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under CYSEC License number: 289/16, and comply with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) guidelines, international Payment Card Industry(PCI) standards, and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Traders money is securely held in a segregated account and their personal information is closely guarded.


Daweda Platform


Daweda runs a very simple and user-friendly platform.


Daweda Beginers


Here are a few key features you need to understand before getting started :

  1. Asset tabs : List of the assests that you can trade. Featured are the assets suggested by Daweda to their traders.
  2. Favourites : This tab will show the assets you’ve market with a Star.
  3. Star symbol : This feature is used to mark an asset as favorite. Deselect the star to remove the asset from your list of favorites.
  4. Time to trade : This count down how much time there is to go until the option expires.
  5. Expiry time : Exact time of expiry.
  6. Buy and Sell : These buttons show you the price to sell (ask) or buy (bid) the option. You can see how many contracts are left at each price on either side of the buttons.
  7. Graph : This charts the movement of the asset over one hour, four hour, one day and one week periods.
  8. Asset level : You can see the current level of the asset here.
  9. Trend arrow : This show you which way your asset is trending on the platform.
  10. Open positions : You can see all your open positions displayed here.
  11. Buy/Sell prices for other options : Underneath the option you’re viewing you can see the other options available and their current price to buy and sell.
  12. Time to trade / Exp. time : You can also see the time to trade and the expiry time of each other options available.

Order Book


Daweda orderbook


“We never understood why a client needed to interact with the broker when clients can simply trade in binary options between themselves. It is nearly impossible for the average client to make any profit when trading against a better-informed broker, or against a broker who has an interest in the outcome of the trade. Our model is better suited for anyone wishing to trade in binary options.”

Daweda Exchange has developed its own Order Book which is an innovative dynamic feature updated in real time that allows you to see all the current orders on a chosen asset. If gives you a clear idea of market activity at a single glance.

The order book consists of 2 parts :

  • Buyers part shows traders who think market will go up,
  • Sellers part shows traders who think market will go down.

In each part you can see most important price levels (BID and ASK) where Daweda’s traders placed their orders and number of contracts registered in the system.

The Order Book is your transparent trading window. Indeed, this is the best way to get an idea of how your asset is performing before you make a trade.

For example, if there are a large number of buy orders at a specific price, it may indicate that the particular price is acting as a support level, while a large number of sell orders at a specific price may be an indication that the price is at a resistance level.

The Order Book also eliminates slippage from your trading experience by automatically returning any order which isn’t filled at your chosen price level to the Order Book until it’s matched. Same thing will occurs if your order price changes.

The Order Book can execute trades in under 4 milliseconds which is the stock market standard for fast execution.

This unique order book system is one of the main reason why we definitely approve and encourage every trader to try Daweda Exchange’s innovative system.


FREE Automated Trading System


Automated Trading System (ATS) is the name given by DawedaExchange to their innovative auto trading software. This 100% free software is able to create orders and automatically submit them directly to the platform even when you are not on your computer.

daweda NewATS


After opening an account and funding it, you will be able to set up your ATS profile easily by completing these 7 easy steps :

  1. Choose the number of contracts you want per trade
  2. Choose the number of trades limit per day
  3. Select a trading strategy
  4. Here you can decide if you want the ATS to stop after a predefined profit was reached
  5. Here you can decide if you want the ATS to stop after a predefined loss amount was reached
  6. Choose your assets
  7. Start ATS !

Daweda Mobile App


daweda mobile app


Daweda Exchange also offer their platform on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. You will find all the features included in the computer platform, allowing you to easily trade from everywhere on your phone or tablet.


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Daweda FREE Demo Account


Daweda Exchange allows you to try their platform for free using a free $500 Demo Account.


Daweda Cashback



As the only marketplace for peer-to-peer financial contracts, Daweda Exchange offers a unique cashback plan which consists in offering monthly rebates for loyal clients.

The cashback plan will becomes effective as soon as your real money trading account is set up.


How is the Cashback calculated ?


At the end of each month, your cashback will be calculated according to the Cashback Formula and you will receive this amount directly into your trading account. This amount can then be withdraw at any time and will depend on volume traded loyalty to the account. In other words, the more you trade and the longer you keep your account active, the bigger the cashback amount will be.
The Cashback Plan formula is calculated using two factors :

  1. The number of contracts you bought for the month
  2. The time (measured in days), from the date the real money account was first opened until the end of each calendar month.


Daweda Deposits and Withdrawalsdepowith

Minimum deposit is 100 USD/GBP/EUR/RUB. A wide range of deposit and withdrawals methods are available, such as VISA/MastercardBank Wire, Skrill and more.


Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours from making the request. You can withdraw as much as you want from your available funds whenever you want, though some fees may apply for multiple deposits in one month.

Please note that withdrawals can only be made via the same payment method and to the same account that you have previously used to make a deposit from.


Daweda Support Service


Daweda Exchange is committed to building strong relationships with their clients and resolving most issues by communicating.

For prompt handling by their compliance team please write to them at :

[email protected]

You can also contact them for any question at [email protected] or by Phone +44-2035142608 and Fax. +657 22262109

daweda support flags


Try it now !


The Daweda Exchange offers an innovative and optimized user-friendly platform and we have no doubt their intention is to become the leader in the binary options industry.


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